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Metaverse starts with a simple idea of all known realities diffusing into each other, united by a seamless experience without border control. This includes augmented and virtual reality, the Internet as we know it, and, most importantly, real life.

In July, Mark Zuckerberg said metaverse is Facebook’s future, as well as Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, mentioned “enterprise metaverse” and metaverse stack as something the company is owning and developing right now. And even they are late to the party already. Epic Games and Fortnite are breaking the boundaries of online and offline worlds for a while. While I was working on this newsletter, Facebook company have changed its name to “Meta”, claiming its intention is serious.

Cryptocurrencies (e.g. SHIB) and crypto art (NFT) are two other ways to think about the merging of realities. There are still a lot of debates around the implementation, but they need to find a metaverse version of most common social institutes is real. So, while one people talk, others make money out of the topic.

Before going into details, take a look at this Twitter thread from Shaan Puri. Metaverse is not humanity moving into a virtual world, it’s much more.

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