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  • Human Operator Contract

    Hey-hey, you may want to sign this. It’s a nice tool to emphasize ownership of your life and commitments to self-care, personal growth, and positive impact. Let’s write the template together. Human Operator contract 1. Terms & ConditionsI’m coming into possession of the body, mind, and soul of the human being identified as ____________ (full…

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1 Step Back

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How many years are you on this manager level? Unstuck in your career. Take a step back: build habits, master skills needed, create visibility, shape your winning story. Step up.

Strategy Deck


All communication strategy tools in one app, in one deck of tips cards. Now with signed tools from leading strategists around the globe. Free for iOS and Android.

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  • 5-min Purpose

    Happiness is hyped. Fulfillment is what really matters. And the journey towards fulfillment begins with uncovering one’s purpose. I have certain beliefs about life, the grandest one being that there is no meaning of life besides the one we create for ourselves. Defining your purpose could sound hard. Luckily, there is an easy fix. –…

  • Skills Evaluations Matrix

    This made me think. It’s the first version, so I’ll be happy to hear your opinion. Do you think it makes sense? Can it be better (maybe even more simple or sharper)? Whenever people consider going up the career ladder, there will be conversations about skills. How can this matrix help? 1. Going up usually…

  • Strategy Deck v3

    Ten years ago, I launched an app. This was a simple app with some frameworks I used in my daily job as a strategy director in one of the advertising agencies. Strategy Deck. All communication strategy tools in one deck of tip cards. This week, after some break, the app is live again on App…

  • Pizza Development

    Pause here. We need to talk. Well, it’s about pizza. The pizza dough recipe is simple. It is flour, yeast, water, and salt. But there is one secret ingredient — time. While the dough is proofing, two processes happen simultaneously: fermentation and maturation. Fermentation is an increase in the volume of the dough (given by…

  • Ask ChatGPT

    How to use ChatGPT for marketing?Ask ChatGPT “How to use ChatGPT for marketing?” What are the tips for a better prompt?Ask ChatGPT “What are the tips for a better prompt?”. If you are about to trust some AI with your marketing budget, at least trust it to explain itself.

  • A step back

    As we look toward the future, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking about all the ways things will change. In reality, the key to successful planning is to start with what will remain the same. By focusing on the constants of our company, we can ensure that we are building a foundation that…

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