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#tech #innovations

  • Smart security devices
  • Connected lights
  • Voice-activated assistant
  • Smart thermostat
  • Fitness wearable
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Atos Journey 2020

  • Emphasize situational awareness before strategy
  • Simplify all aspects of your business
  • Prepare for Common Industrial Data Platforms
  • Increase the granularity of your processes and transactions
  • Maximize Automation
  • Flatten your organization and enable new (transformational) leadership to emerge
  • Break internal siloes
  • Put the customer in a central place even if you are a B2B company
  • Multi-speed IT is not a magical solution
  • Counterbalance the digerati
  • Disruptive vs incremental innovation
  • Invest in data collection, stewardship and analytics
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Edelman Insights

  • A Turning Point for Immersive Content
  • Paid Media Will Drive a New World of Efficiency & Accountability
  • Influencer Marketing Will Drive Business Impact
  • A Renaissance in Search
  • The OTT Entertainment Revolution
  • Bots and the Evolution of Conversational Experiences
  • Effective B2B Will Force Internal Alignment
  • Blockchain Evolves from “Fintech” to “Storytech”
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#social #marketing

  • Social catches up with search for discovery.
  • Social commerce shows new promise.
  • Dark social rising.
  • Video ignites social advertising.
  • Organizations turn to connected workforces.
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  • ‘Open’ data. Data exchanges improving planning
  • Relevancy: From the few to the many. The rise of scalable content
  • Blending real and virtual experiences. Technology is changing your media plan
  • Contextual content clicks in Are traditional demographics dead?
  • Advertising with utility. Not just advertising, advertising for good
  • Programmatic is here
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The Next Web

  • Emphasis on the content
  • The end of flat design
  • Geometric shapes, lines, and patterns
  • Imaginative heading styles
  • Duotone gradient imagery
  • Increased use of animations and GIFs
  • Navigation diets
  • Microinteractions
  • Increased use of hand-drawn elements
  • More emphasis on landing pages, less on a home page
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WARC Toolkit 2017

  • Marketing opportunities include analysing insights, creative assets, media strategy and CRM
  • Global CMOs are already planning their AI strategies
  • Chatbots are the ‘next step’ and will become key touchpoints for service brands
  • Marketers need to consider the tone of voice of ‘branded conversations’
  • Virtual assistants will enable ‘programmatic consumption’ changing the path-to-purchase
  • Machine learning is being applied to automated trading
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DMI 2017 Mobile Trends

  • Reimagine business in a mobile world
  • Greater success with Human Centric Design
  • Solve problems with Data
  • Fast analytics using Big Data
  • Smartphone and Gadget Leaders
  • Wearables that solve problems
  • Winners in the cloud
  • Hybrids & Progressive Web Apps
  • Innovation Labs are failing
  • Blockchain outside of fintech
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Ericsson ConsumerLab

  • AI everywhere
  • setting the pace for internet of things
  • pedestrians drive autonomous cars
  • merged reality
  • bodies out of sync
  • the smart device safety paradox
  • social silos
  • augmented personal reality
  • the privacy divide
  • big tech for all
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Carat's Top 10

  • Live Video
  • Sport Rights
  • Web TV
  • Branded Content
  • Virtual & Augmented reality
  • Chatbots
  • Identity & Verification
  • Speed
  • Proximity
  • Software To Hardware
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  • The Chatbot Gold Rush
  • The Abdication Of Ethical Decision Making
  • A Video First World
  • Twitter Retrench
  • Facebook’s Proprietary Metric Problem
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  • Consumers redefine purchase boundaries; mobile marketing, brand partnerships deepen
  • Department stores, mobile marketing partners tackle the 'Amazon Effect'
  • Programmatic accelerates: brands, tech, marketing continue to invest
  • Technology drives measurement, verification advances
  • Next-generation creative, video redefine mobile engagements
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  • The ultimate user interface will be the human body
  • The "why" of marketing hasn't changed, but the medium will drive the experience
  • Authenticity is a function of "diversity"
  • Turning data into art
  • Trust – not algorithms – must be the power source behind everything marketers do
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  • Blockchain technology used for green energy
  • Driverless car insurance protects against hacking
  • Wearable ring trains users to sleep better by waking them up
  • In Japan, an artificial intelligence has been appointed creative director
  • Online ratings turned into one reputation score
  • Training people with disabilities to become drone pilots
  • Software uses big data to predict court decisions
  • Could VR representations of news stories replace traditional forms of news media?
  • Energy efficient street lamps are also mosquito traps
  • The Springwise take on Amazon Go
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Activate Tech&Media

  • Super-serve the Super-users and Chase the Attention Unicorns
  • Subscriptions will Feed the World (or at least Internet and Media Businesses)
  • Learn to Live with the Discovery Oligopoly
  • The Bot Battles are about Winning the Great Messaging War
  • eSports is the Next Tech Phenomenon
  • You Already Know the New Winners in Pay TV
  • Video Streaming: The Bundle is the Future
  • Audio: Smart Speakers, Gray Music
  • Post-Household America: A New Era of Users
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