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SAP Retail Trends 2023

  • Use predictive data analytics to balance deals with profits
  • Foster brand loyalty with data intelligence, not discounts
  • Collaborate for supply chain resiliency
  • Explore metaverse as a marketing channel

eClear Retail Trends

  • AI-supported inventory and warehouse management
  • The omnichannel experience must be right
  • Picking up consumers with smart stores

Hitachi Retail Trends

  • Brick-and-Mortar Sales Continue to Rebound, but eCommerce Remains King
  • Hybrid Experiences Reshape Retail
  • Gen Z & Millennials Assert Themselves as Digitally Conscious Customers
  • Personalization Shines in All Parts of the Customer Journey
  • Customer Journeys Should Be Seamless
  • Employers Take a New Approach to Workforce Empowerment
  • Social Community Includes Social Commerce
  • Prepare for the End of Third-Party Cookies
  • Retailers Take Steps to Overcome Disruption in the Global Supply Chain
  • Businesses Move Beyond the Single Purchase Model
  • BOPIS, BOPAC & BORIS are Here to Stay
  • Contactless Payments & Autonomous Shopping Take Off
  • Sustainability Is Top of Mind for Shoppers
  • Data-Driven Decisions Are More Important Than Ever

Akeneo Top Retail Trends

  • Omnichannel customer experiences
  • Hyperpersonalization
  • Value-Driven Purchasing
  • Experiential shopping experiences
  • Social commerce

Insider Retail Trends 2023

  • TikTok Makes Them Buy It: Gen Z’s Social Commerce Habits Are Shaped by Chinese Players
  • A Tale of Two Consumers: Mid-Tier Brands Face Uphill Battle
  • Return Policies Will Make or Break Retail Loyalty
  • Retail Media Is Ready to Disrupt the $70 Billion Linear TV Ad Market
  • Profitability Requirements Put Pressure on Business Models

NRF Retail Perdictions

  • Investments in the metaverse would best be described as a “hard maybe.”
  • Progress in Web3 is advancing — especially blockchain technologies, but overall acceptance is still in the early stages.
  • Look for more retailers to jump on the retail media network bandwagon. The channel casts a wide net when it comes to new possibilities for increased revenue.
  • In 2023, AI shifts from singles and doubles to home runs.
  • Smaller footprint stores will flourish as retailers experiment with new formats.
  • Generation Alpha, better known as Gen A, is poised to be the largest and most technologically connected demographic in history. And they will test retailers like none before.Sustainability becomes the thread that weaves through every business process; greenwashing is tantamount to brand sabotage.
  • 2023 marks a new normal supply chain. Expect less chaos, a greater focus on projects that enable visibility and a spotlight on emerging third-party logistics platforms.
  • Retailers have been sounding the alarm on theft for years; 2023 could generate a collective response on the federal and state level.
  • Consumers’ shopping behaviors will ultimately determine if 2023 is a good year for retail — or not!

Lightspeed Retail Trends

  • Consumers will continue to shop offline
  • Physical retail stores need to support sales and fulfilment
  • Omnichannel marketing will be table stakes
  • Consumers will increasingly expect payment flexibility
  • Retailers will continue to grapple with labour shortages
  • The demand for experiential retail will grow
  • Expect a bigger focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • Livestream shopping will continue making inroads
  • Retail will permeate other industries and vice versa
  • Nimble and flexible retailers will flourish

Consumer Loyalty Trends

  • Digital and physical shopping will be damn near frictionless
  • But the human element will gain importance
  • Inclusivity will become a loyalty maker
  • Opting in will outshine opting out
  • Shoppers will turn toward authentic pricing
  • Brands that do TikTok well could zoom

Retail Dive Trends 2023

  • Bankruptcies on the horizon
  • The metaverse grows (and continues to confuse)
  • A recession? Maybe. Uncertainty? Definitely.
  • DTCs continue to struggle with profitability
  • Environmentally conscious retail gears up
  • Another tricky year for malls
  • Marketing gets more complicated
  • Is Amazon in crisis mode?
  • Resale brings in revenue — and risks overexposure

Forbes Retail Trends 2023

  • Retail Media Networks
  • Social media sentiment monitoring
  • Hybrid shopping and seamless shopper journey
  • Store design shifts and mixed-use spaces
  • Consumerism curtailment

Business Insider Trends 2023

  • Artificial intelligence will reach widespread adoption
  • Blockchain will make a comeback
  • ‘Better-for-you’ brands are here to stay
  • People will crave healthier snacks
  • Gen Z and millennials are fueling a new wave of wellness brands
  • Climate and greentech companies will gain market value
  • Lab-grown diamonds will gain popularity
  • E-commerce will continue to boom
  • Subscription businesses will outperform customer-acquisition costs
  • People will take their health into their own hands
  • Mental healthcare will begin to focus more on children
  • Sexual health will take center stage
  • Healthcare innovation will reach rural locations
  • Expect to see more biotech products coming to market
  • Menopausal healthcare will gain more attention
  • Cannabis and psychedelics will make major strides
  • The secondhand market will gain momentum

TrendHunter Trends 2023

  • App-Based Parenting
  • Gen Z Investing
  • Web3 Literacy
  • Privacy Browser
  • Metaverse Education
  • App-Based Guide
  • Connected Park
  • Connected E-Commerce
  • NFT Renting
  • Blockchain Gifting
  • +90 more