Too much info

We all know this. It’s just too much information out there on every single topic. Sometimes it’s on point. Sometimes it’s controversial. Often it’s just clearly fake.

With creators’ economy and generative AI, the other problem is building on top. There is too much decent and even great content! That’s why ChatGPT-like solutions will overtake traditional search. We need answers, not another puzzle.

Well, this only covers “pull” content when we trigger the process, and we have the question in mind. Consider “push” content, e.g., your LinkedIn feed or any other social media, news websites, or email subscriptions. So, here is the actual task.

Algorithms are now optimized for our attention. But even pushing only the most exciting and engaging posts, we still miss many more amazing thoughts. The other dimensions should be introduced. When it’s too many great things around, we should start thinking about what brings the most value. Not just any brilliant article, but the one that will make the most significant impact on you right now: connected to the topic you are researching or the inspiration you need at the particular moment.

How to organize this? Well, I wish I knew.






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