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  • Green Pressure
  • Brand Avatars
  • Metamorphic Design
  • The Burnout
  • Civil Media
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Forrester Predictions 2020

#tech #consumer

  • Consumers search for deeper meaning
  • CMOs rally around customer value
  • CIOs focus on people
  • Immersive, adaptive IT takes hold
  • CX continues to bifurcate
  • Data strategy unlocks transformations
  • Data and AI get weaponized
  • Privacy concerns gain steam
  • Automation reshapes the workforce
  • Regulation makes and breaks markets
  • For VCs, profitability becomes the new unicorn
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Kjaer Global


  • The Global Brain
  • Strategic ‘Big Data’
  • Weconomics
  • Global Citizens
  • Betterness
  • Mobile Education
  • Cloud Health
  • Enoughism
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Deloitte Global Marketing Trends

#marketing #consumer

  • Purpose is everything
  • Paying down experience debt
  • Fusion is the new business blend
  • Are you a trust buster or builder?
  • The amplification of consumer participation
  • Valuing your most important asset— talent
  • Diffusing agility across the organization
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Isobar: Augmented Humanity Trend Report

#consumer #tech #data

  • Augmented Experiences
  • Humanising Data
  • Socialised Commerce
  • Digital Kinship
  • Post-purpose Activation
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Adobe Digital Trends

#consumer #marketing

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Kantar Media Trends & Predictions


  • Streaming wars
  • 5G finally gets real
  • Turning up the volume
  • Content meets commerce
  • Get ready to play
  • Back to reality
  • Just grow up!
  • Brands take a stand
  • Campaign 2020: crowding and clutter
  • Cookies start to crumble
  • The data dilemma
  • Turn and face the change
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#consumer #culture

  • The next recession won't be as bad
  • Central banks push for greener business
  • Negative interest rates go mainstrea
  • Protesters' new tools
  • Piracy makes a comeback
  • More hardware indies get acquired
  • A second Arab Spring will emerge
  • Lion economies start roaring
  • Flappers and jazz
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Landor Trend Watch

#marketing #consumer

  • Do androids dream of electric sheep?
  • Fifth generation brand opportunities
  • Digital platforms have a brand blind spot
  • The age of small data
  • How to brand the customer experience
  • Story telling becomes story doing
  • What the workplace says about your brand
  • It pays to be good
  • Don’t build a brand, build a community
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The Ogilvy Consulting Trends for 2020


  • Millennials continue to disappoint
  • Amazon’s inevitability is on the wane
  • The balance of data shifts between valuable & liable
  • In the battle of ecosystems, the proposition prevails
  • Welcome to the experience decade
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Mintel Global Consumer Trends 2030

#consumer #tech #culture

  • Wellbeing: seeking physical and mental wellness
  • Surroundings: feeling connected to the external environment
  • Technology: finding solutions through technology in the physical and digital worlds
  • Rights: feeling respected, protected, and supported
  • Identity: understanding and expressing oneself and one’s place in society
  • Value: finding tangible, measurable benefits from investments
  • Experiences: seeking and discovering stimulation
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sparks & honey: Precision Consumer 2030

#consumer #innovations

  • Nutrition Genomics for Disease Prevention
  • Gene-Editing as Proactive Care
  • Consciousness Training
  • Virtual Skills
  • Predictive Retail
  • Self-analysis via Tech
  • Earth-First
  • Biometrics for Verification
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Google Consumer Insights

#consumer #marketing

  • Consumer journeys are becoming increasingly complex
  • New media channels are emerging
  • Satisfying immediacy is often more important than loyalty
  • Traditional industries are transforming with digital
  • Standards are being raised in privacy and digital wellbeing
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Twitter Cultural Insights

#culture #consumer

  • Well Being
  • Everyday Wonder
  • One Planet
  • Creator Culture
  • Tech Life
  • My Identity
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