My mission is to help good businesses grow.

Advertising is my passion. For me to learn it means to study human nature. Every new client is an opportunity to discover new side of life — to dive deep into baking, finance, sports, etc. In that exciting journey, my motto is "Magic thinking, heroic actions". To dream. To act. Read more

Hi! My cat was against me writing this.

My name is Ilya (sounds like "eel-YAH"). I am 32 y.o. For the last 12 years I've been working in advertising as a communication strategist. I am here to help your company to figure out where you should heading and to point out the best way to get there.

I am digging deeper into business planning, communications, cross-channel experience, marketing researches, new technologies, sociology and psychology. My life goal is to elaborate on advertising theory based on real marketing experience, to keep it up to date and a step ahead of instant changing realities. I am an advocate of integrated approach, convergent culture, permission marketing and idea planning. I stand for the fact that digital is not a tool and even not an environment but a new way of thinking that we should apply for everything we do.

I am also believe that advertising could make the world a better place and in case there is such a possiblity we should be responsible for making that happened.



How to achieve my goal?

Campaign strategy is a plan chosen to bring about a desired future such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem, in the way of most efficient and effective use of available resources


What should I do?

Long-term strategy meant to design communication ecosystem — brand platform and approach to campaigns — that will allow to achieve all company goals withing a period of 2-5 years


Where should I start?

Brand strategy is the basis of company communication activities that defines brand core based on target audience insights along with brand essence — unique brand attributes and benefits


11 years of experience


CV: P&G, Nike, Visa, Wrigley, Libero, Hasbro, Kraft Foods, Beiersdorf, SCA, Pioneer, Infiniti, Coca-Cola, Campbell's, Tele2, Panasonic, Heineken, Greenpeace, Beeline, Kaspersky Lab,, etc.

Proximity Russia
LetoRed Keds
BBDO Moscow
13 floor


Latest projects


Strategy Deck

All communication strategy tools in one deck — in one app. 50+ cards with marketing tools for everyday use, based on client's and agencies' experience around the globe, with thorough explanation of every tool on real examples. Stunning design. Free updates will follow.

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Every creative award needs strategic base.

First in Russia award for young planners. Two weeks for strategy development on a brief from one of the young creatives competitions. Judged by the most trusted industry experts.


Strategy: From Space

Author's workshop in a group of 20-30 people meant to fulfil the gaps in strategy puzzle. Core idea is to show communication theory from above teaching what's going on beyond channels and campaigns.

From A to Z twice in two days: from business goals to communication goals and from long-term planning to executions.




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