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Ogilvy Influencer Trends 2022

#consumer #content #marketing #social

  • Create culture. Don't just be a part of it
  • Don’t be a bandwagon brand
  • Inclusive influence equals better results
  • Experience is the new e-comm
  • The sleeping giant that is B2B influence
  • Influence goes metaverse
  • Think system, not silos
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Kantar Media Trends and Predictions 2022

  • Video streaming: a complex and ever-evolving market
  • Re-modelling the commercial internet
  • A different approach to data
  • Performance media and marketing: an expanding playground for brands
  • Life in a pandemic
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GWI Consumer Trends 2022

#consumer #culture #marketing

  • The pursuit of purpose
  • More than skin deep
  • May we have your attention please
  • A virtually imperfect life
  • At your best
  • To the moon
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Falcon Digital Marketing Trends 2022

#consumer #marketing

  • Retro Revolution
  • Community Content
  • Mixed Reality
  • Influencer Commerce
  • Noiseless Niche
  • Consumable Content
  • Cross-Generational Marketing
  • Social Support
  • Audio Activity
  • Improved Inclusivity
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Mintel Consumer Trends 2022


  • In Control
  • Enjoyment Everywhere
  • Ethics Check
  • Flexible Spaces
  • Climate Complexity
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Qualtrics Global Consumer Trends 2022


  • Consumers have had enough - and they’re willing to walk
  • Toss out the pre-2022 business plans
  • Consumers will stop engaging - unless you take action
  • Treat customers as people, not commodities
  • Forging human connections
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Fireart UI Design Trends 2022

#consumer #content #design #marketing

  • Emotional design
  • Abstract design
  • Split Screen Design
  • More Text
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Geometric structure
  • Vivid Сolors
  • More 3D Elements Instead of Photos
  • Simplification
  • What is influencing the trends of 2022?
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User Experience Design Trends 2022

#consumer #design #marketing

  • Mobile-First Concept
  • Tailor-Made Experience
  • Neomorphism
  • Air Gesture Function
  • VUI - Voice User Interface
  • Icons
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UI UX Trends 2022

#consumer #design #marketing

  • Dark mode
  • 3D and animations
  • Optimization for more screen sizes and pixels
  • Preparing your apps for large screens
  • Minimizing complexity
  • Design system and library
  • Inclusive design
  • AR VR expanding into B2B
  • Metaverse
  • Learning experience from the death of Clubhouse
  • Accessibility in more sectors (health, education)
  • Localization in user experience and content
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Merehead UX Design Trends 2022

#consumer #design #marketing

  • Dark mode
  • 3d elements
  • Abstract data visualization
  • Uncommon designs
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Constant change
  • Inclusive design
  • Voice search
  • Rich animation
  • Unique micro-interactions
  • New fonts: serifs, multi-sized, multi-layered
  • Adaptation to new gadgets
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T-Mobile Digital Trends 2022

#innovations #tech

  • The Metaverse: The New Internet?
  • NFT: ownership in the digital domain
  • Decentralized Finance
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Dentsu Media Trends 2022

#consumer #culture #marketing

  • Omnichannel Everything
  • New Ways to Buy
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Secure Scarcity
  • Fans of Flexibility
  • The Responsible Rebuild
  • Sustainable Marketing
  • The End of Anonymity
  • Beyond the Cookie
  • Value Exchanges
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Bernard Marr's Consumer Experience Trends 2022

#business #ecom #retail

  • Channel digitization and expansion
  • The cognification of products and services
  • Micro-moments and personalization
  • Subscription and servitization
  • Cutting out the middleman
  • From B2C to “all to all”
  • More immersive experiences
  • Conscious consumption
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Future of Work Trends 2022

#business #culture

  • Reinvention: The flipside of disruptive change
  • Scarcity: Surviving the talent shortage
  • Vitality: Employee wellbeing takes center stage
  • Sustainability: Walk the talk for a sustainable future
  • Individuality: Employee experiences get personal
  • Inclusivity: Unleashing the power of all
  • Accountability: Trust or bust
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