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Trend Watching

  • The quintessential self
  • V.I.D.
  • Premium redeemed
  • The extravagance economy
  • Post-demographic luxury
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  • Autonomous mobility
  • Collaborative systems
  • Cognitive robotics
  • Infinite screens
  • Mixed reality: virtual & augmented
  • Diagnostic wearables
  • Responsive homes
  • Retro tech
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Future Today Institute

  • Bots
  • Algorithmes
  • Deep learning
  • Cognitive computing
  • Quantum computing
  • Personality Analytics
  • Holograms
  • One-to-Few publishing
  • Deep linking
  • Internet of X
  • Real-Time fact checking
  • Synthetic data sets
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Getty Images 2016

  • Outsider In
  • Extended Human
  • Divine Living
  • Messthetics
  • Silence vs. Noise
  • Surreality
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Leo Burnett Predictions

  • Brands will flock to messaging platforms
  • This year's killer app will be your notification screen
  • Virtual reality arrives but is let down by the content
  • Beacons will guide consumers lives
  • Esports will move mainstream
  • Escape from... everything
  • Little leaders
  • Are you talking to me?
  • Radical transparency
  • Social, e-commerce and mobile will blend seamlessly
  • The big 4 as we know them will cease to exist
  • How about some me time in 2016?
  • Big Data will make a big input
  • Virtual reality will enter the mainstream
  • Sponsors as catalysts for change
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WARC Toolkit 2016

  • Strategy. Moment marketing
  • Consumers. Generation "swipe"
  • Digital. The digital backlash
  • Content. The video revolution
  • Data. Data-driven creativity
  • ROI. New thinking in attribution
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Fjords Trends 2016

  • Watch... it listens
  • Service with manners
  • B2WE
  • Disappearing apps
  • The flattening of privilege
  • For the people
  • Healthy is the new wealthy
  • VR's dreams come true
  • Taking things off the thinking list
  • Design from within
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The Best Awards

  • New work mindsets for Gen Y
  • A media and advertising reunion
  • Real action to rebalance the gender diversity issue
  • Digital transformation for both agencies and clients
  • Retail as an API
  • The rise of real-time, personalised conversations
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Wunderman Report

  • The Internet Of Things is the new DIY
  • Death of authenticity
  • Innovation does not equal usefulness
  • All brands are global and local
  • Made for the medium
  • Digital empathy
  • CIO/CMO harmony
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Burus Research

  • The continuing rise of shadow IT
  • Virtual reality gets real
  • Retail embraces location awareness
  • Cashless society moves a step closer as consumers embrace mobile and contactless payments
  • Cognitive computing will increasingly be used to extract value from Big Data
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) gets personal
  • Security and privacy awareness takes center stage
  • Drones become practical
  • Online influencers become the new celebrities
  • The personalized experience
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  • Cognitive technology subsumes automated analytics
  • Analytical microservices embedded into processes
  • Data science, predictive and prescriptive analytics merge
  • The analytics talent crunch eases
  • Analytics now curates, manages data
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Panoramix Global

  • Power Play
  • Demographic Shakeup
  • Last Habitat For Humanity
  • Equity
  • Privacy and Security
  • Tech Transformation
  • Reemergence of the Tribe
  • Prime Time AI
  • Culture Shock
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  • Marketers begin adopting beacon proximity signals
  • Mobile audience modeling and prospecting get more sophisticated
  • Advertisers dig into physical and emotional signals from wearables
  • Creative agencies turn to data science to optimize campaigns
  • Cross-device marketing becomes even more prevalent
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Big Spaceship

  • Messaging platforms will trump broadcast social networks
  • Marketers will realize that Snapchat isn't social — it's TV
  • Ad blocking turns all eyes to social
  • The Hotel California effect will change the game
  • Social video will get more crowded and complicated
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Frog's Tech Trends

  • Blockchain beyond Bitcoin
  • Data-driven design takes center stage
  • Microbiome makes health personal
  • AI saves financial services
  • VR medical therapy
  • FDA-approved video games
  • Human-centered design is automated
  • VR breaks down borders
  • Film reviews, written by your heartbeat
  • AI in special education
  • Sensors start to combine&disappear
  • Haptic feedback gets real
  • Alternative credit scoring
  • The open enterprise
  • Friendship as a service
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