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  • Human Operator Contract

    Hey-hey, you may want to sign this. It’s a nice tool to emphasize ownership of your life and commitments to self-care, personal growth, and positive impact. Let’s write the template together. Human Operator contract 1. Terms & ConditionsI’m coming into possession of the body, mind, and soul of the human being identified as ____________ (full…

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1 Step Back

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How many years are you on this manager level? Unstuck in your career. Take a step back: build habits, master skills needed, create visibility, shape your winning story. Step up.

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All communication strategy tools in one app, in one deck of tips cards. Now with signed tools from leading strategists around the globe. Free for iOS and Android.

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  • Once The Change is Announced

    One thing is to drive change. The other is when change is happening to you. Change is inevitable — the moment when it comes to your awareness, a heavy slab of stress falls on you. Take it as a good sign. You are alive. Stress is an invitation to action, the typical reaction of our…

  • Cartographer of Change

    Any significant changes begin at the edge of the known with the first step into the bottomless void in front of you. The void is always filled with chaos. You need a guide. And, of course, every good guide must be a cartographer. Maps bring order into chaos. Together with a map, a language appears,…

  • Human Prompts

    Unlock all the hidden features of humans with those selected 1000+ prompts:– Good morning– Happy to see you– Lets meet again– This is a great idea– Please– Thank you– …

  • Healthy Boundaries

    While Wise Nuggets are getting to 1500 followers, I would like to share an article that has resonated with me the most. It’s about boundaries. It’s so good that it’s hard to fit on one card, so just read it. Full article: https://therapydave.com/self-help/the-consequences-of-not-having-any-boundaries/

  • Too much info

    We all know this. It’s just too much information out there on every single topic. Sometimes it’s on point. Sometimes it’s controversial. Often it’s just clearly fake. With creators’ economy and generative AI, the other problem is building on top. There is too much decent and even great content! That’s why ChatGPT-like solutions will overtake…

  • Fashion E-commerce Trends

    Looking at tech trends, I expect several innovations to take off in fashion e-commerce. Let’s discuss:– What do you think about the list?– What else do you envision?– If you know startups built around those topics, please, share names/links in the comments.– Also, if you know examples of stores/platforms doing some of this great already,…

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