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  • How to develop a new thinking [ChatGPT]

    Developing a new way of thinking involves challenging and questioning your existing beliefs, assumptions, and mental models, and actively seeking out new information and perspectives that can help you expand your thinking. Here are some steps you can take to develop a new way of thinking: Reflect on your existing beliefs and assumptions: Take some […]

  • How to develop a new thinking

    Some people are constantly striving for improvements. We are developing our bodies. It’s a norm already to talk about expanding our minds as well. How does this work? Knowledge & Skills Knowledge and skills are two fundamentals when it comes to everything we do. We know something. We are able do something. This is what […]

  • Story of your life. 3. Talk people into things

    Every important conversation in our lives starts with clear intentions. We crave something. So, how do we get it? New behavior Behaviors are the way how we reveal ourselves in the world. People are agents of change, and change is only possible when there is an action. It doesn’t matter what someone is saying until […]

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Trendwatching Trend Check 2023

  • Age of healing
  • Aided by AI
  • Behavi:our
  • Brand beings
  • Creator Inc.

Accenture (Fjord) Life Trends

  • I will survive
  • I’m a believer
  • As it was
  • Ok, creativity
  • Signed, sealed, delivered

Mintel 2023 Global Consumer Trends

  • Me Mentality
  • Power to the People
  • Hyper Fatigue
  • International Localism
  • Intentional Spending


  • Wasted. Learning Unity via doing

    It’s not my first project, but it’s a special one for sure. Once I’ve started my indie game dev journey, I’ve realised that I need to learn a lot. What is the best way of learning? Well, doing things. The task was supposed to be diverse enough to try different algorithms and complicated enough to […]