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Curated Health and Wellness Trends 2022

#consumer #health

  • Emotional Wellness: Adaptogens and Natural Remedies
  • Immunity-Boosting
  • Mindfulness and the Accessibility of Meditation
  • Mental ‘Fitness’
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WittySparks Healthcare Trends 2022

#health #innovations #tech

  • Telehealth and telemedicine
  • Introduction of VR, AR, and MR
  • Machine learning and the development of novel treatments
  • Healthcare professionals who are robots
  • Internet of medical things
  • Big data and analytics
  • Security of data
  • Geonomics
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Deloitte Life Sciences and Health Care Predictions 2022

#culture #health #innovations #tech

  • The quantified self is alive and well
  • The culture in health care is transformed by digital technologies
  • The life sciences industry is industrialized
  • Data is the new health care currency
  • The future of medicine is here and now
  • New entrants are disrupting health care
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Exploding Topics: Healthcare Trends 2021-2023

#health #innovations #tech

  • AI Begins To Disrupt Healthcare
  • Healthcare Becomes More Personalized
  • Wearable Devices Go Mainstream
  • Virtual Healthcare Is Exploding
  • SDOH Comes Into Focus
  • Mental Health Becomes A Priority
  • Corporate Healthcare Goes Direct
  • Healthcare Is Unbundling
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Future Trends in Digital Healthcare 2022

#health #innovations #tech

  • Telehealth
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud computing
  • Predictive analytics
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