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#consumer #marketing

  • Refresh the Foundational Insights Driving Your Brand Strategy
  • Evolve The Way Your Brand Looks, Talks, and Acts
  • Center Your Analytics Around Your Consumers
  • Listen to (and Analyze) Real Consumer Conversations
  • Seamlessly Integrate Digital and Traditional Qualitative Research Methods
  • Throw Away Your Old Assumptions — and Innovate Your Insights Strategy
  • Envision the Long-Term Again
  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Customer Journey to Differentiate Your CX
  • Optimize Digital Touchpoints — They’re Your Brand’s Lifeblood
  • Boost Your Brand’s Loyalty (and Tech Stack)
  • Invest in Visual Content that Resonates with Your MVPs
  • Lean In to Earned Media Coverage
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Foresight Factory

#consumer #marketing

  • Fantastical Fun
  • Retrospective Resolution
  • Planning Prowess
  • Power of Now
  • Social Wellness
  • Presence-Free Living
  • Local Allure
  • Building Resilience
  • The Stakeholder Consumer
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#consumer #marketing #social #tech

  • Digital Lifelines
  • Mindful Media
  • Shoppable Media
  • Real or Replica
  • Game On
  • Gat Snappy
  • Access all Areas
  • Home Sweet Home
  • OM5G
  • Proximity 2.0
  • The Cookie Crumbles
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Trend Hunter

#consumer #culture #innovations #marketing #tech

  • Smart Hygiene
  • Emergency Support
  • Delivery Acquisitions
  • Live E-Commerce
  • Eco Flooring
  • P2P Support
  • Reusable Care
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Antimicrobial Extension
  • Millennial Move
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#consumer #culture #marketing

  • Universal work from home policies
  • End of the open-plan office
  • Digital commutes and forced mindfulness
  • Carbon labelling for consumer goods
  • Cashless biometric payments
  • Live shopping outside China
  • Climate migration
  • Rewilding
  • Breakdown of traditional education paths
  • Mushroom mania
  • Ultra spicy is the new umami
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B2C Digital Marketing Trends

#consumer #content #marketing #social

  • Marketing Automation
  • SMS Marketing
  • User-Generated Content
  • Revamped SEO due to new Google updates
  • Social E-Commerce
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#business #marketing #social

  • Pandemic-driven shifts can be a permanent change for the better
  • Take advantage of advances in automation to build your brand and inspire your creative
  • Showcase yourself to showcase your business
  • Embrace your community
  • Looking ahead to 2021 and Main Street 2.0
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IBM Marketing Trends

#consumer #marketing

  • Agility in advertising is paramount
  • The direct brand-to-consumer economy is here to stay and first-party data will be your competitive edge
  • To prepare for a cookieless world, we should look beyond one-off solutions
  • Enter AI-powered advertising
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Facebook IQ

#consumer #marketing #social

  • Awareness Becomes Action
  • The Joy of Reading
  • Beyond the Textbook
  • Grow Your Own
  • Casual Culture
  • Hardworking Homes
  • Expanding Connection
  • Neo Banking
  • Hybrid Shopping
  • Digital Art for All
  • Personalizing Fashion
  • Old Wheels, New Tricks
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The Next Scoop

#consumer #marketing

  • We’re reorienting our living spaces
  • Local is Lekker
  • Simple pleasures beyond guilty pleasures
  • Fitness and health are on a winning streak
  • Intense focus on brands that do good
  • Apps are becoming ever more present in our lives
  • Accelerated checkout is non-negotiable
  • Email marketing still delivers a strong return on investment
  • eCommerce continues to rise
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CMO by Adobe Digital Marketing Trends

#consumer #marketing

  • More meaningful digital experiences, personalization, and direct-to-consumer (DTC) models
  • A move to first-party data, consent and identity resolution to build consumer trust and thrive in a cookieless world
  • Doubling down on digital transformation, with an emphasis on people, and shorter paths to value for technology investments
  • Building content marketing agility to feed a non-linear and always evolving digital customer journey
  • A greater percentage of advertising budgets will be moving to digital in 2021, with more ads that focus on responsibility
  • No time to rest in 2021: Digital marketing trends aplenty
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#consumer #culture #marketing #tech

  • Markets: Wall Street and reality remain out of whack
  • Politics: Washington, same but different
  • Tech: The shadowy valley
  • Global: BoJo’s Brexit and China’s vaccines
  • Health: The pandemic has forever changed public health
  • Culture: Delayed Gratificatio
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W2O Marketing Analytics Trends

#consumer #marketing

  • Time to Re-Introduce Yourself
  • It’s About the “How”
  • Data/Analytics/Insights to Get Smarter about the Business (vs. Communications)
  • Who is Your Focus?
  • ESG is a Philosophy Not a Program
  • Relevance Determines Sustainability, Efficacy
  • Search is More Important to Identity than Your Website
  • Corporate Communications Must “Own” the Corporate Story
  • Corporate Positioning is More Important than Thought Leadership
  • Employees Are Not an “Audience” but an Active Enabler
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The Next Web Digital Trends

#marketing #social

  • Social media adoption surges
  • Mobiles have become our ‘first’ screen
  • Online time jumps
  • Online search behaviors are changing
  • A multi-device strategy is still essential
  • A more strategic approach to social media marketing
  • Digging deeper into online audience demographics
  • Online grocery and the rise of ecommerce
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#consumer #marketing

  • The Local Know-How
  • The Enhanced Reality
  • The Bridge Between Worlds
  • The New Canvas
  • The On/Off Switch
  • The Green Revolution
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