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Bernard Marr's Blockchain Trends 2022

#business #blockchain #innovations #tech

  • Green blockchain initiatives
  • NFT expanding beyond online art
  • More countries adopt Bitcoin and national cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain and IoT integration
  • Blockchain in vaccine manufacture and tracking
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2muchcoffee NFT Trends 2022

#blockchain #culture #innovations

  • Club membership: Bored Apes Yacht Club
  • Unusual NFT items: EtherRocks
  • Big brands are stepping in: Coca-Cola
  • Fractionalized NFTs
  • Gaming NFTs: Axie Infinity
  • Generative Art: Art Blocks
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Jan Scheele's Cryptocurrency Trends 2022

#business #blockchain #innovations

  • Bitcoin for the groceries
  • Flashes of light
  • Art & Capital keep flying
  • The big boys keep coming in
  • Crackdown the cowboys
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Techfunnel Cryptocurrency Trends 2022

#business #blockchain #innovations

  • Growth of altcoins and increased acceptance of bitcoin payments
  • The year of bitcoin ATMs and successful crypto brokers
  • Environmental concerns will be prioritized by the crypto market
  • Boost in crypto education
  • Crypto will be the newest investment opportunity
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