Planning frameworks as cool as having your fav baseball card signed

Strategy Deck app is getting a relaunch

Hello there,

My name is Ilya. 9 years ago I’ve launched an app called Strategy Deck. It’s a collection of tip cards with all-time gold communication strategy frameworks: from SMART goals to brand houses. Since 2013, there were 50K planners and planning directors using this app across the world.

You can click on each card to zoom in and turn it. One side of the card is a framework, the other is the description. Check the WIP video on how this works.

Now, the app is being updated: mobile engine and main content have been refreshed already. As always, I would like to use this opportunity and make something special out of it. So, here comes the idea.

Remember retro baseball cards? Boys were crazy about it. Having the one with your guru’s autograph meant the world. What if the strategists could be as cool as baseball players? I believe we are. Well, you are.

As a part of the app update, I’m asking most influential strategists to share their favourite planning frameworks and sign it. I have confirmations from Rob Campbell, Julian Cole, Faris and Rosie Yakob, and am waiting for more replies.

It will be an honour if you can participate in this project. All I need is a link to your favourite framework or a screenshot, and the scan/photo of your signature on a white background. Just email this to me:

WIP idea on how the card may look:

Hard deadline is May 31st, but it would be great if you can send me your info a bit earlier. The app will be live somewhere in June, depending on Apple store and Google store procedures.

Are you in?

Thank you,
Ilya Petrov