Latest cover On The Cover: October. Elevator in the middle of nowhere


Exploring what is possible

Omens, Oracles & Prophecies

People are curious about the future since far-far away in the past. So, there were always methods and rituals to clear the shades of tomorrow and make an attempt to predict it. Trendwatching is one of them, as well as birdwatching, e.g. Roman Augury.

Knock-knock! Who is there? 2021

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Dreaming about the impossible

On The Cover: October 2020

Elevator in the middle of nowhere. Blender

On The Cover: September 2020

Intro frame from my one-day-to-be-finished game. Unity

О старости

Я еще не в том возрасте, чтобы расстраиваться из-за старости. Но уже не в том, чтобы бездумно радоваться каждому новому году. Так или иначе, мозг задает вопросы, и сам же ищет ответы.

Helping good to grow

Good business and good people

Strategy basics

Understand strategy and work better. Study how to set valuable business goals and create a plan to achieve it with this online course. See how it works and how to work with it. Russian only.

Strategy Deck

All communication strategy tools in one deck of tip cards: as an app or in carton. 70+ frameworks for everyday use, based on brands and agencies experience around the globe.

Since 2004, I'm helping good business to grow. Dreaming about the future. Bringing it closer.

My key expertise is to build strategies for the digital age. My superpowers: to land an inspiring vision and explain complex things in a simple words that are not dull. Vast experience includes creating and developing brands, planning digital-centered omnichannel campaigns for the biggest international companies (Nike, Mars, P&G, Visa, Bayer, etc.) as well as running local advertising for small business.

After years of working as a strategy director on an agency side (Proximity, BBDO, etc.), today I'm a digital project director at Nike, reponsible for variaty of work around digital products,, omnichannel and membership across several EMEA-countries with focus on EAST region (Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Israil and Middle East).

Aside of this, I'm a dreamer, sci-fi writer, indie game developer and a runner who is also interested into space, comics, video games and philosophy.