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Trend Hunter

#consumer #culture #innovations #marketing #tech

  • Smart Hygiene
  • Emergency Support
  • Delivery Acquisitions
  • Live E-Commerce
  • Eco Flooring
  • P2P Support
  • Reusable Care
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Antimicrobial Extension
  • Millennial Move
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Equinix digital trends

#innovations #tech

  • Cloud-native infrastructure will dominate
  • Edge-first paradigm will fuel innovation
  • 5G will be powered by optimally placed edge infrastructure
  • AI will be distributed and move toward the edge
  • Data centers will shift toward grid-positive
  • Shaping digital infrastructure for the future
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Future Today Institute Tech Trends

#business #data #innovations #tech

  • No-code or low-code systems are unlocking new use cases for businesses.
  • Anonymity is dead.
  • Synthetic media will become an integral part of our future XR experiences.
  • Companies are rethinking longterm investments in office space.
  • Health care is the next battleground for big tech companies.
  • The Home of Things (HoT) industry is growing, with demand driven by working, exercising, and learning from home.
  • The cloud is controlled by a handful of companies that have the sole ability to determine pricing, access, and standards. “Cloud neutrality” will be debated this year.
  • Companies that allowed employees to work from home created new privacy and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
  • Decentralized financial technologies will be adopted by the enterprise.
  • The global quantum computing race is on, and equity deals for quantum computing startups surged in 2020.
  • Several countries will debut green stimulus packages, unlocking new business opportunities.
  • We have opened the door to the post-natural age. This decade, synthetic biologists are focusing on intentional design, improving organisms, and constructing new materials from life’s building blocks.
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#innovations #tech

  • Digital Health Rises To the Occasion
  • Smart Home Goes Mainstream & Gets More Comfortable
  • 8K is the New 4K as TV Expands Functionality
  • Auto Charts Roadmap to EV & Future Mobility
  • Next-Gen Connectivity Has Arrived to Support Smart Homes and Citie
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JWT The Future 100

#consumer #creative #culture #innovations #social #tech

  • Rewilding
  • Stratospheric tech
  • Multigenerational travel
  • Ethical scoreboard
  • Antimicrobial packaging
  • Science-backed brands
  • Escapist retail
  • At-home empires
  • Calmtainment
  • Unbiased banking
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#consumer #culture #innovations #tech

  • 15-minute cities
  • Pandemoment
  • Designed for wellbeing
  • Virtually grounded
  • Old spice
  • Plant-ed
  • Systemic justice
  • Transcycling
  • Robo-roaming
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#data #tech #culture #innovations

  • What’s up, doc?
  • Privacy in a cashless future
  • Can I speak to a human please?
  • The reinvention of retail
  • Data is the new jet fuel
  • Out with the new, in with the old
  • Commerce at the crossroads
  • Two can play at that game
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JWT The Future 100

#culture #marketing #innovations

  • The new neighborhood
  • Sentient tech
  • Biocontributive travel
  • Original content economy
  • Regenerative farming revolution
  • Microbiome beauty
  • Uninterrupted commerce
  • Biodata services
  • Digital spas
  • Branded payments
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sparks & honey: Precision Consumer 2030

#consumer #innovations

  • Nutrition Genomics for Disease Prevention
  • Gene-Editing as Proactive Care
  • Consciousness Training
  • Virtual Skills
  • Predictive Retail
  • Self-analysis via Tech
  • Earth-First
  • Biometrics for Verification
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Trend Hunter


  • P2P Advice
  • Adventure Viewing
  • Gamified Stay
  • Behavioral Installation
  • First-Time Empowerment
  • Branded Podcasting
  • Active Silence
  • Genderless K-Pop
  • Holographic Assistant
  • Inclusive Design
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Foresight Factory

#consumer #innovations #business

  • Synthetic Society
  • Sex Positive
  • 360 Rewards
  • Audiophilia
  • Ownership Overhaul
  • Acclimatise Now
  • The Un(paid) Economy
  • Micro Moments
  • The Stakeholder Customer
  • Meta Messaging
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JWT The Future 100

#culture #tech #marketing #innovations

  • Culture: Instagram backlash.
  • Tech & Innovation: Ethical internet.
  • Travel & Hospitality: Gen Z travelers.
  • Brands & Marketing: Inclusive design.
  • Food & Drink: Clean comfort food.
  • Beauty: Grotesque beauty.
  • Retail: Outdoor immersion stores.
  • Luxury: Woke luxury.
  • Health: Empowering adolescence.
  • Lifestyle: The cultural programmer.
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Future Today Laboratory

#culture #creative #tech #innovations

  • Beauty: Cosmetic Crusaders
  • Drinks: Elevated Energy Drinks
  • Fashion: Digital Gratification
  • Food: Alt-agri Farms
  • FinTech: Biometric Money
  • Youth: Spirituality Paradox
  • Health & Wellness: Fitness Furnishings
  • Luxury: Inconspicuous Goods
  • Retail: Last-mile Mobility
  • Travel & Hospitality: Empowered Travel
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Syneos Health Trend


  • Radical Re-Organization
  • Accelerating Evidence
  • Relearning Launch
  • Search for the Right Patients
  • Demand for Decision-Driving Insights
  • Rewired HCP
  • Relieving Burden
  • Value Puzzle
  • System of One
  • The New Top Talent
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