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Ecosystem Consumer Experience Trends 2022

  • Businesses Will Redesign Their CX for the Great Bounce Forward
  • Chief Experience Officers Will Become More Important
  • Supply Chain Challenges Will Impact CX Professionals
  • Businesses Will Map Their CRM to Customer Journeys
  • The Battle for Leadership in CX Technology Will Heat Up

Tetrapak Index Report 2022

  • HABITS: Home Redefined
  • New routines and rituals
  • Renaissance of home cooking
  • Online grocery goes mainstream
  • Digitalisation and data
  • Social reconnect
  • HEALTH: From protection to prevention
  • Personalised health
  • Functional care
  • Mental health in the spotlight
  • ENVIRONMENT: Bigger than ever
  • Concern for climate change
  • Worries about waste
  • Avoiding over-packaging and plastic

Oracle Marketing Trends 2022

  • Data Democratisation helps organisations harness the power of data
  • Personalisation grows up
  • The need for sustainable and scalable Madtech grows
  • Brands drive retention and loyalty through trust
  • Marketing moves to the centre of the sales process
  • Outdated targeting habits crumble with cookies

WeTransfer Ideas Report

  • There is a new creative world order
  • Gen Z is feeling the pressure
  • Women and people of color are fired up for change
  • Clients don’t care about your creativity
  • The mass exodus of creatives has begun

Dentsu Creative Trends 2022

  • Alternate Realities
  • Redistributed Ownership
  • Conscious Decoupling
  • Generation ‘Also Me’
  • Personal Bubbles

Think Forward 2022: Brave New Worlds

  • In-Feed Syllabuses
  • The Vibe Economy
  • Prime-time Platforms
  • Social Cynicism
  • New Materialists

Social Media Marketing Trends 2022

  • Reels Contribute to Overall Instagram Marketing Success
  • Facebook Ads Performance Is More Effective
  • Whats Old Is New Again: Long-Form Content Retakes Center Stage
  • Niche Facebook Experiences Become Prominent Marketing Channels
  • Marketers Ignore Marketing Basics
  • Organic Instagram Video Builds Intimacy and Trust
  • Instagram Feature Overwhelm Forces Strategic Focus
  • YouTube Shorts Is a Distraction
  • Video Leads Organic LinkedIn Marketing
  • Ecommerce Grows on TikTok, Trend Lifespan Shortens
  • Overall Customer Connection Is Vital
  • Twitter Doubles Down on Spaces
  • Facebook Ads Attribution Expands
  • LinkedIn Leans Into Video
  • TikTok Fuels Forward-Looking Content Marketing
  • YouTube Offers More Ads Placements
  • Paid Social Is Indispensable
  • Stories Video Is Central to Meaningful Instagram Engagement
  • TikTok Success Hinges on Trends and Relatability
  • Facebook Ad Spend and Tracking Diversification Improve Campaign Performance
  • Genuine Storytelling Drives YouTube Marketing Success

Voxburner Gen Z Marketing Trends 2022

  • The fast-paced, reactive nature of pandemic marketing will continue
  • Brands will continue to be transparent with their consumers
  • Guess what, Gen Z still wants personality
  • The demand from Gen Z for engagement and allyship isnt going anywhere
  • Seize the day and act on those plans

eMarketer Trends 2022

  • Megafunding Boom Ushers in a New Era of Digital Offerings
  • Focus on Climate Change Drives Companies to Finally Push Sustainability Efforts Forward
  • Experience and Expedience Dominate Physical Retail
  • The Wests Answer to Super Apps Finally Takes Shape
  • Government Mandates Guide Businesses Digital Privacy Strategies
  • Retail Medias Killer Data Drives It Mainstream for Brand Advertisers
  • Nano- and Micro-Influencers Have Their Moment
  • Facebook Dominates Ads, Despite Continuing Scrutiny
  • Viral Commerce Takes Over Social Commerce
  • Consumers and Providers Embrace Buy Now, Pay Laterand So Do Regulators

Ogilvy Influencer Trends 2022

  • Create culture. Don’t just be a part of it
  • Dont be a bandwagon brand
  • Inclusive influence equals better results
  • Experience is the new e-comm
  • The sleeping giant that is B2B influence
  • Influence goes metaverse
  • Think system, not silos

GWI Consumer Trends 2022

  • The pursuit of purpose
  • More than skin deep
  • May we have your attention please
  • A virtually imperfect life
  • At your best
  • To the moon

Falcon Digital Marketing Trends 2022

  • Retro Revolution
  • Community Content
  • Mixed Reality
  • Influencer Commerce
  • Noiseless Niche
  • Consumable Content
  • Cross-Generational Marketing
  • Social Support
  • Audio Activity
  • Improved Inclusivity