Wasted. Learning Unity via doing

It’s not my first project, but it’s a special one for sure. Once I’ve started my indie game dev journey, I’ve realised that I need to learn a lot. What is the best way of learning? Well, doing things.

The task was supposed to be diverse enough to try different algorithms and complicated enough to go into details about the world and interactions within it. So, I’ve decided to go with experience rather than a full game, keeping game mechanics aside. Below you can see some results from this excersize.

Wasted is a simulator of a St. Petersburg janitor, locked in a typical well-shaped yard. I’m happy with how warm nostalgic emotions are coming through those videos. Actions, like painting the walls and sweeping, are interesting ways to acquire and test the whole range of knowledge on the variety of Unity essentials. All environment is as well designed by me in Blender, aside from the center tree, which I proudly bought in the Unity Assets store.

The very first approach to environment and day/night cycle
Playing with painting, and also improving lighting a lot
Sweeping mechanics, trash generator, fog/first weather tests
Printing mechanics with pre-build and customizable messages

The project is now on hold. I’ve got a better idea of a proper game, so now I’m working on something different.

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