On The Cover: September 2020

I was always dreaming about creating new worlds. One way to do this is to write stories. Since I know how to code, the other much more immersive solution is to design a game.

Stargazer is my first Unity lesson. In this game you play as a young boy. Together with your older brother you are running away into the night forrest. You are sitting on a lake side and watching starships launching and landing in a spaceport nearby.

Focus. Look closely. Would you be able to name them all? The brother will teach you everything: fuel, engine types, missions and destinations. It will be for you to solve the case.

Tools: Unity

On The Cover: October 2020

Elevator in the middle of nowhere. Blender

О старости

Я еще не в том возрасте, чтобы расстраиваться из-за старости. Но уже не в том, чтобы бездумно радоваться каждому новому году. Так или иначе, мозг задает вопросы, и сам же ищет ответы.