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TechRadar Smartphone Trends


  • Simpler product lines
  • Compact phones
  • Curved displays
  • Foldables
  • High refresh rate displays
  • Fast charging standards
  • Computational photography
  • Better software experience
  • Slowing down the specs race
  • Bolder designs
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  • Increase in crime, espionage and sabotage by rogue nation-states
  • GDPR – the pain still to come
  • Cloud insecurity – it’s your head on the block
  • Single factor passwords – the dark ages
  • Malware – protect or fail
  • Cyber hygiene growth
  • IOT – an increasing challenge
  • Growing risks with shadow IT systems and bad housekeeping
  • DDoS - usually unseen, but still a nightmare
  • Cybersecurity in the boardroom
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  • Electric car tech will reach its tipping point
  • The iPhone and Galaxy S will continue to wane
  • Growth in voice-controlled speakers will spawn skills apps
  • Streaming wars intensify
  • Smart soundbars will surge
  • We'll use Facebook (and our phones) less
  • Podcasting will grow
  • Disney will challenge Netflix (and Amazon Prime Video)
  • We'll start talking about 'social video'
  • The first space tourists will get to orbit
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