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Forbes Food And Lifestyle Trends

  • Flavor fatigue
  • Mental health awareness
  • Sustainability as table stakes
  • Relocalization
  • A desire to commune with nature
  • Health and immunity as essential
  • Democratization
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BBC Food Lockdown Trends

  • Home happy hour
  • Online shopping
  • Baking the internet
  • Living la vida local
  • Friday night fakeaway
  • Recipe freestyling
  • Sourdough satisfaction
  • Celebrating seasonality
  • The war on waste
  • Upping our skills
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#consumer #marketing

  • Refresh the Foundational Insights Driving Your Brand Strategy
  • Evolve The Way Your Brand Looks, Talks, and Acts
  • Center Your Analytics Around Your Consumers
  • Listen to (and Analyze) Real Consumer Conversations
  • Seamlessly Integrate Digital and Traditional Qualitative Research Methods
  • Throw Away Your Old Assumptions — and Innovate Your Insights Strategy
  • Envision the Long-Term Again
  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Customer Journey to Differentiate Your CX
  • Optimize Digital Touchpoints — They’re Your Brand’s Lifeblood
  • Boost Your Brand’s Loyalty (and Tech Stack)
  • Invest in Visual Content that Resonates with Your MVPs
  • Lean In to Earned Media Coverage
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Foresight Factory

#consumer #marketing

  • Fantastical Fun
  • Retrospective Resolution
  • Planning Prowess
  • Power of Now
  • Social Wellness
  • Presence-Free Living
  • Local Allure
  • Building Resilience
  • The Stakeholder Consumer
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The Conversation: Twitter Trends

#content #social

  • Wellbeing: Prioritizing self-care for ourselves and each other
  • Creator Culture: More making in the hands of many
  • Everyday Wonder: Fascination with our world and beyond
  • One Planet: Driving toward a sustainable future
  • Tech Life: Inspiring a better-connected life
  • My Identity: Empowering a true expression of self
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Further with Ford

#consumer #innovations #tech

  • Pressure Points
  • Time To Escape?
  • The Company You Keep
  • Minding The Gap
  • Good Buy
  • Traffic Detour
  • Sustaining Sustainability
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CB Insights Tech Trends

#innovations #tech

  • Chief prepper officer
  • The quantum time bomb
  • Simulating empathy
  • Trip treatment
  • The rise of exclusivity
  • Society-as-a-service
  • The metaverse mall
  • Clipping crypto
  • Repurposing physical space
  • Hotelization of the office
  • Ambient wellness
  • Hospital-at-home
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#consumer #marketing #social #tech

  • Digital Lifelines
  • Mindful Media
  • Shoppable Media
  • Real or Replica
  • Game On
  • Gat Snappy
  • Access all Areas
  • Home Sweet Home
  • OM5G
  • Proximity 2.0
  • The Cookie Crumbles
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NTT Future Disrupted

#business #consumer #innovations #tech

  • All-photonics networks (APNs) will power global communications
  • COVID-19 has made customer behaviours across all demographics more digitally focused
  • Proactive and bold digital transformation is imperative, not a choice
  • Distributed working scenarios will become the norm
  • Cloud-based, on-demand platforms supporting remote working & client demand will need to be deployed – fast
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will augment, not replace, people skills
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Google Consumer Insights


  • Creating control
  • Bargaining for balance
  • Cultivating connection
  • Curating the home
  • Acting on alluship
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Trend Hunter

#consumer #culture #innovations #marketing #tech

  • Smart Hygiene
  • Emergency Support
  • Delivery Acquisitions
  • Live E-Commerce
  • Eco Flooring
  • P2P Support
  • Reusable Care
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Antimicrobial Extension
  • Millennial Move
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sparks & honey

  • The Reality Crisis
  • Algorithms: Friend and Foe
  • Who Will Be Held Accountable in 2021?
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Baidu AI trends


  • AI and vaccine development
  • Fully automated driving and the rollout of robotaxis
  • Applied natural language processing
  • Quantum computing
  • AI chips
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Visual Capitalist

#business #culture #tech

  • ESG reaches a tipping point
  • China has a strong 2021
  • A souring outlook on SPACs
  • Brands must be authentic and values-driven
  • A great rethinking of office life is underway
  • Individuals and employers start taking wellness seriously
  • Big Tech backlash continues
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Business Application Research Center

#business #data

  • MD/DQ management
  • Data discovery/visualization
  • Establishing a data-driven culture
  • Data governance
  • Self-service analytics
  • Data warehouse modernization
  • Data preparation by business users
  • Analytics on real-time data
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