Two questions to trend reports

I'm reading about a hundred trend reports every year, and I have a question to it. In fact, two questions.

1. Isn't it too long?

Trend repors started with something about Top-10 shifts happening in an industry. Now it's up to 100 things you should know about. Is it still trends or just bad attempt of writing down everything that is happening around? It feels useless. Too much trends is a good sign you should look for metatrends behind.

2. Trends are not changing on Jan 1.

According to Google Trends, people are searching for trends the most in October and than between January and March. All biggest trend reports are published around November-January. It makes me thing we've selected the wrong format. Yes, people have a habit to conclude the year and plan for the new one. But firtly, financial year in biggest companies are now different. This means most of the planning happening on a different timelines. Secondly, while we are talking about being agile so much, shouldn't we keep up with the trends on the go and utilise them when they are discovered, not published? Will trend of the month be more appropriate? May be there should be Netflix series talking about long-term metatrends with some regular updates. Or may be I could shape something appropriate out of this blog.

Behind Good Design

There are hundreds of "Hundred tips how to make your presentation look better". In this specific area, I believe it's important to avoid memorizing tricks and to understand principles behind it.

Omens, Oracles & Prophecies

People are curious about the future since far-far away in the past. So, there were always methods and rituals to clear the shades of tomorrow and make an attempt to predict it. Trendwatching is one of them, as well as birdwatching, e.g. Roman Augury.