Fashion E-commerce Trends

Looking at tech trends, I expect several innovations to take off in fashion e-commerce. Let’s discuss:
– What do you think about the list?
– What else do you envision?
– If you know startups built around those topics, please, share names/links in the comments.
– Also, if you know examples of stores/platforms doing some of this great already, please, share them.

1. Fitting for size finally solved from both sides: body and product
2. Generated PW on-body images right on you. Netflix-style generated product images (everyone deserves their own preview) + finally decent AI-mirrors
3. Personalized product descriptions, generated with AI
4. AI-driven open-questioned search/filters: e.g. patterns, prints, styles, etc.
5. True color scanners on intake + proper on-site attribution (cause salmon is not blush)
6. Wardrobe collections from photos, also picking up on your purchases via emails confirmations and store/banks integration
7. Journeys based on the science of style: contrast, seasons, capsule, whatever you believe in
8. AI stylist based on wardrobe, personal appearance & individual style/story + proper explanations behind recommendations
9. Not social commerce, but commerce as social: personal feed + search + tags + subscriptions to product categories & brands instead of product walls and fixed navigation

Not really innovative, but why it’s not fully there yet?
10. Shopping by functions made functional: temperature/weather, sports, individual needs, etc.





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