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Equinix Digital

#tech #data

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Towards Data Science


  • Data Science arrive to conservative areas
  • Data privacy by design
  • Mitigate model biases and discrimination
  • Python as the de facto language for Data Science
  • Focus as “leave me alone, I just want to get things done”
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Isobar: Augmented Humanity Trend Report

#consumer #tech #data

  • Augmented Experiences
  • Humanising Data
  • Socialised Commerce
  • Digital Kinship
  • Post-purpose Activation
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#data #tech #culture #innovations

  • What’s up, doc?
  • Privacy in a cashless future
  • Can I speak to a human please?
  • The reinvention of retail
  • Data is the new jet fuel
  • Out with the new, in with the old
  • Commerce at the crossroads
  • Two can play at that game
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NTT Future Disrupted

#tech #data

  • Big thinking, small steps: redefining digital transformation
  • Data-driven dynamics: where CRM meets ERP
  • Lifetime relationships: the cloud-enabled customer journey
  • Real-time insight: sentiment analysis gets more sophisticated
  • Data lakes and digital twins: enabling new analytics models
  • The growing spotlight on agile ways of working
  • IT infrastructure: from multicloud to hybrid cloud
  • Security goes to the cloud
  • Rise of the ‘everything-as-a-service'
  • Data becomes the center of the IT universe
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Tableau Data Trends


  • Organizations look to academia as a data literacy incubator
  • AI moves from abstract to actionable
  • Personalized data stories go mainstream
  • Transparency around workplace data leads to equity and organizational success
  • Data strategy stretches across the C-suite
  • Data integration is the catalyst for IT-business harmony
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Future Today Institute

#tech #data

  • Welcome to the Synthetic Decade.
  • You’ll soon have augmented hearing and sight.
  • A.I.-as-a-Service and Data-as-a-Service will reshape business.
  • China has created a new world order.
  • Home and office automation is nearing the mainstream.
  • Everyone alive today is being scored.
  • We’ve traded FOMO for abject fear.
  • It’s the end of forgetting.
  • Our new trust economy is being formed.
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  • The rise of explainable AI
  • Natural language humanizes your data
  • Actionable analytics put data in context
  • Data collaboratives amplify social good impact
  • Codes of ethics catch uo to data
  • Data management converages with modern BI platforms
  • Data storytelling is the new language of corporations
  • Enterprises get smarter about analyrics adoption
  • Data democracy elevates the data scientist
  • Accelerated cloud data mugration fuels modern BI adoption
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Business Application Research Center

#business #data

  • Master Data/Data Quality Management
  • Data Discovery
  • Self-Service BI
  • Data Governance
  • Establishing A Data-Driven Culture
  • Data Prep For Business Users
  • Data Warehouse Modernization
  • Agile BI Development
  • Advanced Analytics/Machine Learning
  • BI With Real-Time Data
  • Big Data Analytics
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DMI AI And Analytics Trends


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Adobe Digital Trends

#data #marketing

  • Quest for great CX powered by technology.
  • Data is the new everything.
  • Customer journey management holds key to personalization.
  • Control of data: compliance and walled gardens.
  • Increased uptake of artificial intelligence.
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CMO by Adobe

#marketing #data #content

  • Data-Driven Creativity Will Be A Strategic Differentiator In Customer Experience
  • Retailers Will Double Down On Experiential Commerce
  • Personalization: Connecting Content & Data—Ethically
  • Account-Based Marketing In B2B To Hit New Highs
  • Experience Business 2.0: The Next Steps In Marketing Transformation
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#data #social #tech

  • How “Social” is Social Media?
  • Can Esports Actually Make it into the Mainstream?
  • Rethinking “Trust” in a New Era of Data Privacy
  • The Rise of Green Consumerism: What Do Brands Need to Know?
  • The Next Big Question for Voice Assistants
  • Decrypting Crypto-Consumers
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