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  • Healthy Boundaries

    While Wise Nuggets are getting to 1500 followers, I would like to share an article that has resonated with me the most. It’s about boundaries. It’s so good that it’s hard to fit on one card, so just read it. Full article: https://therapydave.com/self-help/the-consequences-of-not-having-any-boundaries/

  • 5-min Purpose

    Happiness is hyped. Fulfillment is what really matters. And the journey towards fulfillment begins with uncovering one’s purpose. I have certain beliefs about life, the grandest one being that there is no meaning of life besides the one we create for ourselves. Defining your purpose could sound hard. Luckily, there is an easy fix. –…

  • Skills Evaluations Matrix

    This made me think. It’s the first version, so I’ll be happy to hear your opinion. Do you think it makes sense? Can it be better (maybe even more simple or sharper)? Whenever people consider going up the career ladder, there will be conversations about skills. How can this matrix help? 1. Going up usually…