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  • The world is information

    Data is the single most used word across trend reports ever. The reason is simple. It’s not just a trend, but an underlying layer behind every shift happening: the tool to reveal and to drive changes

  • Trend of the week: Cross-Cultural Content

    As seen on DataReportal. Since it premiered on Netflix in September, 111 million households have sampled the South Korean survival drama Squid Game, while 87 million finished the entire first season. This is a good reason to think about the content world consumes and the impact of increased cultural diversity on society in general as […]

  • Not another year of consumer

    Pandemic is here to stay, but companies are adjusting. Aside from patching holes in a hull, they have now headspace to focus on the real goals once again. And it all starts with a consumer

  • Trend of the week: Sustainability with a critical eye

    As seen on Bulbshare, Forbes, and more. While 80% of consumers care about sustainability, they certainly have a lot of questions about it. The answers are vague. As Forbes asks, is it more sustainable to rent clothing (inclusive of cross-country shipping) or buy clothes and then recycle them? Which has a smaller carbon footprint: an electric car or […]

  • 2022 is starting today

    With new Forrester Predictions live, 2022 trend reports season is now officially open. Get a glance on the first findings. Follow now and never miss a trend

  • Trend of the week: Metaverse

    As seen on Hubspot, Trend Hunter, Forbes, and more. Metaverse starts with a simple idea of all known realities diffusing into each other, united by a seamless experience without border control. This includes augmented and virtual reality, the Internet as we know it, and, most importantly, real life. In July, Mark Zuckerberg said metaverse is […]

  • Behind Good Design

    I enjoy when things look good and work the way it intended. I’m not a designer, so when it comes to a lot of design questions, e.g. color, I will not point you to a mighty Color Wheel, but would rather recommend my personal approach: google “good color pallete” and pick what you like from […]

  • Two questions to trend reports

    I’m reading about a hundred trend reports every year, and I have a question to it. In fact, two questions. 1. Isn’t it too long? Trend repors started with something about Top-10 shifts happening in an industry. Now it’s up to 100 things you should know about. Is it still trends or just bad attempt […]

  • Omens, Oracles & Prophecies

    People are curious about the future since far-far away in the past. So, there were always methods and rituals to clear the shades of tomorrow and make an attempt to predict it. Trendwatching is one of them, as well as birdwatching, e.g. Roman Augury. The Framework for Predictive Systems, PredictionX: Omens, Oracles & Prophecies Omens, […]

  • What is trend?

    Why it’s important? Every company wants to know the future: to stay on track with a possible sharp turn around the corner or to be the first to catch an uprising opportunity. What is trend? Emerging shift in peoples’ beliefs or behaviour. Not all shifts are important, so trendwatching is usually cares about fundamental ones. […]