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Springwise Retail Trend


  • Beyond Digital Frontiers Into Transcendent Retail
  • Sonic-Branding #ASMR
  • Civic Marketing
  • Shopping By Values
  • Social “Me-tail”
  • Anti-Excess Consumerism – The New Norm
  • Nomadic Retail
  • Gal-to-Gal: Your Branded best Friend
  • Hyper-Personalized Products
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Deloitte Global Marketing Trends

#marketing #consumer

  • Purpose is everything
  • Paying down experience debt
  • Fusion is the new business blend
  • Are you a trust buster or builder?
  • The amplification of consumer participation
  • Valuing your most important asset— talent
  • Diffusing agility across the organization
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Edelman Digital


  • Listen up: the rise of the audio influencer
  • Going steady: from influencer to ambassador
  • In authenticity we trust: get real or get lost
  • Almost famous: the power of micro & nano — influencers
  • Checkout on instagram: ecommerce checks in
  • Influencer authentication: demanding transperancy
  • Pay to play: amplification is now a must have
  • Proving influencer impact: the great ROI debate
  • Top of mind: data privacy
  • Marketing to gen Z: community and conversation come together
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Fjord Trends 2020

#culture #marketing #tech

  • Many faces of growth
  • Money changers
  • Walking barcodes
  • Liquid people
  • Designing intelligence
  • Digital doubles
  • Life-centered design
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Adobe Digital Trends

#consumer #marketing

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JWT The Future 100

#culture #marketing #innovations

  • The new neighborhood
  • Sentient tech
  • Biocontributive travel
  • Original content economy
  • Regenerative farming revolution
  • Microbiome beauty
  • Uninterrupted commerce
  • Biodata services
  • Digital spas
  • Branded payments
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PSFK Future of Retail


  • Personal Utility
  • Historical Profiles to Real-Time Conversations
  • Targeted ADs to Personal Portals
  • Data Personalization to Data Partnerships
  • Responsive Storefronts to Anywhere Stores
  • Retail Experiences to Shopper Utility
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#marketing #social

  • Colliding Ecosystems
  • From Platforms to Producers
  • What’s Yours is Mine
  • Invisible Money
  • Life is just a (Video) Game
  • Play it Your Way
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Dark(er) Social
  • Post-Production Advertising
  • The Age of Addressable TV
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Landor Trend Watch

#marketing #consumer

  • Do androids dream of electric sheep?
  • Fifth generation brand opportunities
  • Digital platforms have a brand blind spot
  • The age of small data
  • How to brand the customer experience
  • Story telling becomes story doing
  • What the workplace says about your brand
  • It pays to be good
  • Don’t build a brand, build a community
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Deloitte Global Powers of Retailing 2020


  • The Top 10 list continued to be dominated by American companies
  • Europe has the highest number of Top 250 retailers
  • European retailers remain the most globally active
  • FMCG continues to be the largest product sector
  • E-commerce is driving high retail revenue growth among Fastest 50 companies
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Hubspot Social Media Trends for 2020

#social #marketing

  • Defining What’s Relevant, Or Just A Fair-Weather Trend
  • TikTok Will Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Wellness Will Be An Essential Part Of Your Consumer Engagement
  • You Will Harness The Power Of Data Privacy And Rein In Fake News
  • AR & VR Will Be Used Effectively In Your Marketing
  • You Will Use Artificial Intelligence, And Love It!
  • Generation Z Will Only Engage If You Pivot Your Strategy
  • Your Influencer Marketing Will Go Small To Go Big
  • You Will Invest In User-Generated Content
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Warc Toolkit


  • Environmental concern is driving conscious consumerism
  • Context is key as brands look for more from programmatic
  • Marketers are reprioritising ‘long-term’ brand-building
  • Consultancies and agencies converge on brand experience
  • Data privacy remains a work in progress for most brands
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IBM 2020 Marketing Trends


  • Consumer shopping behavior has fundamentally changed
  • Sustainability has reached a tipping point
  • Values are as important as value
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Future Today Laboratory

#marketing #culture

  • Eco-logistics
  • Everyteen TV
  • Tourism Decelerated
  • Modern Therapy
  • Privacy Hardware
  • Accessible Gaming
  • Peer Platforms
  • Civic Ads
  • Pre-Loved Premium
  • Discovery Dining
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Google Consumer Insights

#consumer #marketing

  • Consumer journeys are becoming increasingly complex
  • New media channels are emerging
  • Satisfying immediacy is often more important than loyalty
  • Traditional industries are transforming with digital
  • Standards are being raised in privacy and digital wellbeing
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