Strategy Deck v3

Ten years ago, I launched an app. This was a simple app with some frameworks I used in my daily job as a strategy director in one of the advertising agencies. Strategy Deck. All communication strategy tools in one deck of tip cards. This week, after some break, the app is live again on App Store in its 3d edition.

Between those two events, there are 50K downloads on iOS and Android, tons of heated discussions about strategy, warm emails from around the work, and new remarkable friends.

To make the 3d edition special, I’ve asked those friends and friends of those friends to share with me their favorite frameworks. To share and to sign them. Why? Well, this is what they’ve asked me as well. Remember the baseball cards? I believe great thinkers could inspire us the same way great athletes do. We should know their names and their stories by heart. New ideas and concepts could be as pronounced as new world records.

If you think about it, this may sound like a stupid idea. Well, I didn’t think much and just did it. Thank you Agustín SorianoJulian ColeFaris YakobRosie (Siman) YakobGeorge StrakhovSofya (Sonya) Shmatova. You inspire me with your work, words, thoughts, projects, emails, books, video courses. Thank you Rob Campbell for creating the wittiest foreword for the deck of frameworks I can ever imagine.






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