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Edelman Trust Barometr

#business #consumer #marketing

  • Pandemic Puts Trust to the Test
  • Pandemic Further Fuels Fears
  • Crisis of Leadership
  • Raging Infodemic Feeds Mistrust
  • High Stakes for Public Health and the Economy
  • A New Mandate for Business
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Edelman Digital


  • Listen up: the rise of the audio influencer
  • Going steady: from influencer to ambassador
  • In authenticity we trust: get real or get lost
  • Almost famous: the power of micro & nano — influencers
  • Checkout on instagram: ecommerce checks in
  • Influencer authentication: demanding transperancy
  • Pay to play: amplification is now a must have
  • Proving influencer impact: the great ROI debate
  • Top of mind: data privacy
  • Marketing to gen Z: community and conversation come together
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Edelman Digital

#tech #marketing #content

  • Impacting Tomorrow’s Workforce: Gen Z Will Transform Your Organization
  • Convergence: The Need for an Integrated Marketing Tech Ecosystem
  • Expanding Impact: How Brands Are Innovating With Their Ecosystems
  • Audience-Centric B2B: Driving Results in the Rapidly Evolving B2B Marketing Landscape
  • Data As Currency: Digital Identity and the Future of Customer Experience
  • The Context of Commerce: Cultivating Contextual Content for Social Commerce
  • Contextual Expectations: Decoding the Impact of Relevant Content
  • The Accessible, Accountable Executive: Evolving Expectations for the C-Suite
  • Influencing With Impact: Driving Real Value with Authentic Influencers
  • Intelligence With Impact: Marketing and Machines in an Artificially Intelligent World
  • An Ascendant Techlash: The Rise of AI Ethics in 2019
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Edelman Digital

#data #tech #marketing

  • Triumph in the Age of Amazon
  • The Power of Big Data Relies on Bold Strategies
  • Going Behind the Buzzword
  • Seeing Beyond the "Chatbot" Buzz
  • For a Tech-Savvy Personalization Strategy, Focus on Humans
  • Digital Disrupts the Org Chart
  • The Age of Augmented Reality Is Here
  • The Rise of Post Cable Networks
  • The Art and (Data) Science Behind Influencer Marketing
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Edelman Insights

  • A Turning Point for Immersive Content
  • Paid Media Will Drive a New World of Efficiency & Accountability
  • Influencer Marketing Will Drive Business Impact
  • A Renaissance in Search
  • The OTT Entertainment Revolution
  • Bots and the Evolution of Conversational Experiences
  • Effective B2B Will Force Internal Alignment
  • Blockchain Evolves from “Fintech” to “Storytech”
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