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Google Consumer Insights


  • Creating control
  • Bargaining for balance
  • Cultivating connection
  • Curating the home
  • Acting on alluship
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Trend Hunter

#consumer #culture #innovations #marketing #tech

  • Smart Hygiene
  • Emergency Support
  • Delivery Acquisitions
  • Live E-Commerce
  • Eco Flooring
  • P2P Support
  • Reusable Care
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Antimicrobial Extension
  • Millennial Move
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sparks & honey

  • The Reality Crisis
  • Algorithms: Friend and Foe
  • Who Will Be Held Accountable in 2021?
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Baidu AI trends


  • AI and vaccine development
  • Fully automated driving and the rollout of robotaxis
  • Applied natural language processing
  • Quantum computing
  • AI chips
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Visual Capitalist

#business #culture #tech

  • ESG reaches a tipping point
  • China has a strong 2021
  • A souring outlook on SPACs
  • Brands must be authentic and values-driven
  • A great rethinking of office life is underway
  • Individuals and employers start taking wellness seriously
  • Big Tech backlash continues
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Business Application Research Center

#business #data

  • MD/DQ management
  • Data discovery/visualization
  • Establishing a data-driven culture
  • Data governance
  • Self-service analytics
  • Data warehouse modernization
  • Data preparation by business users
  • Analytics on real-time data
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Syneos Health Trend

  • Remote Care
  • The Race to Return Safe
  • Realigning in Real Time
  • Post-Surge Capacity
  • The Next Normal
  • Fast Launch; Long Tail
  • Omnichannel Maturity
  • The Physician Context
  • Peer-to-Peer Realignment
  • Transformative Partnerships
  • Healthcare Equity
  • Virtual Engagement
  • Privacy and Convenience
  • Retention Reboot
  • Acute Uncertainty
  • Combating Complexity
  • China: The New Pace Car of Change
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ADP Workplace Trends

  • Redefining leadership
  • Rehumanizing work
  • Diversity among teams
  • Closing gaps
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Equinix digital trends

#innovations #tech

  • Cloud-native infrastructure will dominate
  • Edge-first paradigm will fuel innovation
  • 5G will be powered by optimally placed edge infrastructure
  • AI will be distributed and move toward the edge
  • Data centers will shift toward grid-positive
  • Shaping digital infrastructure for the future
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Depositphotos Visual Trends


  • Symbols of Optimism
  • Wellness first
  • Solace in nature
  • Virtual empathy
  • Authenticity 2.0
  • Cinematic Aesthetics
  • Snackable Video
  • Audiovisual Sync
  • Gamified by Design
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Merehead Web Design Trends


  • Dark website interface
  • Variable web fonts 2.0
  • Unusual screen scrolling
  • Realistic and bright 3D animation
  • Video as the main design element
  • Imperfections that add personality
  • Voice User Interface (VUI)
  • Ultra-minimalist navigation
  • Layers, shadows, and floating elements
  • Gradient color schemes
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Future Today Laboratory

#consumer #creative #design

  • Ancestral Beauty
  • Urban Wellness Futures
  • Future-proof Packaging
  • Urban Farm Futures
  • Neighbourhood Tourism
  • Resilient Residences
  • Deadstock Designers
  • Consumer Surveillance
  • Low-impact Interfaces
  • Activism Gaming
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#consumer #culture #marketing

  • Universal work from home policies
  • End of the open-plan office
  • Digital commutes and forced mindfulness
  • Carbon labelling for consumer goods
  • Cashless biometric payments
  • Live shopping outside China
  • Climate migration
  • Rewilding
  • Breakdown of traditional education paths
  • Mushroom mania
  • Ultra spicy is the new umami
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Future Today Institute Tech Trends

#business #data #innovations #tech

  • No-code or low-code systems are unlocking new use cases for businesses.
  • Anonymity is dead.
  • Synthetic media will become an integral part of our future XR experiences.
  • Companies are rethinking longterm investments in office space.
  • Health care is the next battleground for big tech companies.
  • The Home of Things (HoT) industry is growing, with demand driven by working, exercising, and learning from home.
  • The cloud is controlled by a handful of companies that have the sole ability to determine pricing, access, and standards. “Cloud neutrality” will be debated this year.
  • Companies that allowed employees to work from home created new privacy and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
  • Decentralized financial technologies will be adopted by the enterprise.
  • The global quantum computing race is on, and equity deals for quantum computing startups surged in 2020.
  • Several countries will debut green stimulus packages, unlocking new business opportunities.
  • We have opened the door to the post-natural age. This decade, synthetic biologists are focusing on intentional design, improving organisms, and constructing new materials from life’s building blocks.
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WSGN Food & Drink

  • Make Room for Labriculture
  • Craveable Vegan
  • Coffee Convenience
  • Canned Everything
  • Crazy for Cacao
  • Burnt Basque Cheesecake
  • Brain Food
  • Sleepy Time Eats
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