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Most Contagious

  • Consumption Crisis
  • The Decline in Effectiveness
  • Esports
  • Digital Reboot
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  • Green Pressure
  • Brand Avatars
  • Metamorphic Design
  • The Burnout
  • Civil Media
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Forrester Predictions 2020

#tech #consumer

  • Consumers search for deeper meaning
  • CMOs rally around customer value
  • CIOs focus on people
  • Immersive, adaptive IT takes hold
  • CX continues to bifurcate
  • Data strategy unlocks transformations
  • Data and AI get weaponized
  • Privacy concerns gain steam
  • Automation reshapes the workforce
  • Regulation makes and breaks markets
  • For VCs, profitability becomes the new unicorn
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  • Multiexperience
  • Hyperautomation
  • Distributed Cloud
  • Technological Democracy
  • Empowered Edge
  • Autonomous Things
  • Human Augmentation
  • Traceability and Transparency
  • AI Security
  • Practical Blockchain
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Kjaer Global


  • The Global Brain
  • Strategic ‘Big Data’
  • Weconomics
  • Global Citizens
  • Betterness
  • Mobile Education
  • Cloud Health
  • Enoughism
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Forbes Tech Trends


  • Bringing Context To Conversational AI
  • Tracking Transit With Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity: Fear Of The Cloud
  • Augmented Reality: Trained On Success?
  • The Analytics Of 5G
  • Disruption To Transformation
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Forbes Food Trends

  • Keep it Simple & Sugar-Free
  • Food as Medicine
  • Seeking Energy Superpowers
  • Crazy Convenient
  • Food as an Experience
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Springwise Retail Trend


  • Beyond Digital Frontiers Into Transcendent Retail
  • Sonic-Branding #ASMR
  • Civic Marketing
  • Shopping By Values
  • Social “Me-tail”
  • Anti-Excess Consumerism – The New Norm
  • Nomadic Retail
  • Gal-to-Gal: Your Branded best Friend
  • Hyper-Personalized Products
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Deloitte Global Marketing Trends

#marketing #consumer

  • Purpose is everything
  • Paying down experience debt
  • Fusion is the new business blend
  • Are you a trust buster or builder?
  • The amplification of consumer participation
  • Valuing your most important asset— talent
  • Diffusing agility across the organization
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Equinix Digital

#tech #data

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Towards Data Science


  • Data Science arrive to conservative areas
  • Data privacy by design
  • Mitigate model biases and discrimination
  • Python as the de facto language for Data Science
  • Focus as “leave me alone, I just want to get things done”
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Frog Design Tech Trends


  • Techno Utopias are Put to the Test — And Laid to Rest
  • Retail Forges Ahead in Aesthetic Futures
  • Emerging Tech Becomes the Norm
  • Diagnosing Our Ailing Healthcare System
  • Envisioning — and Designing — a Planet-Centric Future
  • Work of the Future Rejects Limits of the Past
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Edelman Digital


  • Listen up: the rise of the audio influencer
  • Going steady: from influencer to ambassador
  • In authenticity we trust: get real or get lost
  • Almost famous: the power of micro & nano — influencers
  • Checkout on instagram: ecommerce checks in
  • Influencer authentication: demanding transperancy
  • Pay to play: amplification is now a must have
  • Proving influencer impact: the great ROI debate
  • Top of mind: data privacy
  • Marketing to gen Z: community and conversation come together
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