And do a lot

1 Step Back

In progress

How many years are you on this manager level? Unstuck in your career. Take a step back: build habits, master skills needed, create visibility, shape your winning story. Step up.

Memories VR

In progress

Staring at an old photo for an hour vs being there in the moment of your life for a minute. What would you choose? In 10 years, your photoalbums will be in VR. But your life is now, so start capturing it today.

Strategy Deck


All communication strategy tools in one app, in one deck of tips cards. Now with signed tools from leading strategists around the globe. Free for iOS and Android.

Wise Nuggets


Everyday wisdom, sliced for better digestion. Daily frameworks to structure your thinking about life and personal growth. Follow on Instagram and X (Twitter).


On hold

You can read about tomorrow. You can also experience it. Today. Book your guided tour into the future: pre-build or on demand.



All trend reports in one place since 2016. About a hundred reports a year. Just trends, highlights, and direct links. Sunsetted in 2023.

Strategy Basics


Offline 2-days workshop and online course on communication strategy. About 500 student across the years. Sunsetted in 2020.



Every creative award needs a strategic base. First ever award for young strategists, working on better briefs for variety of young creators competitions.