Reports for 2016



Panoramix Global

  • Power Play
  • Demographic Shakeup
  • Last Habitat For Humanity
  • Equity
  • Privacy and Security
  • Tech Transformation
  • Reemergence of the Tribe
  • Prime Time AI
  • Culture Shock


  • Marketers begin adopting beacon proximity signals
  • Mobile audience modeling and prospecting get more sophisticated
  • Advertisers dig into physical and emotional signals from wearables
  • Creative agencies turn to data science to optimize campaigns
  • Cross-device marketing becomes even more prevalent

Big Spaceship

  • Messaging platforms will trump broadcast social networks
  • Marketers will realize that Snapchat isn’t social — it’s TV
  • Ad blocking turns all eyes to social
  • The Hotel California effect will change the game
  • Social video will get more crowded and complicated

Frog’s Tech Trends

  • Blockchain beyond Bitcoin
  • Data-driven design takes center stage
  • Microbiome makes health personal
  • AI saves financial services
  • VR medical therapy
  • FDA-approved video games
  • Human-centered design is automated
  • VR breaks down borders
  • Film reviews, written by your heartbeat
  • AI in special education
  • Sensors start to combine&disappear
  • Haptic feedback gets real
  • Alternative credit scoring
  • The open enterprise
  • Friendship as a service

Michael Wolf

  • The average American spends more time on tech&media than work or sleep
  • Messaging will blow past social networks as the dominant media activity
  • The next big winners in streaming audio are already (quietly) here
  • The long-awaited cord cutting moment is still far off
  • The is a “cable killer” coming, but it won’t look like you expect
  • E-sports&wagering will change the game in gaming
  • Good luck getting rich in the App Store!
  • These companies are grabbing all the money in consumer tech&media
  • One simple way to predict what tech&media players will do next to compete

Most Contagious

  • Movements
  • The rise of virtual reality
  • AI: Friend of foe
  • Talking pictures
  • The era of mobile video
  • In the name of equality
  • Startup scene
  • Platform focus: Snapchat


  • 3-D printing will disrupt retail
  • Offline is the new online
  • Audio branding will make waves
  • The rebirth of print
  • The battle for the home will overtake the battle for the living room
  • Packaging will tell a story
  • Phone technology will drive car purchases
  • Branding goes multisensory
  • Packaged food producers will respond to pressure
  • Rightsizing will reshape financial services
  • Life in the very fast lane
  • Hospitality brands will entice Asian travelers
  • The dawn of telecom without borders
  • Employees as the new marketing campaign

AdWeek Year in Creativity

  • Powerful women
  • LGBT mainstreaming
  • Gender identity
  • Anti-endorsers
  • Saving the planet
  • Saving ourselves
  • Livestreaming
  • Emojis
  • Trolling
  • Robots
  • Outdoor tech
  • Bloodvertising

PSFK Forecast 2017

  • The new singularity: inclusive beauty, mutable fashion, distilled expression, radical transparency
  • Touch enabled world: immersive computing, fabricated performance, multi-sensory storytelling
  • Life partnering: corrective centering, intimate AI, life editors, digital daycare
  • Closed-loop community: self-supporting cities, product as retail, fan matchmaking, nomadic living

Harvard Business Review

  • Algorithmic personality detection
  • Bots
  • Glitches
  • Backdoors
  • Blockchain
  • Drone lanes
  • Quantum computing
  • Augmented knowledge

Hyper Island Changes of Tomorrow

  • The end of owning stuff
  • Agile culture
  • Work and life: Integrate or separate
  • Health tech goes mainstream
  • From blended to virtual reality
  • Artificial intelligence and the efficiency movement
  • Talent on Tap
  • Hybrid Knowledge
  • Collaboration as a core competence
  • Co-creation: a social desire
  • Online relationships
  • Globalized culture: The end of nations

Tableau Business Intelligence

  • Governance and self-service analytics become best friends
  • Visual analytics become common language
  • The data product chain become democratized
  • Data integration gets exciting
  • Advanced analytics is no longer just for analysts
  • Cloud data&cloud analytics take off
  • The analytics center of excellence (COE) become excellent
  • Mobile analytics stands on its own
  • People begin to dig into IOT data
  • New technologies rise to fill the gaps