Human Operator Contract

Hey-hey, you may want to sign this. It’s a nice tool to emphasize ownership of your life and commitments to self-care, personal growth, and positive impact. Let’s write the template together.

Human Operator contract

1. Terms & Conditions
I’m coming into possession of the body, mind, and soul of the human being identified as ____________ (full name), effective __________ (date of birth).

2. Care & Maintenance
3. Allowed usage
4. Prohibit usage
5. Responsibilities
6. Duration
7. Dispute resolutions
8. Force Majeure

Date _______
Signature _______






One response to “Human Operator Contract”

  1. ilyapetrov Avatar

    I recognize this is a no-return contract, and I’ve granted just one body, mind, and soul in this timeline.

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