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Business Application Research Center

#business #data

  • MD/DQ management
  • Data discovery/visualization
  • Establishing a data-driven culture
  • Data governance
  • Self-service analytics
  • Data warehouse modernization
  • Data preparation by business users
  • Analytics on real-time data
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Future Today Institute Tech Trends

#business #data #innovations #tech

  • No-code or low-code systems are unlocking new use cases for businesses.
  • Anonymity is dead.
  • Synthetic media will become an integral part of our future XR experiences.
  • Companies are rethinking longterm investments in office space.
  • Health care is the next battleground for big tech companies.
  • The Home of Things (HoT) industry is growing, with demand driven by working, exercising, and learning from home.
  • The cloud is controlled by a handful of companies that have the sole ability to determine pricing, access, and standards. “Cloud neutrality” will be debated this year.
  • Companies that allowed employees to work from home created new privacy and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
  • Decentralized financial technologies will be adopted by the enterprise.
  • The global quantum computing race is on, and equity deals for quantum computing startups surged in 2020.
  • Several countries will debut green stimulus packages, unlocking new business opportunities.
  • We have opened the door to the post-natural age. This decade, synthetic biologists are focusing on intentional design, improving organisms, and constructing new materials from life’s building blocks.
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#consumer #culture #data

  • There’s no place like home
  • All work and no play
  • More than lockdown blues
  • It’s a kindness magic
  • A green awakening
  • Coming of age
  • The digital storefront
  • Data for good
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IBM Developer Trends

#data #tech

  • Multiarchitecture development
  • Thin terminal developer experience
  • Data privacy in security
  • Chatbots
  • Edge computing
  • DevOps
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Mashable Tech Trends

#data #tech

  • Third-gen semiconductor materials will become hugely relevant
  • You'll hear about quantum computing way more often
  • Flexible electronics will become a thing
  • Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will speed up healthcare research and development
  • Brain-computer interfacing will surpass the limits of the human body
  • Data processing will become A.I.-driven and self-evolving
  • Cloud-native tech will overhaul the IT landscape
  • Data intelligence will drive agriculture
  • Implementing industrial intelligence will happen in a much bigger way
  • Intelligent operation centers will start becoming a priority for cities
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The Next Web Data Trends


  • The sky’s the limit with cloud
  • A culture of cloud and democratized data
  • Multi-factor authentication and shifting perimeters
  • Cloud-native design
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#consumer #data #tech

  • Master technology (and don’t let it master you)
  • Embrace frictionless working
  • Move toward data equity
  • Be sustainable by purpose
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#business #consumer #culture #data #tech

  • Work from Home. . .For Real!
  • Data as an Asset
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Automation
  • Decentralized Finance
  • Virtual Interfaces
  • Going from Global to Local
  • Purposeful & Meaningful
  • Sustainability
  • Social Engagement
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Tech Target

#data #tech

  • Agile goes deeper into the enterprise to reshape business models, culture
  • Low-code use cases focus on customer and employee experiences
  • Cloud computing service providers enable multi-cloud architectures
  • Real-time data processing and event-driven architectures go mainstream
  • Simplified MLOps brings machine learning from POC to productio
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BMC Digital Transformation

#consumer #data #tech

  • 5G-enabled will soon be a necessity
  • Customer experience is driving DX
  • AI is both opportunity and concern
  • Talent battle is heating up
  • Sustainability is critical
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Deloitte Tech Trends

#data #tech

  • Strategy, engineered
  • Core revival
  • Supply unchained
  • MLOps: Industrialized AI
  • Machine data revolution: Feeding the machine
  • Zero trust: Never trust, always verify
  • Rebooting the digital workplace
  • Bespoke for billions: Digital meets physical
  • DEI tech: Tools for equity
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PSFK Retail Trends Playbook

#consumer #data #marketing

  • Personalize Interactions
  • Deliver Proactive Service & Support
  • Provide 360-Degree Customer Profiles
  • Embed Intelligent Assistance
  • Build A Connected Organization
  • Build Agile Inventory & Operations
  • Synchronize Digital And Physical
  • Leverage Real-Time Innovation
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Forrester Predictions 2021

#consumer #data #marketing

  • Consumers compelled toward escapism
  • CMOs reinvent themselves and their teams
  • CX leaders renovate, not just decorate
  • CIOs lead the bold disruptors
  • COVID-19 changes leadership and hiring practices forever
  • With more employee data comes opportunity — but also legal risk
  • Remote work drives uptick in insider threats
  • Workplace automation and AI are here to stay
  • Digital pathways bring B2B marketers closer to buyers
  • B2B sellers deepen buyer relationships with help from AI
  • Cloud takes center stage in pandemic recovery
  • Edge is the new cloud
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