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#consumer #content #marketing #social

  • Brands will continue to take a less is more posting approach
  • Content value will beat production quality
  • Conversational marketing will change its tone
  • Consumers will crave snackable content
  • Video will continue to take center stage
  • More brands will go live
  • Social media platforms could double as shopping channels
  • Users will embrace gaming and VR
  • Authenticity will be vital
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Pinterest 100

#consumer #content #culture

  • Nomad normal
  • Invest in rest
  • Epic charcuterie
  • Japandi aesthetic
  • Up clothes and personal
  • Rainbrows
  • Not-so-furry friends
  • Little moments of big love
  • Bet on yourself
  • Digital decor
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#consumer #content #culture #design

  • Chickenless Eggs
  • A.I. Aqua
  • Genuinfluencers
  • Jeck Masks
  • Digisexuality
  • Mycelium
  • The Circular Runner
  • Molecular Sips
  • From CBD to CDN
  • Robot Pets
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Pinterest 100

#culture #design #content

  • Beyond Binary
  • Conscious consumption
  • Finding balance
  • Home hub
  • Internationally inspired
  • Pampered pets
  • Responsible travel
  • Re-wilding
  • Space everything
  • 90s rerun
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Facebook IQ

#social #content

  • Acting greener
  • Changing the channel
  • Getting hands-on
  • Going back to basics
  • Making everyday moments special
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Influence & Co

#social #content

  • Social CEOs will become the new norm.
  • User-generated content will make brands' efforts more authentic.
  • LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are making ads more personal.
  • Social listening will give brands an edge.
  • The Instagram Stories feature isn't slowing down.
  • Chatbots aren't going anywhere.
  • Dark social will prompt marketers to look beyond social share counts.
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Future Today Institute

#content #tech #social

  • 2018 marks the beginning of the end of traditional smartphones.
  • Blockchain emerged as a significant driver of change in 2019 and beyond.
  • Artificial Intelligence is not a tech trend—it is the third era of computing.
  • We need to pay closer attention to China.
  • Mixed Reality is entering the mainstream.
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Edelman Digital

#tech #marketing #content

  • Impacting Tomorrow’s Workforce: Gen Z Will Transform Your Organization
  • Convergence: The Need for an Integrated Marketing Tech Ecosystem
  • Expanding Impact: How Brands Are Innovating With Their Ecosystems
  • Audience-Centric B2B: Driving Results in the Rapidly Evolving B2B Marketing Landscape
  • Data As Currency: Digital Identity and the Future of Customer Experience
  • The Context of Commerce: Cultivating Contextual Content for Social Commerce
  • Contextual Expectations: Decoding the Impact of Relevant Content
  • The Accessible, Accountable Executive: Evolving Expectations for the C-Suite
  • Influencing With Impact: Driving Real Value with Authentic Influencers
  • Intelligence With Impact: Marketing and Machines in an Artificially Intelligent World
  • An Ascendant Techlash: The Rise of AI Ethics in 2019
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Facebook IQ

#culture #tech #content #social

  • Beauty Goes Green
  • Everyday Eco-Products
  • Tech-Fueled Escapism
  • Multicultural Comfort Foods
  • “It” Ingredients in Action
  • Productivity Hacks
  • Delving Into Digital Worlds
  • Screens Spread Out
  • The New Space Race
  • Accessible Adventures
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CMO by Adobe

#marketing #data #content

  • Data-Driven Creativity Will Be A Strategic Differentiator In Customer Experience
  • Retailers Will Double Down On Experiential Commerce
  • Personalization: Connecting Content & Data—Ethically
  • Account-Based Marketing In B2B To Hit New Highs
  • Experience Business 2.0: The Next Steps In Marketing Transformation
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Future Today Institute

#tech #content #data

  • Natural Language Generation
  • Algorithm Marketplaces
  • I-Teams For Algorithms and Data
  • Nanodegrees
  • Radical Transparency
  • Offline Is The New Online
  • Audio Search Engines
  • New Video and Audio Story Formats
  • Splinternets
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Facebook IQ 20 Shifts for 2020

#content #consumer #social

  • Omnicultural identities
  • New negotiations
  • Next-gen work
  • Beyond aging
  • Shopping near and far
  • TL;DR
  • Mobile video explosion
  • Going live
  • Fluid realities
  • Catering to context
  • Convergent commerce
  • Invisible differentiators
  • Very personal assistance
  • Messaging means m-commerce
  • Loyalty lock-in
  • Solely mobile
  • Crucial connectivity
  • Application consolidation
  • Everything connected
  • Building on mobile
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Ellevate 10 Marketing Trends

#marketing #content #tech #consumer

  • Live Streaming
  • Mobile Video
  • Growth Hacking
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Explainer Videos
  • Chat Bots
  • Viral Content
  • Geofencing
  • Micro Influencers
  • Brand Blog
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