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Business Insider Trends 2023

  • Artificial intelligence will reach widespread adoption
  • Blockchain will make a comeback
  • ‘Better-for-you’ brands are here to stay
  • People will crave healthier snacks
  • Gen Z and millennials are fueling a new wave of wellness brands
  • Climate and greentech companies will gain market value
  • Lab-grown diamonds will gain popularity
  • E-commerce will continue to boom
  • Subscription businesses will outperform customer-acquisition costs
  • People will take their health into their own hands
  • Mental healthcare will begin to focus more on children
  • Sexual health will take center stage
  • Healthcare innovation will reach rural locations
  • Expect to see more biotech products coming to market
  • Menopausal healthcare will gain more attention
  • Cannabis and psychedelics will make major strides
  • The secondhand market will gain momentum

Wavemaker Growth Trends 2023

  • The metaverse does not exist, but gaming is the real deal
  • Finding credibility in online communities
  • Looking back to move forward: how tapping into nostalgia can unlock growth
  • To meme or not to meme?
  • Harnessing the power of TV moments
  • Newsflash: news consumption is changing and so should you
  • Audio is now omnipresent, but is your approach omnichannel?
  • Stop thinking channel and start thinking encounter
  • Everyone’s an artist with Generative AI
  • Addressability will fuel the next era of media performance
  • ‘Try it on’ commerce is here to stay
  • Using geographical data to go beyond personalisation and unlock relevance
  • The new age of anxiety
  • The great retreat (indoors)
  • Masculinity, rewired
  • Reframing the cost of living crisis as a catalyst for sustainability

TrendOne Trends 2023

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Era
  • Engineered Evolution
  • Exponential Industries
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Smart Surroundings
  • Virtualisation
  • Connected World
  • Seamless Commerce
  • Urbanisation
  • Attention Economy
  • Conscious Eating
  • Consumerism 2.0
  • Future Skillset
  • Healthstyle
  • Planet Centricity
  • Woke Culture

EIU Industry Outlook 2023

  • Automotive: Bright spots amid stalling growth
  • Retail: Retailers respond to pricing pressures
  • Energy: Surviving the energy crisis
  • Finance: A new test for financial stability
  • Healthcare: The aftermath of the pandemic
  • Technology: The battle for digital supremacy
  • Tourism: Turbulence in the travel industry

Deloitte 2023 TMT Predictions

  • Too congested before we’re connected? Broadband satellites will need to navigate a crowded sky
  • Accessible is possible: Introducing the US$99 5G smartphone
  • 5G’s promised land finally arrives: 5G standalone networks can transform enterprise connectivity
  • AI in chip design: Semiconductor companies are using AI to design better chips faster, cheaper, and more efficiently
  • Supercharged semiconductors: Chips made of newer materials surge ahead, handling the volts that would fry silicon chips
  • That’s just rad! Radiation-hardened chips take space tech and nuclear energy to new heights
  • Everyone’s watching: AVOD finds an increasingly receptive audience
  • Live sports: The next arena for the streaming wars
  • Virtual production gets real: Bringing real-time visual effects onto the set
  • As seen in your feed: Shopping goes social, trending past US$1 trillion in annual sales
  • Will VR go from niche to mainstream? It all depends on compelling VR content
  • Battle for the enterprise edge: Providers prepare to pounce on the emerging enterprise edge computing market
  • Tech’s climate commitment: Organizational and personal impacts are pushing tech leaders toward faster climate action
  • Let’s make a deal—in gaming! Gaming M&A is growing on the back of consolidation, portfolio plays, and game tech
  • TMT divestitures make a comeback: 2023 deal values in tech, media, and telecom may bounce back strongly

TrendHunter Trends 2023

  • App-Based Parenting
  • Gen Z Investing
  • Web3 Literacy
  • Privacy Browser
  • Metaverse Education
  • App-Based Guide
  • Connected Park
  • Connected E-Commerce
  • NFT Renting
  • Blockchain Gifting
  • +90 more


Tetrapak Index Report 2022

  • HABITS: Home Redefined
  • New routines and rituals
  • Renaissance of home cooking
  • Online grocery goes mainstream
  • Digitalisation and data
  • Social reconnect
  • HEALTH: From protection to prevention
  • Personalised health
  • Functional care
  • Mental health in the spotlight
  • ENVIRONMENT: Bigger than ever
  • Concern for climate change
  • Worries about waste
  • Avoiding over-packaging and plastic

Helaba Markets and Trends 2022

  • European Union: Putting it all on Green
  • Germany: Spurring innovation
  • Hesse, Thuringia, North Rhine-Westphalia, Brandenburg: A two-phase recovery
  • France: The challenge after the crisis
  • Italy: A sustainable economic boom?
  • Spain: Latecomer with catch-up potential
  • Sweden: Government faces challenging election year
  • Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary: Relations with EU as a factor for growth
  • United Kingdom: Following its own, arduous path
  • United States: Full steam ahead for investment – supply plays catch-up
  • Japan: Inflation creeping back
  • China: The new ‘indispensible’ nation?
  • Russia: Growth trending lower
  • Brazil: Consolidation on hold due to elections

Helaba Markets and Trends 2022

  • Baseline scenario: All-inclusive recovery (75 %)
  • Monetary policy: ECB lets Fed take the lead
  • Government bonds: Cyclical rise in yields with handbrake on
  • Covered Bonds: Highly secure
  • Credits: Risks from interest rate turnaround firmly under control
  • Equities: Selective opportunities still exist
  • Gold: An age-old inflation hedge faces monetary policy challenges
  • Real estate: Uneven recovery
  • Currencies: US dollar running out of steam
  • Kryptoassets: Huge potential amid enormous differences

O.C.Tanner Corporate Culture Trends 2022

  • Flexibility rules
  • Rebuilding connection
  • Revisiting engagement
  • More personalized recognition
  • Technology’s exploding role in building culture

eMarketer Trends 2022

  • Megafunding Boom Ushers in a New Era of Digital Offerings
  • Focus on Climate Change Drives Companies to Finally Push Sustainability Efforts Forward
  • Experience and Expedience Dominate Physical Retail
  • The West’s Answer to Super Apps Finally Takes Shape
  • Government Mandates Guide Businesses’ Digital Privacy Strategies
  • Retail Media’s Killer Data Drives It Mainstream for Brand Advertisers
  • Nano- and Micro-Influencers Have Their Moment
  • Facebook Dominates Ads, Despite Continuing Scrutiny
  • Viral Commerce Takes Over Social Commerce
  • Consumers and Providers Embrace Buy Now, Pay Later—and So Do Regulators

Bernard Marr’s Blockchain Trends 2022

  • Green blockchain initiatives
  • NFT expanding beyond online art
  • More countries adopt Bitcoin and national cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain and IoT integration
  • Blockchain in vaccine manufacture and tracking