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Bernard Marr’s Consumer Experience Trends 2022

  • Channel digitization and expansion
  • The cognification of products and services
  • Micro-moments and personalization
  • Subscription and servitization
  • Cutting out the middleman
  • From B2C to “all to all”
  • More immersive experiences
  • Conscious consumption

Inc Retail Tech Trends 2022

  • Pricing Technology
  • Headless Tools
  • Smart Carts

Accenture Retail Trends 2022

  • All-in commerce
  • Social point of sale
  • What’s in store
  • The greater good
  • Resale rescaled
  • Supply (chain reaction)
  • Silicon Valley shop model
  • The elevated employee

Bernard Marr’s Retail Trends 2022

  • Retail Is Now Omnichannel
  • Creating smarter services with AI is critical
  • We Live in an Experience Economy
  • Making it easy to buy
  • Subscription models cut out the middleman
  • Retailers are exploring autonomous delivery and fulfillment
  • Supply chain transparency is increasingly important
  • People are becoming increasingly conscious consumers

Tinuiti Innovative Retail Trends 2022

  • Social Commerce
  • A New Approach to Influencer Marketing
  • Online Stores in Offline Spaces
  • Even More AR-Powered Shopping Experiences
  • Creative Brand Identities on Amazon
  • Ethical and Values-Based Brands on the Rise
  • Same-Day (or Faster) Delivery
  • Increase in Smart Speaker Shopping
  • Increased Use of Chatbots
  • Successful retailers become experiential
  • Ecommerce Grocery Platforms Are the New Norm
  • Increased Focus on Personal Health and Self-Care

Parcel Monitor Retail Trends 2022

  • Rise of Social Commerce in Retail
  • Same-to-Next-Day Delivery from Retailers
  • Shopping Experiences Powered by Augmented Reality

Economist Intelligence Unit Retail 2022

  • Markets of the future—China, India, Brazil and Russia—will become the dominant retail markets Africa, the final frontier—as BRIC opportunities diminish retailers will look to Africa as a driver of growth
  • Virtual marketplace— e-commerce, m-commerce and s-commerce—will transform the global retail landscape
  • Bricks and mortar will fight back as traditional retailers respond to change by integrating online with physical store offerings
  • Convenience will be king as shopping habits evolve into a multichannel approach rather than “one-stop shopping”
  • UK focus: polarised shopping habits could continue even when incomes recover, leading to an even greater squeeze on mid-market retail by 2022

Publicis Sapient Guide to Next 2022

  • Returns Optimization
  • Retailers as Platforms
  • Data Monetization
  • Store Experiences

Retail Trends 2022

  • Consumer Sales Have Generally Been Strong, Despite the Pandemic
  • Still a Threat of Ongoing Store Closures
  • Move Towards Online Shopping
  • Free Shipping and Speedy Delivery are Expectations for Many Consumers
  • Expansion of the
  • Physical Stores Redesign Spaces to Make Customers Feel Safe
  • Greater Use of In-Store Self Checkouts
  • Increase in Contactless Payments
  • Retailers Discover the Advantages of AI
  • Increased Use of Voice Search and Personal Assistants
  • Livestreaming Has Grown in Popularity
  • Seniors Finally Uptake New Technology
  • Increased Popularity of Private Labels
  • Increase in Social Commerce on Instagram
  • Retailers Regularly Engage in Omnichannel Marketing
  • Experience-Related Shopping Expands in Importance
  • Consumers Push for Sustainability and Retailers Feel the Need to Follow
  • Increased Focus on Health and Wellbeing

Denave Retail Trends 2022

  • Making retail smarter with artificial intelligence
  • Contactless shopping experience
  • Voice commerce
  • Experience and experiential retail
  • Supply chain transformation

Forrester Retail Trends 2022

  • The circular economy will become a must-have — and fuel intense investment
  • Returns will become the next retail competitive service differentiator
  • Partnerships — of all kinds — will be the key to growth in the midst of market tumult