So we learn from that too…

There are two ways to look at people.
As animals, driven by hunger.
As homo sapiens, driven by a different type of hunger,
hunger for knowledge.

I’m certain Humans are born with anxiety about the unknown.
While not fighting for survival, we spend our lives
either filling the void
or doing everything to distract ourselves, to avoid the feeling of internal emptiness.
As humanity, our highest mission is exploration.
Curiosity is what drives us forward.

We are coming to this world knowing nothing.
We are curious about what’s behind this door. So we learn to walk.
This makes us even more curious.
What’s behind this garden?
What’s behind this continent?
What’s behind this universe?

We learn so we can do the same things, more quickly and efficiently.
We learn so we can do something new:
go for a more advanced challenge
and follow our passion.

If we learned it right, we would succeed.
And once we fail, so we learn from that too…
and start over.

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