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I’m seeking senior leadership opportunities in the Netherlands. Potential roles: membership director, e-commerce director, CX director, strategy/transformation director.

I’m helping businesses to maximise value for consumers in a way that fosters growth over time: driven by guided transformation, bonded in everlasting consumer relationships, and unlocked by a deep understanding of people and businesses.

A math prodigy who fell in love with marketing, making my way into business development, mastering every edge of consumer relationships, and following my mission of “helping good to grow” (good businesses, good people, for the good of the planet). Now a visionary leader and trailblazer with 20 years of experience in team leadership, digital-led data-driven marketing, and omnichannel consumer experiences.

Core skills: strategy, planning, marketing, transformation, digital, e-commerce, data & insights, CRM, omnichannel CX, underpinned by a robust background in advertising and brand planning.

Top brands: Nike, Zalando, Asos, About You, P&G, Visa, Wrigley, Mars, Bacardi, etc.

This post is WIP. I’m working on the details.


The right team is crucial for success of any undertaking, but it’s also crucial to make it right to the team: inspire, motivate, enable, provide support but also space to shine

  • 17 years at director-level positions, leading teams up to 30 people
  • Vision-inspired purpose-driven leadership, build on diversity of individual strengths, trust and personal connections
  • 8 years of leading highly successful multicultural teams at Nike
  • Advocate of systems vs projects, and the student of infinite game theory


Beauty of tech and data come together so we can see the totality of company’s and consumers’ interactions across the ecosystem and the lifetime. Finally, there is a way to understand people and serve them personally building everlasting relationships on a scale

  • 13 years of direct experience with CRM, membership, and loyalty programs
  • Hands-on 360 marketing communications: research and strategy, behavioural analytics, brand storytelling, awareness campaigns, social media, content and community management, performance marketing, email marketing, influencers, etc.
  • Strategy director at CRM agency Leto/InBrief, mastering everything from promotional activations to designing and running long-term loyalty programs (Pepsi, Huggies, Royal Canin)
  • Activated Nike Membership in Moscow & CEE, millions of members, innovating x10 digital sports participation, Nike global Maxims Award for Nike Moscow membership app
  • Leader of Nike Connected Membership program with Zalando: from vision and implementation to the second biggest partnership worldwide
  • Thought leader behind Nike loyalty offence with partners, driving membership principles via indirect influence
  • Recent and relevant executive education on Consumer Loyalty: Strategy and Application at Northwestern University / Kellogg School of Management, 2023-2024


Retail of the future is omnichannel, but it’s digital at the core. E-commerce is much more than just a platform to serve demand created somewhere else. It’s where relationship is built via personalised experience, storytelling and services. With AI and AR, the next revolution is at the door. So it’s always both about operational excellence to ensure consumer satisfaction and profitable growth but also about relentlessly building the experience of the future

  • Hands-on analytics: SQL, Google Analytics, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Tableau
  • Designed and ran data-driven operations as a part of P&G digital transformation program focused on consumer-centric consolidation of content & commerce activities, from thousands of websites to few key platforms (EverydayMe, BeingGirl, Victoria)
  • Led business in Russia right after the launch, localising category-focused CX, marketing, and performance efforts, double digit growth, x2 conversion
  • Landed new business models for Global Expansion (23 countries), targeting x4 conversion, x3 profitability. First stage is live in Middle East
  • Defining Nike UX/CX at leading EMEA ecommerce partners (Zalando, ASOS, AboutYou, Next), part of integrated account teams running business with partners

Consumer Experience / Retail & Omnichannel CX

Life is experience, and so is every brand and product. Designing the experience can maximise value to the consumers and create unbeatable advantage for the companies fostering growth over time. It’s mix of strategy and learning by doing. Any design is only good if you make it happen, guiding the cross functional team towards the joint objectives

  • Hands-on project management, development & analytics, including personal side projects (Prince2, Strategy Deck expert app ~100K downloads, etc.)
  • Digital strategy & digital platforms strategy for major global brands across several industries while on the agency side (Mars, Coca Cola, P&G, Visa)
  • Vision and implementation of Nike’s integrated sports ecosystem across engagement & commerce: physical and virtual events experience at Nike Box Msk (sport facility), retail via Nike flagship store, and personalised content and membership integration centred around Nike Moscow web-app
  • Various ecosystem/omnichannel projects for, Nike stores, and Nike partners stores in Russia, CEE, EMEA.
  • Experience director leading Nike CX/UX and capabilities within top EMEA e-commerce platforms (Zalando, Asos, AboutYou, Next): from trade terms and strategy to managing the transformational roadmap

Business Strategy / Transformation

I’m in the business of change. Growth is change, and you often need to change in order to grow. Being the first is too early, being the third is too late. Early adoption of innovations selectively to make real impact with a potential to become an essential part of the company’s future. From the vision of the future and the purpose of the company to the tactical steps that have to happen today

  • Renowned strategy expert, grounded in deep knowledge of both consumers and business (transformation, innovations, digital, marketing, communications, experiences)
  • Trendwatcher and futurist, following 100+ trend reports every year
  • Business of change: foreseeing it, defining it, and driving it taking everyone else along on the journey
  • Various consulting experiences on the agency side and within Nike, leading never-been done programs (Teva Pharmaceuticals digital transformation, Nike ecosystem, Connected Membership)
  • Wholistic cross-functional experience with new business models design and implementation, focused on e-commerce and engagement platforms ( International expansion, omnichannel)
  • Various sustainability programs on a Nike side with partners, for the good of the people, businesses and the planet (Zalando)






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