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PSFK Retail Trends Playbook

#consumer #data #marketing

  • Personalize Interactions
  • Deliver Proactive Service & Support
  • Provide 360-Degree Customer Profiles
  • Embed Intelligent Assistance
  • Build A Connected Organization
  • Build Agile Inventory & Operations
  • Synchronize Digital And Physical
  • Leverage Real-Time Innovation
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Deloitte Global Marketing Trends

#consumer #marketing

  • Purpose: Built to flourish
  • Agility: Changing the playbook
  • Human Experience: Know thyself
  • Trust: The promises we keep – or don't
  • Participation: A two-way street
  • Fusion: The new ecosystem
  • Talent: Marketers disrupted
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Forrester Predictions 2021

#consumer #data #marketing

  • Consumers compelled toward escapism
  • CMOs reinvent themselves and their teams
  • CX leaders renovate, not just decorate
  • CIOs lead the bold disruptors
  • COVID-19 changes leadership and hiring practices forever
  • With more employee data comes opportunity — but also legal risk
  • Remote work drives uptick in insider threats
  • Workplace automation and AI are here to stay
  • Digital pathways bring B2B marketers closer to buyers
  • B2B sellers deepen buyer relationships with help from AI
  • Cloud takes center stage in pandemic recovery
  • Edge is the new cloud
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  • Internet of Behaviors
  • Total experience
  • Privacy-enhancing computation
  • Distributed cloud
  • Anywhere operations
  • Cybersecurity mesh
  • Intelligent composable business
  • AI engineering
  • Hyperautomation
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