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Forrester Technology Trends


  • Rising demand for ethical AI
  • Recasting of automation roadmaps
  • Moving toward hyperlocal business operations
  • Driving innovation everywhere using cloud-native technologies
  • Shifting cloud strategies toward the edge
  • Employee experience: Remote work will permanently increase
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Forrester Predictions 2021

#consumer #data #marketing

  • Consumers compelled toward escapism
  • CMOs reinvent themselves and their teams
  • CX leaders renovate, not just decorate
  • CIOs lead the bold disruptors
  • COVID-19 changes leadership and hiring practices forever
  • With more employee data comes opportunity — but also legal risk
  • Remote work drives uptick in insider threats
  • Workplace automation and AI are here to stay
  • Digital pathways bring B2B marketers closer to buyers
  • B2B sellers deepen buyer relationships with help from AI
  • Cloud takes center stage in pandemic recovery
  • Edge is the new cloud
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Forrester Predictions 2020

#tech #consumer

  • Consumers search for deeper meaning
  • CMOs rally around customer value
  • CIOs focus on people
  • Immersive, adaptive IT takes hold
  • CX continues to bifurcate
  • Data strategy unlocks transformations
  • Data and AI get weaponized
  • Privacy concerns gain steam
  • Automation reshapes the workforce
  • Regulation makes and breaks markets
  • For VCs, profitability becomes the new unicorn
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Forrester Predictions 2019

#business #tech #consumer

  • CX remains under fire
  • Digital goes surgical
  • Purpose regains meaning
  • CMOs rebrand
  • CIOs take the reins
  • AI builds a foundation
  • The world goes to Zero (Trust)
  • Consumer brands enter the outrage
  • B2B in a squeeze
  • EX takes center stage
  • Robots reimagine talent management
  • VC funding recalibrates
  • Blockchain exposes advertising
  • IoT gets down to business
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Forrester Top 10 Technology Trends

#tech #consumer

  • IoT shifts computing towards to the edge
  • Distributed trust systems challenge centralized authorities
  • Automated security intelligence and breach response unshackle S&R
  • Employee experience redefines apps
  • Software learns to learn
  • Digital employees enter the white-collar workforce
  • Insights-driven firms outpace competitors
  • Customer experience becomes immersive
  • Contextual privacy boosts brand value
  • The public cloud accelerates business innovation
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Forrester Predictions 2018

#consumer #marketing #data #tech

  • Customer experience hits a wall
  • The digital crisis
  • Talent widens the digital divide
  • The empowered machine
  • The algorithm wars
  • The intelligent agent cocoon
  • The advertising correction
  • The GDPR challenge
  • Open banking lays siege
  • Retail experience harmonization
  • The AI reset
  • Blockchain inches forward
  • Security for profit
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Forrester 2017 Customer Service Trends


  • Companies extend and enhance self-service
  • Companies sustain automated customer conversations
  • Companies explore new customer service labor models
  • Robotic process automation guidance will standardize service delivery
  • Journey analytics equip companies to better support customer goals
  • Prescriptive advice powers offers, decisions, and connections
  • Field service becomes the face of your company
  • IoT insights transform business models
  • Visual engagement strengthens the customer bond
  • Emerging analytics technologies empower agents
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