Author: ilyapetrov

  • Story of your life. 1. Life is a conversation

    Life is a conversation. Buying groceries. Asking for directions. Begging your mom to stay longer at a friend’s place. Convincing a coach that you are worth being on the first team. Flirting with your wife-to-be on the very first date. Joking with the best buddies over a beer. Pitching a 100 euros raise to your […]

  • So we learn from that too…

    There are two ways to look at people.As animals, driven by hunger.As homo sapiens, driven by a different type of hunger,hunger for knowledge. I’m certain Humans are born with anxiety about the unknown.While not fighting for survival, we spend our liveseither filling the voidor doing everything to distract ourselves, to avoid the feeling of internal […]

  • Wasted. Learning Unity via doing

    It’s not my first project, but it’s a special one for sure. Once I’ve started my indie game dev journey, I’ve realised that I need to learn a lot. What is the best way of learning? Well, doing things. The task was supposed to be diverse enough to try different algorithms and complicated enough to […]

  • Stupid questions to blockworlds

    Recently I’ve spent a decent amount of hours in several most popular metaverse/blockchain worlds. I was expecting to see no less than a construction site of the future. It felt like walking across Saturday market square on a Sunday morning: commercial and lifeless. Here are my (NOT an expert’s) questions to this: from questionable ownership to poor creators’ toolkits.

  • How to stay on top of trends

    The future is being rewritten every second. Chasing it will require more than a random glance of interest. Aside from dedication, you will need a reliable system of incoming data and a habit to think

  • Trend of the week: On-Demand Flowers

    As seen on Garden Trends Report. There is one trend report that you have to read this week, and it is “Garden: From Crisis to Innovations”. In a way, it’s about gardening, but it’s so much more. After all those voice assistants, blockchains, and metaverses, this is a completely different take on predictions. Same smart […]

  • The future is a subway map

    A trend stays for the development of a single process. The world is much bigger and complex. The future is defined by relationships between trends. It’s a multi-dimensional universe-size subway

  • Trend of the week: Social Cynicism

    As seen on Think Forward by We Are Social. Social media has become a parody of itself. Creators that call bullshit on social tropes are no longer just heroes of the fringes, but mainstream icons that match established players. Social media became too predictable. With monoculture driven equally by algorithms and creators trying to replicate […]

  • Start with a dream

    It’s often easier to say where the world is heading rather than answering what should be your place in it. What will your future look like? Don’t have the vision yet? Start with your craziest dream

  • Trend of the week: Web 3

    As seen on Forbes Technology Council. Web 3.0, comprising AI-driven services, decentralized data architectures and edge computing, is the next big trend. AI determines what you’re looking for and puts additional ideas in front of you. Decentralized data architectures reshape peer-to-peer transactions. Edge computing, along with the rise of 5G, accelerates user connections. As these […]