Cartographer of Change

Any significant changes begin at the edge of the known with the first step into the bottomless void in front of you. The void is always filled with chaos. You need a guide. And, of course, every good guide must be a cartographer.

Maps bring order into chaos. Together with a map, a language appears, which means conversation becomes possible. When conversation is possible, you can finally understand, discuss, define, agree, decide, and create. You can move forward, step by step.

I am a cartographer and a guide. For years, I’ve been collecting maps, drawing maps, and guiding people and businesses through chaos, helping them navigate the void and pave the way from where they are to where they want to be.

I will give you a map of all maps that will show you the way of the business of change. I’ll tell you about the void, chaos, and ways to manage them. I will share my path and the maps that changed my profession and life. Finally, I’ll teach you how to create your own maps, combining detached knowledge about the world into a coherent story.






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