Reports for 2022



WeTransfer Ideas Report

  • There is a new creative world order
  • Gen Z is feeling the pressure
  • Women and people of color are fired up for change
  • Clients don’t care about your creativity
  • The mass exodus of creatives has begun

Unity Mobile Gaming Trends 2022

  • Mobile is the fastest-growing segment in gaming
  • Players expect AAA-quality experiences on all their devices
  • Players want a more connected experience
  • Studios are refining genre strategies and monetization practices
  • Crossplay and spin-offs are driving stronger branding
  • Privacy concerns are complicating monetization tactics

Holland & Barrett Wellness Trends 2022

  • Amino acid-based natural supplements
  • Tension-easing adaptogenics
  • Postbiotics
  • Collagen complementing lycopene and ceramides
  • Fermented supplements
  • Complete nutrition
  • Nutrient bio-hacking

Hilton The 2022 Traveller

  • Amid Chaos, People Found Efficiencies – And Will Be Looking for the Same in Travel
  • Overall Focus on Wellness Will Span Beyond the Gym
  • They Nurtured New and Existing Passions and Will Have More Refined Tastes and Preferences
  • A New Sense of Caring Has Emerged – And Is Expected to Strengthen

BMC IT Trends 2022

  • Hyperautomation
  • Anywhere operations
  • 5G
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Privacy-enhancing computation
  • AI engineering
  • Cybersecurity mesh
  • Edge computing

Dentsu Creative Trends 2022

  • Alternate Realities
  • Redistributed Ownership
  • Conscious Decoupling
  • Generation ‘Also Me’
  • Personal Bubbles

Think Forward 2022: Brave New Worlds

  • In-Feed Syllabuses
  • The Vibe Economy
  • Prime-time Platforms
  • Social Cynicism
  • New Materialists

Talent Acquisiton Trends 2022

  • The (continual) rise of data-driven recruiting
  • The increasing importance of automated nurturing
  • The (growing) need to prioritize internal mobility
  • A renewed focus on employee engagement
  • An effort to improve workers’ well-being

O.C.Tanner Corporate Culture Trends 2022

  • Flexibility rules
  • Rebuilding connection
  • Revisiting engagement
  • More personalized recognition
  • Technology’s exploding role in building culture

Saxobank Outrages Predictions 2022

  • The plan to end fossil fuels gets a rain check
  • Facebook faceplants on youth exodus
  • The US mid-term election brings constitutional crisis
  • US inflation reaches above 15% on wage-price spiral
  • EU Superfund for climate, energy and defence announced, to be funded by private pensions
  • Women’s Reddit Army takes on the corporate patriarchy
  • India joins the Gulf Cooperation Council as a non-voting member
  • Spotify disrupted due to NFT-based digital rights platform
  • New hypersonic tech drives space race and new cold war
  • Medical breakthrough extends average life expectancy 25 years

Social Media Marketing Trends 2022

  • Reels Contribute to Overall Instagram Marketing Success
  • Facebook Ads Performance Is More Effective
  • What’s Old Is New Again: Long-Form Content Retakes Center Stage
  • Niche Facebook Experiences Become Prominent Marketing Channels
  • Marketers Ignore Marketing Basics
  • Organic Instagram Video Builds Intimacy and Trust
  • Instagram Feature Overwhelm Forces Strategic Focus
  • YouTube Shorts Is a Distraction
  • Video Leads Organic LinkedIn Marketing
  • Ecommerce Grows on TikTok, Trend Lifespan Shortens
  • Overall Customer Connection Is Vital
  • Twitter Doubles Down on Spaces
  • Facebook Ads Attribution Expands
  • LinkedIn Leans Into Video
  • TikTok Fuels Forward-Looking Content Marketing
  • YouTube Offers More Ads Placements
  • Paid Social Is Indispensable
  • Stories Video Is Central to Meaningful Instagram Engagement
  • TikTok Success Hinges on Trends and Relatability
  • Facebook Ad Spend and Tracking Diversification Improve Campaign Performance
  • Genuine Storytelling Drives YouTube Marketing Success

Voxburner Gen Z Marketing Trends 2022

  • The fast-paced, reactive nature of pandemic marketing will continue
  • Brands will continue to be transparent with their consumers
  • Guess what, Gen Z still wants personality
  • The demand from Gen Z for engagement and allyship isn’t going anywhere
  • Seize the day and act on those plans