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Green Pressure

Brand Avatars

Metamorphic Design

The Burnout

Civil Media

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Forrester Predictions 2020

Tech Consumer

Consumers search for deeper meaning

CMOs rally around customer value

CIOs focus on people

Immersive, adaptive IT takes hold

CX continues to bifurcate

Data strategy unlocks transformations

Data and AI get weaponized

Privacy concerns gain steam

Automation reshapes the workforce

Regulation makes and breaks markets

For VCs, profitability becomes the new unicorn

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Distributed Cloud

Technological Democracy

Empowered Edge

Autonomous Things

Human Augmentation

Traceability and Transparency

AI Security

Practical Blockchain

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Kjaer Global


The Global Brain

Strategic ‘Big Data’


Global Citizens


Mobile Education

Cloud Health


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Forbes Tech Trends


Bringing Context To Conversational AI

Tracking Transit With Blockchain

Cybersecurity: Fear Of The Cloud

Augmented Reality: Trained On Success?

The Analytics Of 5G

Disruption To Transformation

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Forbes Food Trends

Keep it Simple & Sugar-Free

Food as Medicine

Seeking Energy Superpowers

Crazy Convenient

Food as an Experience

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Springwise Retail Trend


Beyond Digital Frontiers Into Transcendent Retail

Sonic-Branding #ASMR

Civic Marketing

Shopping By Values

Social “Me-tail”

Anti-Excess Consumerism – The New Norm

Nomadic Retail

Gal-to-Gal: Your Branded best Friend

Hyper-Personalized Products

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Deloitte Global Marketing Trends

Marketing Consumer

Purpose is everything

Paying down experience debt

Fusion is the new business blend

Are you a trust buster or builder?

The amplification of consumer participation

Valuing your most important asset— talent

Diffusing agility across the organization

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Equinix Digital

Tech Data

Distributed infrastructure and edge computing will accelerate hybrid multicloud adoption

AI and IoT will drive new interconnection and data processing requirements at the edge

The rise in cybersecurity threats will require new data management capabilities

Data regulation will influence enterprise IT strategies

Digital transformation will provide a foundation for a more sustainable world

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Towards Data Science


Data Science arrive to conservative areas

Data privacy by design

Mitigate model biases and discrimination

Python as the de facto language for Data Science

Focus as “leave me alone, I just want to get things done”

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Frog Design Tech Trends


Techno Utopias are Put to the Test — And Laid to Rest

Retail Forges Ahead in Aesthetic Futures

Emerging Tech Becomes the Norm

Diagnosing Our Ailing Healthcare System

Envisioning — and Designing — a Planet-Centric Future

Work of the Future Rejects Limits of the Past

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Growing focus on multi-cloud operations

Unicorn start-ups will begin repatriating workloads from the cloud

Public cloud providers will be subject to increased security standards

Greater level of network automation through AI/Machine learning

Kubernetes will no longer be seen as the silver bullet

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The “edge” is closer than ever before

Customization becoming a reality

IoT security issues continue to rise for the unprepared

Global connectivity becomes a must

Sustainability takes center stage

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Edelman Digital


Listen up: the rise of the audio influencer

Going steady: from influencer to ambassador

In authenticity we trust: get real or get lost

Almost famous: the power of micro & nano — influencers

Checkout on instagram: ecommerce checks in

Influencer authentication: demanding transperancy

Pay to play: amplification is now a must have

Proving influencer impact: the great ROI debate

Top of mind: data privacy

Marketing to gen Z: community and conversation come together

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Shutterstock Color Trends


Lush Lava

Aqua Menthe

Phantom Blue

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Guardian Tech Trends


Advertising will come to smart speakers

5G will be meaningful

VR will have a second mini-boom – thanks to one game

The console wars will restart with a vengeance

AI will be mobilised in cyberwar

Cool China

Digital wellbeing on the statute books

The loot box bans spread

The continued death of new media

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Isobar: Augmented Humanity Trend Report

Consumer Tech Data

Augmented Experiences

Humanising Data

Socialised Commerce

Digital Kinship

Post-purpose Activation

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Data Tech Culture Innovations

What’s up, doc?

Privacy in a cashless future

Can I speak to a human please?

The reinvention of retail

Data is the new jet fuel

Out with the new, in with the old

Commerce at the crossroads

Two can play at that game

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Fjord Trends 2020

Culture Marketing Tech

Many faces of growth

Money changers

Walking barcodes

Liquid people

Designing intelligence

Digital doubles

Life-centered design

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Adobe Digital Trends

Consumer Marketing

Digital Inequality

Putting The Customer In Context

Cultural Transformation

Consumer Data Management Defines Our Digital Future

AI Gets Marketers Back Into Marketing

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Tv makers keep looking for the next expensive thing.

Foldables aren’t ready yet, but flexible screens are coming.

The battle between amd and intel will intensify.

Concepts were everywhere.

Quibi is ambitious but unproven.

Smaller companies are chafing under big tech.

Sex tech de-stigmatization is inevitable.

Tech companies fetishized ai, 8k, and 5g a little less, finally.

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Kantar Media Trends & Predictions


Streaming wars

5G finally gets real

Turning up the volume

Content meets commerce

Get ready to play

Back to reality

Just grow up!

Brands take a stand

Campaign 2020: crowding and clutter

Cookies start to crumble

The data dilemma

Turn and face the change

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JWT The Future 100

Culture Marketing Innovations

The new neighborhood

Sentient tech

Biocontributive travel

Original content economy

Regenerative farming revolution

Microbiome beauty

Uninterrupted commerce

Biodata services

Digital spas

Branded payments

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Deloitte TMT Predictions


Bringing AI to the device

Robots on the move

Private 5G networks

High speed from low orbit

The smartphone multiplier

My antennae are tingling

Coming to a CDN near you

Ad-supported video

The ears have it

Cycling’s technological transformation

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Syneos Health Trend

The Many Points of Care

Better, By Design

The Trust Deficit

Patient Value

Digital Amplification and Innovation

The Value Evaluation

Answering to Real World

Connected Communications

Rapidly Changing Life Experience

New Strategic Blueprint

Tearing Down Silos

Profession Under Pressure

Acting on Equity

Vs. Cancer

Escalating Talent

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PSFK Future of Retail


Personal Utility

Historical Profiles to Real-Time Conversations

Targeted ADs to Personal Portals

Data Personalization to Data Partnerships

Responsive Storefronts to Anywhere Stores

Retail Experiences to Shopper Utility

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Consumer Culture

The next recession won't be as bad

Central banks push for greener business

Negative interest rates go mainstrea

Protesters' new tools

Piracy makes a comeback

More hardware indies get acquired

A second Arab Spring will emerge

Lion economies start roaring

Flappers and jazz

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Pinterest 100

Culture Design Content

Beyond Binary

Conscious consumption

Finding balance

Home hub

Internationally inspired

Pampered pets

Responsible travel


Space everything

90s rerun

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Marketing Social

Colliding Ecosystems

From Platforms to Producers

What’s Yours is Mine

Invisible Money

Life is just a (Video) Game

Play it Your Way

Cookie Cutters

Dark(er) Social

Post-Production Advertising

The Age of Addressable TV

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Landor Trend Watch

Marketing Consumer

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Fifth generation brand opportunities

Digital platforms have a brand blind spot

The age of small data

How to brand the customer experience

Story telling becomes story doing

What the workplace says about your brand

It pays to be good

Don’t build a brand, build a community

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IBM Tech Trends


Meet Your Co-Workers. Their Initials Are A.I.

Embracing the Flexible Freedom of the Hybrid Cloud

Quantum Continues on Path to Practicality

Blockchain Becomes a Business Basic

Computing Is About to Get a Lot More Edgy

AI Goes Greener

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Mashable Tech Trends


Affordable 5G phones and more expansive networks

PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X

VR hand tracking

Microsoft Surface Duo/Neo

Cloud gaming

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BBC Food Trends


Low-sugar chocolate

Food halls

Local, seasonal 2.0

Shopping unpacked

Attack of the bar snacks

The unstoppable rise of plant food


Pea milk

Frozen food hotting up


Gut feeling

Adult ice cream

2020's essential ingredients: black tahini, fenugreek seeds, inulin

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The Ogilvy Consulting Trends for 2020


Millennials continue to disappoint

Amazon’s inevitability is on the wane

The balance of data shifts between valuable & liable

In the battle of ecosystems, the proposition prevails

Welcome to the experience decade

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NTT Future Disrupted

Tech Data

Big thinking, small steps: redefining digital transformation

Data-driven dynamics: where CRM meets ERP

Lifetime relationships: the cloud-enabled customer journey

Real-time insight: sentiment analysis gets more sophisticated

Data lakes and digital twins: enabling new analytics models

The growing spotlight on agile ways of working

IT infrastructure: from multicloud to hybrid cloud

Security goes to the cloud

Rise of the ‘everything-as-a-service'

Data becomes the center of the IT universe

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Deloitte Tech Trends 2020


Macro technology forces

Ethical technology and trust

Finance and the future of IT

Digital twins: Bridging the physical and digital

Human experience platforms

Architecture awakens

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Deloitte Global Powers of Retailing 2020


The Top 10 list continued to be dominated by American companies

Europe has the highest number of Top 250 retailers

European retailers remain the most globally active

FMCG continues to be the largest product sector

E-commerce is driving high retail revenue growth among Fastest 50 companies

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Hubspot Social Media Trends for 2020

Social Marketing

Defining What’s Relevant, Or Just A Fair-Weather Trend

TikTok Will Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Social Media Wellness Will Be An Essential Part Of Your Consumer Engagement

You Will Harness The Power Of Data Privacy And Rein In Fake News

AR & VR Will Be Used Effectively In Your Marketing

You Will Use Artificial Intelligence, And Love It!

Generation Z Will Only Engage If You Pivot Your Strategy

Your Influencer Marketing Will Go Small To Go Big

You Will Invest In User-Generated Content

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Newzoo Games Trends

Emerging Markets Will Drive Growth

The Year of the Subscriber (But Not Necessarily the Cloud)

Publishers’ Monetization Mystery Will Continue to Unravel

Half-Life: Alyx: The Killer App Virtual Reality Needs?

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App Store Best of 2019

Blockbusters Reborn

The Storyteller Within

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Newzoo Mobile Trends

2020: Still Not the Year of 5G

Peripherals and Input Devices Become Prominent on Mobile

A New Norm: Launching Lite Apps Alongside Main Apps

Strong iPhone 11 Sales in China Will Keep iOS Revenues Bigger than Android’s in the Market

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Adobe Stock Creative Trends

Design Creative

All Ages Welcome

Express Yourself

Makeup is Not a Mask

From Me to We

Handmade Humanism

Art Deco Updates


Modern Gothic

Environmental Documentary

Movement Response

Liquid Abstract

Neon Glow

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Warc Toolkit


Environmental concern is driving conscious consumerism

Context is key as brands look for more from programmatic

Marketers are reprioritising ‘long-term’ brand-building

Consultancies and agencies converge on brand experience

Data privacy remains a work in progress for most brands

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Mintel Global Consumer Trends 2030

Consumer Tech Culture

Wellbeing: seeking physical and mental wellness

Surroundings: feeling connected to the external environment

Technology: finding solutions through technology in the physical and digital worlds

Rights: feeling respected, protected, and supported

Identity: understanding and expressing oneself and one’s place in society

Value: finding tangible, measurable benefits from investments

Experiences: seeking and discovering stimulation

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sparks & honey: Precision Consumer 2030

Consumer Innovations

Nutrition Genomics for Disease Prevention

Gene-Editing as Proactive Care

Consciousness Training

Virtual Skills

Predictive Retail

Self-analysis via Tech


Biometrics for Verification

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Facebook IQ

Social Content

Acting greener

Changing the channel

Getting hands-on

Going back to basics

Making everyday moments special

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IBM 2020 Marketing Trends


Consumer shopping behavior has fundamentally changed

Sustainability has reached a tipping point

Values are as important as value

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The Next Web: Web Design Trends


Text-only heroes

Involved illustrations

Vintage-inspired colors and typography

Black and white

Dominating grids meet cards

Outlined typography

Massive font sizes

Geometric shapes and patterns

User-triggered animations

Trendy color schemes make their way to websites

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MIT Breakthrough Technologies 2020


Unhackable internet

Hyper-personalized medicine

Digital money

Anti-aging drugs

AI-discovered molecules

Satellite mega-constellations

Quantum supremacy

Tiny AI

Differential privacy

Climate change attribution

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Future Today Laboratory

Marketing Culture


Everyteen TV

Tourism Decelerated

Modern Therapy

Privacy Hardware

Accessible Gaming

Peer Platforms

Civic Ads

Pre-Loved Premium

Discovery Dining

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Google Consumer Insights

Consumer Marketing

Consumer journeys are becoming increasingly complex

New media channels are emerging

Satisfying immediacy is often more important than loyalty

Traditional industries are transforming with digital

Standards are being raised in privacy and digital wellbeing

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Mindshare Futures

Marketing Tech


Body talks

Living the stream

Brand new world

Ad breaks?

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Twitter Cultural Insights

Culture Consumer

Well Being

Everyday Wonder

One Planet

Creator Culture

Tech Life

My Identity

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Tech Consumer

5G for You and Me

Analytics are the Competitive Advantage

AI and Machine Learning Powering #2

Privacy Renaissance

Blockchain beyond Crypto


RPA Craze

Conversational AI

ACPC Heats Up

Driverless Cars, Drones and Smart Cities

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Tableau Data Trends


Organizations look to academia as a data literacy incubator

AI moves from abstract to actionable

Personalized data stories go mainstream

Transparency around workplace data leads to equity and organizational success

Data strategy stretches across the C-suite

Data integration is the catalyst for IT-business harmony

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CB Insights Tech Trends


We see broader and deeper quantum tech commercialization

The next wave of AR/VR tech and 5G will reshape where and how people work

Apple doubles down on healthcare products and services

‘Slaughterbots,’ ransomware, and worms: cyber-risks become real

AI bias becomes a top regulatory concern

Radical biohacking

Robots’ commercial impact grows with advances in grip, soft robotics, and locomotion

There will be a new wave of Saudi Arabian & Russian investment in tech & software

Longevity, health, & wellness rise as an unstoppable cross-industry $8T+ mega-market

Empathy becomes a must-have in tech product design and development

Big businesses embrace sustainable ‘cradle-tocradle’ supply hains and the tech enabling them

Livestreaming takes off as a new shopping trend

Unicorn-to-unicorn M&A

Crypto reversal

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Trend Hunter


P2P Advice

Adventure Viewing

Gamified Stay

Behavioral Installation

First-Time Empowerment

Branded Podcasting

Active Silence

Genderless K-Pop

Holographic Assistant

Inclusive Design

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WSGN: The Vision 2020

Creative Consumer

The DNA economy

The rise of EI

Brands will take a stand

The African creativity boom

Empower Up!

Code Create

Designing Emotion

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Ford 2020 Trends

Consumer Culture

All alone

Great expectations

Identity matters

Call to stand

Below the surface

The second time around

The green paradox

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Foresight Factory

Consumer Innovations Business

Synthetic Society

Sex Positive

360 Rewards


Ownership Overhaul

Acclimatise Now

The Un(paid) Economy

Micro Moments

The Stakeholder Customer

Meta Messaging

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Forbes Retail Trends

Consumer Marketing

Augmented Reality

Now, Now, Now

Make It Easy — and Personal

Social Shopping

A Mix of Reality and Virtual on the Spatial Web

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Kelton Global Marketing Strategy Report

Marketing Consumer

The year of the customer

Changing priorities in the boardroom

Playing the long game

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pwc Global Consumer Insights Survey

Consumer Marketing

An increasingly digital way of life

A frictionless purchase journey

A blend of physical and digital approaches

Consumers embrace a brave new world

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Future Today Institute

Tech Data

Welcome to the Synthetic Decade.

You’ll soon have augmented hearing and sight.

A.I.-as-a-Service and Data-as-a-Service will reshape business.

China has created a new world order.

Home and office automation is nearing the mainstream.

Everyone alive today is being scored.

We’ve traded FOMO for abject fear.

It’s the end of forgetting.

Our new trust economy is being formed.

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Increase in crime, espionage and sabotage by rogue nation-states

GDPR – the pain still to come

Cloud insecurity – it’s your head on the block

Single factor passwords – the dark ages

Malware – protect or fail

Cyber hygiene growth

IOT – an increasing challenge

Growing risks with shadow IT systems and bad housekeeping

DDoS - usually unseen, but still a nightmare

Cybersecurity in the boardroom

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The rise of explainable AI

Natural language humanizes your data

Actionable analytics put data in context

Data collaboratives amplify social good impact

Codes of ethics catch uo to data

Data management converages with modern BI platforms

Data storytelling is the new language of corporations

Enterprises get smarter about analyrics adoption

Data democracy elevates the data scientist

Accelerated cloud data mugration fuels modern BI adoption

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Total Wellbeing

Challenge Accepted

Rethink Plastic

On Display

Social Isolation

Redefining Adulthood

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Autonomous things

Augmented analytics

AI-driven development

Digital twins

Immersive technologies


Smart spaces

Digital ethics and privacy

Quantum computing

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Towards Data Science


The World Is Quickly Turning to Virtual and Augmented Realities

Voice Is Becoming the Ultimate Search-Marketing Tool

AI-Powered Solutions Are Everywhere — From Small Businesses to Large Enterprises

Video Views Lead Internet Traffic

The Onslaught of Native Advertising Is Pushing Marketing to Be More Creative

Programmatic Advertising Is Going Mainstream

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5G Fixed to 5G Mobile

Chatbots Good to Great

Connected Clouds (Public, Private, Hybrid)

Blockchain Finally Understood and Flops (kind of)

Data to Analytics to Machine Learning to AI

GDPR Forces Brand Hands

AR Yes, VR (Still) No

Edge to Core and IoT Much More

Consumption-Based IT Services for the Win (FTW)

CEOs Take the Reins

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Dimension Data


Technology futures

Technology services

Digital workplace


Digital business solutions

Customer experience

Digital infrastructure

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JWT The Future 100

Culture Tech Marketing Innovations

Culture: Instagram backlash.

Tech & Innovation: Ethical internet.

Travel & Hospitality: Gen Z travelers.

Brands & Marketing: Inclusive design.

Food & Drink: Clean comfort food.

Beauty: Grotesque beauty.

Retail: Outdoor immersion stores.

Luxury: Woke luxury.

Health: Empowering adolescence.

Lifestyle: The cultural programmer.

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PSFK Future of Retail

Marketing Business Consumer

Automate Efficiencies

Implement Multi-Tier Distribution

Operate Responsively

Offer Expertise At Every Stag

Market A Memorable Experience

Curate A Broader Lifestyle

Power One-To-One Relationships

Give Customers Ownership

Deliver Meaningful Value

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Forrester Predictions 2019

Business Tech Consumer

CX remains under fire

Digital goes surgical

Purpose regains meaning

CMOs rebrand

CIOs take the reins

AI builds a foundation

The world goes to Zero (Trust)

Consumer brands enter the outrage

B2B in a squeeze

EX takes center stage

Robots reimagine talent management

VC funding recalibrates

Blockchain exposes advertising

IoT gets down to business

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Business Insider


AT&T will buy Roku to become a TV platform

Instagram and WhatsApp will save Facebook

Blockchain will become mainstream in advertising

Hyper-targeting will give way to hyper-focus on creative

A bidding war will break out for LiveRamp, and Google will take the cake

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Predictive Analytics

Authentication Technology

Location-Based Marketing

Experiential Marketing

Strategic Partnerships

Content Marketing


Influencer Marketing


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Business Application Research Center

Business Data

Master Data/Data Quality Management

Data Discovery

Self-Service BI

Data Governance

Establishing A Data-Driven Culture

Data Prep For Business Users

Data Warehouse Modernization

Agile BI Development

Advanced Analytics/Machine Learning

BI With Real-Time Data

Big Data Analytics

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DMI AI And Analytics Trends


AI And Analytics Converge

Smart Applications And Decision Automation Drive Cost Savings

Digital Twins And IoT Optimize Complex Environments

Edge Computing Enables Real-Time intelligence

Augmented, Virtual And Mixed Realities Gain Strength

Blockchain Improves Security

Cloud Maturity Accelerates

New IT Roles Require Full-Stack Engineers

The Right Path Forward For IT, Analytics And AI

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World's Global Style Network

Design Culture

Matte Black

Hiking is the New Yoga

Multitasking Mirrors

Beyond Meat

The New Formal

Inside Our Beauty

The Gladiator Sandal

Seasonal Versatility

Animal Alternatives

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Forward Influence


Implement smart speakers.

Measure ROI.

Create live video.

Work with micro-influencers.

Go retro-ish.

Love IGTV.

Venture into the world of podcasts.

Maximize engagement.

Integrate AI.

Work with Gen Xers.

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Influence & Co

Social Content

Social CEOs will become the new norm.

User-generated content will make brands' efforts more authentic.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are making ads more personal.

Social listening will give brands an edge.

The Instagram Stories feature isn't slowing down.

Chatbots aren't going anywhere.

Dark social will prompt marketers to look beyond social share counts.

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Future Today Institute

Content Tech Social

2018 marks the beginning of the end of traditional smartphones.

Blockchain emerged as a significant driver of change in 2019 and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence is not a tech trend—it is the third era of computing.

We need to pay closer attention to China.

Mixed Reality is entering the mainstream.

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Legislative Brands

Lab Rats

Open Source Solutions

Superhuman Resources

Fantasy IRL

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Trendwatching: The Future of Retail

Consumer Marketing

Magic Point of Sale

Deep Retail

Culture Clubs


Practical Post-Demographics

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Vodafone Trends Barometr


In a digital world, trust is king

Prioritising ethics is central to winning the competitive race

A balance is being struck between humans and machines

Disruption is placing a renewed focus on customer centricity

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Guardian Tech Trends


Automation and artificial intelligence (Al)

Human interfacing

Internet of things (IoT)

Smart cities

The digital enterprise


Cyber risk

Flexible workforce

Digital talent

The rise of intelligent decision-making

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Future Today Laboratory

Culture Creative Tech Innovations

Beauty: Cosmetic Crusaders

Drinks: Elevated Energy Drinks

Fashion: Digital Gratification

Food: Alt-agri Farms

FinTech: Biometric Money

Youth: Spirituality Paradox

Health & Wellness: Fitness Furnishings

Luxury: Inconspicuous Goods

Retail: Last-mile Mobility

Travel & Hospitality: Empowered Travel

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ADP Workplace Trends


The Personalization of Pay

Ensuring Workforce Agility

Diversity and Inclusion

Democratization of Data

Digital Consumer-Grade Human Resources

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Syneos Health Trend


Radical Re-Organization

Accelerating Evidence

Relearning Launch

Search for the Right Patients

Demand for Decision-Driving Insights

Rewired HCP

Relieving Burden

Value Puzzle

System of One

The New Top Talent

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Depositphotos Visual Trends

Design Creative

The Era of Personalization

Creative Provocation

Nostalgic Flashback

Embracing Art History

First Global Aesthetic

Adding Layers of Interaction

3D Design Transition

Minimalism Gets Philosophical

New Wave of Environmental Awareness

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Mashable Tech Trends

Tech Innovations

5G gets real

Google builds momentum in the smart home

TVs go to 8K

Health tech > fitness tech

Laptops get more compact and start to leave Intel behind

Self-driving cars get a support network

AR grows by going niche

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Tech Innovations Culture

The age of virtual assistants

Robots are craving for love

Artificial intelligence is everywhere

Devil is in detail

Flexible gadgets

Collaboration between companies

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Frog Design Tech Trends


The Paradox of Trust

Everyday Objects as Empathetic Devices

Mobility as Amenity

New Retail Gets Experiential

Cardio Becomes Currency

The Workplace as Interface

Female-First Products and Services

Micro-Moments Will Rule Search

Sustainability Beats Out Convenience

Designing Our Off-Screen Lives

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Tech Culture

The Art of the (Reluctant) Deal

Beantown Booms, and Apple Wins an Emmy

The Year Ahead in Tech

Orange is the New Rosé

Facebook Faces Existential Threats

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Futurum Digital Trends In Media And Entertainment


Commercials galore

Marketing takes a new turn—toward AI and machine learning

Multichannel is everywhere

Demand for mobile data will rise

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Deloitte Tech Trends


Macro technology forces at work

AI-fueled organizations

NoOps in a serverless world

Connectivity of tomorrow

Intelligent interfaces

Beyond marketing: Experience reimagined

DevSecOps and the cyber imperative

Beyond the digital frontier: Mapping your future

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BBC Food Trends

Burmese cuisine



Eating where you shop

Low or no alcohol

Going cashless

On the grapevine

Recyclable or lower impact packaging

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Ericsson 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2019

Consumer Tech


Smart quarrels

Spying apps

Enforced agreement

Internet of skills

Zero-touch consumption

Mental obesity

Eco me

My digital twin

5G automates society

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Adobe Stock: The Visual Trend


Natural Instincts

Creative Democracy

Disruptive Expression

Brand Stand

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Contextual Commerce

Experimental Ecommerce

Games In Messaging

Life As A Service

"By Invitation"

Smart Out Of Home

Design From Data

Targeting Post GDPR

Expanding Connectivity

Digital Detox

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Future of Tech


Consumer Attention: There are 31 Hours in a Day, and Growing

Smart Cameras: The Next Terrifyingly Smart Device That People Will Use Everywhere

eCommerce: New Categories, New Brands, and $3 Trillion to Grow

Sports Betting: Massive Growth Ahead for Tech and Media Companies

Messaging: The Battle Will Continue for the World's Dominant Digital Behavior

Video Gaming: Unleashes and Ubiquitous for Billions of consumer

Music: More Services, More Venues - While Consumers Become Creators

Podcasting: The Fastest Growing Media Behavior in an Exploding Ecosystem

Video: The Old Winners Will be the New Winners

Consumer Financial Services: The Long Awaited Tech Revolution is Finally Arriving

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The Ogilvy Consulting Trends for 2019


Omni-channel resurrects the high street

The rise of the super CMO

In B2B, a new culture of business is emerging

Voice, not just a trend

The 5G dream deferred

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Pinterest 100


Travel: Out-of-the-way towns

Health and wellness: What comes naturally

Hobbies and interests: Do what you love

Celebrations: Momentous moments

Food: Veggie tables

Home: Living color

Men’s style: Old meets new

Women’s style: Patterns of sustainability

Beauty: Standout shine

Kids and parenting: Modern family

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Edelman Digital

Tech Marketing Content

Impacting Tomorrow’s Workforce: Gen Z Will Transform Your Organization

Convergence: The Need for an Integrated Marketing Tech Ecosystem

Expanding Impact: How Brands Are Innovating With Their Ecosystems

Audience-Centric B2B: Driving Results in the Rapidly Evolving B2B Marketing Landscape

Data As Currency: Digital Identity and the Future of Customer Experience

The Context of Commerce: Cultivating Contextual Content for Social Commerce

Contextual Expectations: Decoding the Impact of Relevant Content

The Accessible, Accountable Executive: Evolving Expectations for the C-Suite

Influencing With Impact: Driving Real Value with Authentic Influencers

Intelligence With Impact: Marketing and Machines in an Artificially Intelligent World

An Ascendant Techlash: The Rise of AI Ethics in 2019

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Warc Toolkit

Consumer Marketing

‘Experience’ will drive the marketing agenda, and shape tech investment

Voice and payment tech are gaining traction, but there is less interest in AR and VR

Video and search platforms are set to benefit from spending shift

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WSGN: Future Customer Trend


The zettabyte (ZB) era

Post-literate world

The Activism Age

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Landor Trend Watch


A good user experience ≠ a good brand experience

The end of gender generalization

Subscribe to the future

Redefine winning: The new rules for sports brands

Every company is a wellness company

Marketing and HR: unlikely allies

Don’t get stuck in the middle

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Fjord Trends

Culture Tech Innovations

Silence is gold

The last straw?

Data minimalism

Ahead of the curb

The inclusivity paradox

Space odyssey

Synthetic realities

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Adobe Digital Trends

Data Marketing

Quest for great CX powered by technology.

Data is the new everything.

Customer journey management holds key to personalization.

Control of data: compliance and walled gardens.

Increased uptake of artificial intelligence.

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KR8 Graphic Design Trends 2019


Black-only design playing on colored material

Design on the border to art

Let fonts be crazy, cheesy and (a little) ugly

Minimalist geometry grinding

Industrial inspired vintage brutalism & occultism

Typographic Logo / No Logo

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The Next Scoop 2019 Email Marketing Trends

Marketing Email

Personalization Means Relevance

The Implementation of AI Helps You Stand Out

Storytelling Engages your Audience

The Rise of the Interactive Content

Optimizing your Emails for Mobile Users is No Longer Optional

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Facebook IQ

Culture Tech Content Social

Beauty Goes Green

Everyday Eco-Products

Tech-Fueled Escapism

Multicultural Comfort Foods

“It” Ingredients in Action

Productivity Hacks

Delving Into Digital Worlds

Screens Spread Out

The New Space Race

Accessible Adventures

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CMO by Adobe

Marketing Data Content

Data-Driven Creativity Will Be A Strategic Differentiator In Customer Experience

Retailers Will Double Down On Experiential Commerce

Personalization: Connecting Content & Data—Ethically

Account-Based Marketing In B2B To Hit New Highs

Experience Business 2.0: The Next Steps In Marketing Transformation

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IBM 2019 Marketing Trends

Marketing Innovations

Marketer 4.0: Emergence of the tech-savvy martecheter

Director of marketing data becomes the hottest new role

AI and machine learning make hyper-personalization a reality

Digital marketing agencies transform into consulgencies

GDPR helps marketers tighten up data hygiene and build more customer trust

Agile marketing adoption accelerates, driving marketing outcomes and culture

MarTech + AdTech finally together = the Holy Grail of Marketing

Customer centricity will drive constant transformation

In the emotion economy, purpose creates loyalty – what have you done for others lately?

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IDM AI Trends

Innovations Business

Trust and transparency in AI decisions

Extending AI outside the organization

Making AI accessible for every employee in your company

Hiring for a diversity of skills and perspectives

Embracing change and adopting a first-mover mindset

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Data Social Tech

How “Social” is Social Media?

Can Esports Actually Make it into the Mainstream?

Rethinking “Trust” in a New Era of Data Privacy

The Rise of Green Consumerism: What Do Brands Need to Know?

The Next Big Question for Voice Assistants

Decrypting Crypto-Consumers

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Newzoo Esports


Battle Of The Brands

The Shifting Content Paradigm

The Esports Platform War

Experimentation In Esports Broadcasting

From Online To Offline

Place Your Bets

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Visual Capitalist


The Tech Invasion

The Evolution Of Money

The Wealth Landscape

Eastern Promises

Accelerating Technological Progress

The Green Revolution

Shifting Human Geography

The Trade Paradox

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The Next Web: Web Design Trends


Broken grid and asymmetrical layouts

Fluid/organic design and elements

Nostalgic / Throwback / Retro design aesthetic

More enhanced/elevated image treatments

Monochromatic and absence of color

Overlapping design elements

Reimagined hero/header areas

Large and experimental navigations

More than enough white space

Pushing the boundaries of typography

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Hootsuite Social Media Trends


Rebuilding trust

Storifying social

Closing the ads gap

Cracking the commerce code

Messaging eats the world

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Entrepreneur 10 Social-Media Trends


Rebuilding trust in social media platforms

Social media is about storytelling

Build a brand narrative

Quality and creativity over quantity

Put a human face to your brand

Influencers continue to grow their communities

Selfie videos and branding

Segment your social audiences

Hyper-targeted personalization

Know your platforms

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B2C Retail Trends

Specialty Stores Thrive; Department Stores Surrender

Consumers Spend As Channels Blend

The Circular Economy Expands, Retailers Go Sustainable, and Customers Approve

Members-Only E-Commerce Becomes More Personalized

Cashier-Less Checkout Expands Rapidly

Retail Metrics Shift from Store Sales to Various Touch Points

AI Becomes A Valuable Tool to Personalize Service

Mall Brands Enter the Subscription Service Rental Market

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App Store Best of 2018


Battle Royale


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MIT Technology Review


Foldable displays

5G phones

Wireless charging everywhere

Smart headphones

8K TVs

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MIT + Bill Gates


Robot dexterity

New-wave nuclear power

Predicting preemies

Gut probe in a pill

Custom cancer vaccines

The cow-free burger

Carbon dioxide catcher

An ECG on your wrist

Sanitation without sewers

Smooth-talking AI assistants

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FTI Emerging Tech Trends


Privacy is dead.

VSO is the new SEO.

The Big Nine.

Personal data records are coming.

China continues to ascend, and not just in artificial intelligence.

Lawmakers around the world are not prepared to deal with new challenges that arise from emerging science and technology.

Consolidation continues as a key theme for 2019.

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Magento Mobile Trends



Augmented Reality Shopping

One-Click Payments

Screenless Experiences

Universal Mobile Payments

Contextual Commerce

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Inc. Workplace Trends

The Augmented Workplace


Electrifying Your Brain

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The Future of Food

New proteins

Wisdom from Asia

Colourful lattes

Baking with beans

Glitz and glam

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Mintel Food and Drink Trends

Evergreen Consumption

Through the Ages

Elevated Convenience

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Consumer Innovations

A-commerce / automated commerce

Assisted development

Virtual companions

Forgiving by design

Glass box wrecking ball

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Data Innovations Tech

Don't Fear AI

Liberal Arts Impact

The NLP Promise

The Debate for Multi-Cloud

Rise of the CDO

Crowdsourced Governance

Data Insurance

Data Engineer Role

Location of Things

Academics Investment

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Data Consumer Culture

Sea Change




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Tech Data Innovations

AI Foundation

Intelligent Apps and Analytics

Intelligent Things

Digital Twins

Cloud to the Edge

Conversational Platforms

Immersive Experience



Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust

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Consumer Marketing

Big Data and Analytics are Sharper than Ever

Mobile Usage will contribute a lot more to the E-commerce

Supply Chain Management is more Cognitive

Micro-Moments Marketing is already taking over

Consumers Research through Voice Assistants

Messenger Apps and Chatbots Augments Businesses

Better UX/UI for Intensified E-commerce Utility

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Influence & Co

Consumer Email Marketing

Commerce through email will become vital to brands

E-commerce and other departments will need to work together more closely

E-commerce will focus on continued engagement

Credibility points throughout the buyer's journey are now assumed

Personalizing and humanizing your brand will be a differentiating factor

The skills needed to excel in e-commerce are evolving

Voice search is starting to be a bigger factor

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Future Today Institute

Tech Content Data

Natural Language Generation

Algorithm Marketplaces

I-Teams For Algorithms and Data


Radical Transparency

Offline Is The New Online

Audio Search Engines

New Video and Audio Story Formats


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Niche Hunt 2018 Niche Markets Trends

Marketing Consumer


Electric Skateboards and E-scooters

LED shoes

Vape Juice (E-liquid)

Green tea shots

Explainer videos

Wifi video doorbells

Power banks


Nano suction technology and Anti-gravity phone cases

Artificial Intelligence

Fidget Spinners

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Gomie Design 10 Web Design Trends


Wider Use of Mobile-First Approach

Utilization of Prototyping Tools

Bespoke Illustrations

Authentic Imagery

Video Takes Over

Brilliant Scrolling and Parallax

Implementation of Responsive Design

Design Frameworks and UI Patterns

Beautiful Typography

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Adobe 10 UX Design Predictions


Content-Focused Experiences

Time Saving Design

Smarter Personalization

Omnichannel UX

Humanizing Digital Experience

Voice User Interfaces

Biometric Authentication

Augmented Reality

One More Step Closer To Virtual Reality

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Facebook IQ 20 Shifts for 2020

Content Consumer Social

Omnicultural identities

New negotiations

Next-gen work

Beyond aging

Shopping near and far


Mobile video explosion

Going live

Fluid realities

Catering to context

Convergent commerce

Invisible differentiators

Very personal assistance

Messaging means m-commerce

Loyalty lock-in

Solely mobile

Crucial connectivity

Application consolidation

Everything connected

Building on mobile

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PSFK + CISCO Consumer 2020

Marketing Consumer

Consumer as a Platform

Consumer as a Studio

Consumer as a Store

Consumer as a Media Channel

Consumer as a CEO

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Deloitte 2018 Merger and Acquisition


Tools and technology are making an impact

In it for the technology

Bigger firms are more confident

Deals are working better

Full speed ahead for divestitures

Driven by convergence

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Ellevate 10 Marketing Trends

Marketing Content Tech Consumer

Live Streaming

Mobile Video

Growth Hacking

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Explainer Videos

Chat Bots

Viral Content


Micro Influencers

Brand Blog

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Huffington Post 2018 Email Marketing Trends

Marketing Email

Interactive Emails

Rise Of List Segmentation

AI-Powered Email Marketing

More Plain-Text Emails


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Atos Journey 2018

Innovations Tech Data Consumer

“The 3rd Digital Revolution” is Underway

Economy of Data

Connected Consumer

Innovation Value Webs

Industry 4.0

Future Networks

Internet of Everything

Cloud Service Integration

Web-Scale Computing

Digital Security

Privacy and Personal Data Protection

Analytics and Visualization

New Media

Semantic Technologies

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Forrester Top 10 Technology Trends

Tech Consumer

IoT shifts computing towards to the edge

Distributed trust systems challenge centralized authorities

Automated security intelligence and breach response unshackle S&R

Employee experience redefines apps

Software learns to learn

Digital employees enter the white-collar workforce

Insights-driven firms outpace competitors

Customer experience becomes immersive

Contextual privacy boosts brand value

The public cloud accelerates business innovation

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CMO by Adobe 6 Consumer Trends


Membership Is The New Loyalty

All Mobile Contact Matters

Omnipresence Trumps Omnichannel

The Rise Of Personalization Ecosystems

Customer Care Gets Social

Shoppers Will Spend More Money But Less Time

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PSFK Home Debrief

Tech Innovations

Extended Presence

Synced Experiences

Responsive OS

Contextual Orchestration

Behavioral Optimization

Background Assistance

Social Catalysts

Ambient Safety Net

Open Door Community

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Futurum Research 10 Trends For Digital Transformation

Tech Data

The IoT Will Push Us To The Edge — Literally (IoT, Analytics, Edge, 5G)

Blockchain Finds Its Way

AI Goes From Newbie To Mainstream

VR Goes From Hero To Zero

Failure As A Service?

Culture Remains a Hurdle

Digital Transformation Becomes a Must

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Consumer Tech Social

Get to Know Gen Z

Sports' Online Revolution

Digital Lessons from Africa

Do Smart Consumers Want Smart Homes?

The Mobile Payment Race

The Advent of Social Music

Is The Influencer Marketing Boom Sustainable?

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IBM Watson 7 Trends for Conversational Services


Go bots or go home

Conversational commerce generates new revenue

The growth of advanced data analytics

The need for intelligent call routing

The expansion of enhanced 24×7 self-service

Teamwork through “Hybrid AI”

Growing investment in Social Media

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JWT The Future 100

Consumer Tech Culture Marketing Innovations Business Creative Data


Branded audio

Inclusive e-commerce

Global trends

Here come the Xennials

Civic marketing

Amazon as advertising


Transcendent retail

Hyper-personalized products

Data donation

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Forrester Predictions 2018

Consumer Marketing Data Tech

Customer experience hits a wall

The digital crisis

Talent widens the digital divide

The empowered machine

The algorithm wars

The intelligent agent cocoon

The advertising correction

The GDPR challenge

Open banking lays siege

Retail experience harmonization

The AI reset

Blockchain inches forward

Security for profit

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Hootsuite 2018 Social Media Trends Toolkit

Social Data Consumer

The evolution of social ROI

Mobile fuels the growth of social TV

Trust declines, while peer influence rises

Humans, meet AI

The promise (and reality) of social data

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Entrepreneur 10 Social-Media Trends

Consumer Social Marketing

Rise of augmented reality

Increasing popularity of Instagram Stories

Continued investment in influencer marketing

Focus on Generation Z

Increasing brand participation in messaging platforms

Expansion of live streaming

Rethinking Twitter

Digital hangouts go mainstream

Facebook Spaces goes mainstream

Social platforms embrace stronger governance policies

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B2C 5 Social Media Trends

Marketing Social Consumer

It’s all about video

Influencer marketing is still going strong

Twitter in hot water

Messaging platforms on the rise

Generation Z – the holy graila

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The Next Web 7 influencer marketing trends

Marketing Consumer Social Content

Value of services is going to increase

KPI and ROI measuring is vital

The year of integration

Video marketing critical for online audience

More lawsuits against brands and influencers

“Fake” influencers with followers they bought

Instagram to surpass one billion users milestone

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Mary Meeker (KPCB) Internet trends

Consumer Marketing Social Data

Global internet user growth by 10%, slowing smartphone growth

Advertising money shifts to mobile, UGC is extremely important in social media

20% of searches are voice search, the triumph of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Social media as the rescue angel of customer service

eSports and its audience is rapidly increasing

Designers have a bright future

Asian countries (China and India) are coming forth

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App Store Best of 2017


Stream Anytime, Anyplace

Facial Transformations

Make Great Short Videos

Workout Anywhere


Save Time, Live Life

Mindful of Mental Health

Machine Learning

Watch & Cook


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Adobe Digital Marketing Report 2017

Marketing Consumer

Tech: putting customers at the forefront (by merging digital and traditional data sources)

Finance: playing catch-up

Media and Entertainment: content personalization as the top strategic priority

Retail: focusing on the journey, not the destination

Travel and hospitality: engaging an audience on the run

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Ericsson 10 Hot Consumer Trends

Consumer Marketing Tech Innovations

Your body is the user interface

Augmented hearing

Eternal newbies

Social broadcasting

Intelligent ads

Uncanny communication

Leisure society

Your photo is a room

Streets in the air

The charged future

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Warc Toolkit

Consumer Marketing

CX is now a key battleground

AI is moving mainstream, with voice emerging as a key interface

Redefining Purpose

Brands will pressure suppliers for digital transparency

Marketers are looking for greater control over customer data

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Landor Trend Watch

Innovations Tech Marketing

The dawn of the coded brand

The rise of the merchant technocrat

The surge of smart products and packages

The mobility revolution

The primacy of purpose

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Adobe Digital Insights Health Care

Tech Marketing

Smartphones are the future of all online industries, and digitally savvy users are there

Savvy users are young users don't (yet) spends as much in healthcare

No one is seeing healthcare get better and cheaper

There may be a limit to interest in smartphone-based healthcare

Marketing channels can reach smartphone users

Practitioner sites may offer a mobile opportunity

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IKEA Live at Home


The Myth of Minimalism: Why we’re more likely to prioritise than minimise

I Nees My Space: How we negotiate around personal space and things in a shared home

Is Anybody Home? The quest for mental presence within the home

(Dis)connected: The pursuit of balance around technology at home

The Deliberately Unfinished Home: How to have a home that stays one step ahead of your life

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Deloitte Tech Trends 2018


Reengineering technology

No-collar workforce

Enterprise data sovereignty

The new core

Digital reality

Blockchain to blockchains

API imperative

Exponential technology watch list

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Frog Design Tech Trends


Algorithm Hall of Fame

Machines Before Medicin Shopping Gets Contextual

Hardware Gets Even Warmer

Great Digital Artists Steal

A Crypto Democracy

Immersive Experiences for All

Inclusivity Goes Mainstream

AI Disrupts Design

Lo-Fi Data, Hi-Fi Experiences

Radical Vehicle Redesign

Social Media Grows Up

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Tech Culture Social

Electric car tech will reach its tipping point

The iPhone and Galaxy S will continue to wane

Growth in voice-controlled speakers will spawn skills apps

Streaming wars intensify

Smart soundbars will surge

We'll use Facebook (and our phones) less

Podcasting will grow

Disney will challenge Netflix (and Amazon Prime Video)

We'll start talking about 'social video'

The first space tourists will get to orbit

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Culture Tech Social Consumer

Trump’s Triumph, and the EU’s Crisis

Planes, Trains, and Cars That Fly

E-Sports get huge

Meatless meat is the next dairy-free milk

Facebook finally admits it’s a media company

The sheer number of health apps will cause you trauma

Online dating pivots to video

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Fortune Technology Trends


IoT becomes BIoT

The fintech renaissance

Augmented reality goes mainstream

2018 is the year of the bots

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Business Insider


Artificial intelligence will inspire how products are designed

Other companies will join Google in the 'Algorithm Hall of Fame'

Virtual and augmented reality will become communal experiences

Democracy will cozy up to the blockchain

Augmented reality will invite questions about intellectual property

Consumer tech will feel even friendlier

Tech will become inclusive for all

Anonymous data will make life smarter but still private

Ultra-tiny robots will replace medicine for certain patients

The way we get around will fundamentally transform

Businesses will use data and machine learning to cater to customers

Social media will take on more corporate responsibility

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Posterscope 2018 OOH Predictions

Marketing Content

Location will become mainstream

Integration with mobile will increase

Automation will drive efficiency

Smarter data sets will inform smarter campaigns

Targeting will be driven by context

Civic utility and ad-space will converge

New trading models will increase ROI

Content will break through

Creative will focus on the first impression

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Fjord Trends 2018

Tech Culture

Physical fights back

Computers have eyes

Slaves to the algorithm

A machine's search for meaning

In transparency we trust

The ethics economy

Design outside the lines

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Future Today Laboratory

Culture Innovations Tech Consumer

Food Alt Packaging

Sci-Fi Spirits

Cosmetics Crusaders

Destigmatised Male Medicare

Youth Collective Destiny

Retail Sustainable Spending


Downtime On Demand

AI Ethics

Space-age Materials

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Merehead Web Design Trends


Patterns, Lines and Circles; Geometric Shapes

Bright Colors

Unique Pictures and Graphics

Photo Content



Professional Social Networks

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TNW Gaming Trends


Esports will increase in prominence

Indie games will be even bigger

VR will become more mainstream

Even more developments in game physics

AR will be even bigger

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TNW Mobile App Trends

Design Tech

Cross-platform becomes reality

Teams will reorganize

REST APIs start to sunset

Conversations get smarter

Blockchain proves itself

Deep learning sees new commercial experiments

Preparing for success

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Depositphotos Visual Trends 2018


Impact Photography

Perfect Strangers

Artistic Expression Through Travels

Deadpan Photography

Video as a tool of communication

Motion as a new norm for graphics

Blurred lines of reality

Creative collages

Brave color choices and effects

Accept me for who I am

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Ogilvy Key Digital Trends

Consumer Marketing

Augmented Reality Gets Real

The End of Typing

The Tragedy of the Commons in Influencer Marketing

The Amazon Awakening

Seriously Serious

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W2O Marketing Analytics Trends

Marketing Data

Data sources will continue to consolidate just as new sources of data emerge.

GDRP will impact the amount of available data, particularly outside of the United States.

Social data will become more available, which should lead to greater transparency about social’s contribution to the business.

Bots will represent a significant challenge to accurate and clean data.

Measurement will continue to be a challenging subject for CMOs.

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Mashable Tech Trends


The 5G revolution begins

Self-driving cars refocus around the passenger

The smart home war that never was

Digital health shakes out

Peeking TV's future: MicroLED, 8K

Augmented reality truly arrives

Everybody ruins wireless headphones

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Сonvertible Tablets/Laptops

Smart Home Devices

Augmented Reality

Companion Robots

Chip Wars

Artificial Intelligence—in Everything

Health Sensors

5G Technology

Smarter Cars

Facial Recognition

Virtual Reality

Smart Cities

Connected Devices Everywhere

Wireless Charging


3D Printers for More than Just Plastic

Boosted Performance Analysis in Sports Tech


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Daniel Burrus

Data Tech

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advanced Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing Applications

Adaptive and Predictive Cybersecurity Systems

Big Data and the Use of High-Speed Data Analytics

Advanced Cloud Computing Services

Virtualization of Storage, Desktops, Applications and Networking

Virtualization of Processes and Services (On-Demand Services)

Blockchains and Cryptocurrency

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Apps and Devices

Smart Virtual e-Assistants and Voice-Enabled Devices

IoT Becomes Increasingly Intelligent

3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) of Finished Goods

Smarter Smartphones and Tablets Drive Mobile Process Innovation

Mobile Apps for Business Process Innovation

Mobile Banking and Payments

Wearables and Applications

Social Business Applications

Visual Communication for Business

Enhanced Location Awareness for Retail

Drones Reach a New Height Adding AI

Energy Storage and Microgrids

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Culture Content

Food: Healthy meets tasty

Women’s style: Fearless fashion

Men’s style: Keeping it classy

Beauty: Go for the bold

Kids and parenting: Fun for all ages

Home: Down to the details

Travel: The new hot spots

Celebrations: A twist on tradition

Wellness: The yin to your yang

Hobbies and interests: Play by your own rules

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Edelman Digital

Data Tech Marketing

Triumph in the Age of Amazon

The Power of Big Data Relies on Bold Strategies

Going Behind the Buzzword

Seeing Beyond the "Chatbot" Buzz

For a Tech-Savvy Personalization Strategy, Focus on Humans

Digital Disrupts the Org Chart

The Age of Augmented Reality Is Here

The Rise of Post Cable Networks

The Art and (Data) Science Behind Influencer Marketing

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Marketing Consumer Tech Business

The Convergence of eCommerce and Retail

Loyalty 7 Rewards

Chinese Influence




Shared Experiences

Augmented Maps

Smart Cities


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Inc. Content Trends


Audience experience will become more important than ever.

High-quality content clusters are the future of search.

Content strategies will expand.

Channel experimentation will be critical to reaching your audience.

Brands will need to think like media companies.

Dynamic content will continue rising.

Highly relevant stories will be crucial for driving action.

There will be a greater focus on building an audience.

Increasing use of ad blockers will challenge your traffic analytics.

Video will be nonnegotiable.

Snackable, searchable content will be key to reaching younger consumers.

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Shane Barker

Business Marketing

Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

Social Video

Social Media Live Streaming

Partnerships With Industry Influencers

Content Personalization

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Leader Network

Business Social Marketing

Digital transformation will become operational, moving from theory to practice

Blockchain will revolutionize collaboration with customers and partners

Online communities will be recognized as the center of the customer journey

AI will be applied to marketing and sales to yield greater personalization—and everybody will win

Social platform convergence will continue—and only the strong will survive

Knowledge managers will become corporate heroes

Digital performance metrics will become standardized—which is sexier than it sounds

Social media types will finally learn to speak the language of business

Social selling will become just “selling”

Customer experience professionals will start to look more like Margaret Mead and Max Weber

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CMO by Adobe 10 Marketing Trends


Tech-Enabled Creative Renaissance

Mobile Speculation

Platform Dominance

Retail Shakeup

Distinctions Blur

The Living Room War

Mini Ad

Multilevel Adulthood

Brands With A Mission

Advertising That Surprises And Delights

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Adobe Stock 6 Visual Trends


Silence And Solitude

The Fluid Self


Creative Reality

History And Memory

Touch And Tactility

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BBC Food Trends

Gut-friendly food

Booze-free beverages

Hawaiian food

Timut pepper

Specialised tea

Hyper-local food


Plant-based protein

Everyday food tech

South American cuisines

Foreign farming in Britain

The fourth meal


Craft butter

West African cuisine

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Nielsen Wine Trends

Same wine, alternative packaging

Rosé all day

Prosecco on the rise

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Smart box wants users to take control of their health

Digital publishing platform connects artists with audiences

Interactive and practical retail space pilots new emerging brands

Virtual aquarium tunnel speeds up security checks

AI property management saves time and money

Autonomous robot and drone act as mobile surveillance unit

IoT water conservation system hopes to reduce waste

App creates live gigs anywhere and any time

A Swedish mall is entirely dedicated to reselling everything

App asks for user heart rhythm data for disorder research

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pwc Strategy&

Address problems before they become visible to others

Reflect and improve with agility

Rethink incentives to promote responsibility

Work with regulators, not against them

Build common standards openly and collaboratively

Seek competitive advantage through integrity

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Tech Innovations

Smart security devices

Connected lights

Voice-activated assistant

Smart thermostat

Fitness wearable

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Atos Journey 2020

Emphasize situational awareness before strategy

Simplify all aspects of your business

Prepare for Common Industrial Data Platforms

Increase the granularity of your processes and transactions

Maximize Automation

Flatten your organization and enable new (transformational) leadership to emerge

Break internal siloes

Put the customer in a central place even if you are a B2B company

Multi-speed IT is not a magical solution

Counterbalance the digerati

Disruptive vs incremental innovation

Invest in data collection, stewardship and analytics

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Edelman Insights

A Turning Point for Immersive Content

Paid Media Will Drive a New World of Efficiency & Accountability

Influencer Marketing Will Drive Business Impact

A Renaissance in Search

The OTT Entertainment Revolution

Bots and the Evolution of Conversational Experiences

Effective B2B Will Force Internal Alignment

Blockchain Evolves from “Fintech” to “Storytech”

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Social Marketing

Social catches up with search for discovery.

Social commerce shows new promise.

Dark social rising.

Video ignites social advertising.

Organizations turn to connected workforces.

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‘Open’ data. Data exchanges improving planning

Relevancy: From the few to the many. The rise of scalable content

Blending real and virtual experiences. Technology is changing your media plan

Contextual content clicks in Are traditional demographics dead?

Advertising with utility. Not just advertising, advertising for good

Programmatic is here

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The Next Web

Emphasis on the content

The end of flat design

Geometric shapes, lines, and patterns

Imaginative heading styles

Duotone gradient imagery

Increased use of animations and GIFs

Navigation diets


Increased use of hand-drawn elements

More emphasis on landing pages, less on a home page

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WARC Toolkit 2017

Marketing opportunities include analysing insights, creative assets, media strategy and CRM

Global CMOs are already planning their AI strategies

Chatbots are the ‘next step’ and will become key touchpoints for service brands

Marketers need to consider the tone of voice of ‘branded conversations’

Virtual assistants will enable ‘programmatic consumption’ changing the path-to-purchase

Machine learning is being applied to automated trading

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DMI 2017 Mobile Trends

Reimagine business in a mobile world

Greater success with Human Centric Design

Solve problems with Data

Fast analytics using Big Data

Smartphone and Gadget Leaders

Wearables that solve problems

Winners in the cloud

Hybrids & Progressive Web Apps

Innovation Labs are failing

Blockchain outside of fintech

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Ericsson ConsumerLab

AI everywhere

setting the pace for internet of things

pedestrians drive autonomous cars

merged reality

bodies out of sync

the smart device safety paradox

social silos

augmented personal reality

the privacy divide

big tech for all

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Carat's Top 10

Live Video

Sport Rights

Web TV

Branded Content

Virtual & Augmented reality


Identity & Verification



Software To Hardware

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The Chatbot Gold Rush

The Abdication Of Ethical Decision Making

A Video First World

Twitter Retrench

Facebook’s Proprietary Metric Problem

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Consumers redefine purchase boundaries; mobile marketing, brand partnerships deepen

Department stores, mobile marketing partners tackle the 'Amazon Effect'

Programmatic accelerates: brands, tech, marketing continue to invest

Technology drives measurement, verification advances

Next-generation creative, video redefine mobile engagements

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The ultimate user interface will be the human body

The "why" of marketing hasn't changed, but the medium will drive the experience

Authenticity is a function of "diversity"

Turning data into art

Trust – not algorithms – must be the power source behind everything marketers do

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Blockchain technology used for green energy

Driverless car insurance protects against hacking

Wearable ring trains users to sleep better by waking them up

In Japan, an artificial intelligence has been appointed creative director

Online ratings turned into one reputation score

Training people with disabilities to become drone pilots

Software uses big data to predict court decisions

Could VR representations of news stories replace traditional forms of news media?

Energy efficient street lamps are also mosquito traps

The Springwise take on Amazon Go

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Activate Tech&Media

Super-serve the Super-users and Chase the Attention Unicorns

Subscriptions will Feed the World (or at least Internet and Media Businesses)

Learn to Live with the Discovery Oligopoly

The Bot Battles are about Winning the Great Messaging War

eSports is the Next Tech Phenomenon

You Already Know the New Winners in Pay TV

Video Streaming: The Bundle is the Future

Audio: Smart Speakers, Gray Music

Post-Household America: A New Era of Users

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Daniel Burrus’ Top 20

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advanced Machine Learning and Cognitive Computin

Adaptive and Predictive Cybersecurity Systems

Big Data and the use of High Speed Data Analytics

Mobile Banking and Payments


Wearables and Applications

The Internet of Things (IoT) Becomes Increasingly Intelligent

3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) of Finished Goods

Virtualization of Processes and Services (On-Demand Services)

Virtualization of Storage, Desktops, Applications and Networking

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Panoramix Global

Geopolitic Disruption

Intersectional Futurism

On-Demand Work


The Next Big Thing

Life Sustainable

Privacy And Security

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Frog's Tech Trends

Superhero-Performance In Autonomous Vehicles

Precision Medicine And Big Data Will Drive Health Results

Our Spaces Become Participants

Next Year's Best New Artist

Synthetic Food And Cellular Agriculture Goes Mainstream

Business Bots Will Thrive

Tricking The Brain To Do The Impossible

Farming The Sea Is The Ultimate “Blue Ocean” Strategy

Interface In Our Ears

Drones For Good

Scalable Automatic Data Processing Is The New Last Mile

Buildings Work Smarter, Not Harder


The Rise Of Soft Robotics

Learning From Machine Learning

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CES 2017

Tech brands as car brands

Health meets mobility

2017: The year of voice

New vision for marketing

“Merged reality” and beyond

Experiential wearable tech

Maternal tech

Tech for tinkering

Disability tech

Purity tech

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Be&Do Brand Guide

On-demand expertise

Conversational interfaces

Be other

Open organisation

Transparent information

Mindful content

Replacement brands

Controlled consumption

Data authenticity

Bittersweet honesty

Beta products

Origins of value

Consumer facing pricing

Resilient products

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Marketing Insider Group

Writing will improve

More emphasis on content strategy

Going mobile. Finally?

Return to email marketing

Closing word

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Wasp Content Trends

We’re getting better at content marketing



Visual content

Video content

User-generated content

Promotion matters


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PSFK Forecast 2020

New consumer personas

Subordinate surroundings

Self-reliant resources

Idealized delivery

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Future Today Institute


Artificial Intelligence

Crossover trends

New ecosystems

R&D moves from universities to corporation

Government policy

More trends than ever

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Fjords Trends 2017

Ephemeral stories

Shiny API people

Blurred reality

World on wheels

Homes without boundaries

Hourglass brands

Me, myself and AI

Unintended consequences

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Gartner's Top 10

Applied AI & Advanced Machine Learning

Intelligent Apps

Intelligent Things

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Digital Twins

Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers

Conversational Systems

Mesh App and Service Architecture

Digital Technology Platforms

Adaptive Security Architecture

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European Consumer Trends

seamless spending

talking shop

right here, right now

cultural social responsibility

the sweet hereafter

ascending Africa

airpocalypse now

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Tableau Business Intelligence

Modern BI becomes the new normal.

Collaborative analytics goes from the fringe to the core.

All data becomes equal.

Self-service analytics extends to data prep.

analytics are everywhere, thanks to embedded BI.

IT becomes the data hero.

The transition to the cloud accelerates.

Advanced analytics becomes more accessible.

Data literacy becomes a fundamental skill of the future.

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Social Media Week

Social media will play a continued role in the disintermediation of established industries.

Social media will continue to disrupt traditional marketing and advertising.

Social media influencer workforce will continue to see a drastic rise.

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Adweek Cultural Trends

A.I. Morality

Inclusive Economy

Tech Drugs

Major Minorstones

Plant Power

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Social Times

Facebook is very, very quickly becoming a video-centric platform.

Instagram continues to be the most effective platform for brands.

GIFs and emojis bring more personality to how customers express themselves.

Social storytelling is becoming more informal.

Artificial intelligence is coming to social in a big way.

Users are gaining control of their own social user experience.

Niche social platforms will rise in relevancy.

Sharing isn’t being “shared” with the public as much.

Virtual and augmented reality are about to arrive.

Finding zen amid the social noise.

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AdWeek Year in Review

Fine Art


Live Ads




Square and Vertical Video

Artificial Intelligence

360 and Virtual Reality

Hacking Photoshop


Ultra-Long Ads


Clever Packaging


Return of the Prank

Female Strength

Championship Ads



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Landor Trend Watch

VR, meet B2B

Say “hey” to chatbots

Let’s get phygital, phygital

Nature is nurture

Getting customers in the mood


Let them eat cake!

Minimal to the max

Let go to gain control

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Most Contagious

Machine learning: moving AI into the mainstream

Keeping it real: boosting creativity with artificially enhanced environments

Less social, more media: tech companies make a splash in the media world

Humanised computing: intelligent tech is enabling personalised and natural online experiences

Sparkle and fade: cockroaches vs unicorns, success snapshots

Emerging trends: redefining masculinity and computational creativity

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Pinterest 100

The latest meat substitute is jackfruit (yes, a fruit)

Indoor vines are taking over

Health goth is the dark side of athleisure

Adventure travel is getting more love than romantic escapes

You just have to go to Kyoto

Story prompts spark kids’ imaginations

Mixology takes your cocktail game to the next level

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PSFK + BMC Digital Transformation

Rapid application innovation

Big data for improved insight

Enabling the next generation workplace

Security at the speed of business

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JWT's The Future 100

Attention Economy








Silicon Shop


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Sewage-sampling robots

Wearable devices with augmented reality

Ultra-lifelike virtual reality

Office 3.0


Passenger-carrying drones

Large groups of small robots working together

Solar roof tiles

Autonomy of driverless cars

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Getty Images 2017


color surge


gritty woman

global neighborhood

new naivety

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open philosophies


software-defined everything

big data

internet of everything

webscale IT


bimodal IT

business value dashboards

organizational disruption

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PSFK Future Of Retail

responsive operations

empowered frontline

performance technology

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Merixstudio Web Design Trends

Open composition


Greater diversity

The apparent chaos

Richer background and patterns

Decorative Details

Rich typography

Geometric typefaces

Serif typefaces

Monospaced typefaces ("typewriter")

Contrasting pairing of typefaces

Large typography as part of the key visual

Additional effects imposed on typography

Larger letter sizes in paragraphs

Embrace the dark side

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Forrester 2017 Customer Service Trends


Companies extend and enhance self-service

Companies sustain automated customer conversations

Companies explore new customer service labor models

Robotic process automation guidance will standardize service delivery

Journey analytics equip companies to better support customer goals

Prescriptive advice powers offers, decisions, and connections

Field service becomes the face of your company

IoT insights transform business models

Visual engagement strengthens the customer bond

Emerging analytics technologies empower agents

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Trend Watching

The quintessential self


Premium redeemed

The extravagance economy

Post-demographic luxury

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CES 2016

Autonomous mobility

Collaborative systems

Cognitive robotics

Infinite screens

Mixed reality: virtual & augmented

Diagnostic wearables

Responsive homes

Retro tech

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Future Today Institute



Deep learning

Cognitive computing

Quantum computing

Personality Analytics


One-to-Few publishing

Deep linking

Internet of X

Real-Time fact checking

Synthetic data sets

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Getty Images 2016

Outsider In

Extended Human

Divine Living


Silence vs. Noise


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Leo Burnett Predictions

Brands will flock to messaging platforms

This year's killer app will be your notification screen

Virtual reality arrives but is let down by the content

Beacons will guide consumers lives

Esports will move mainstream

Escape from... everything

Little leaders

Are you talking to me?

Radical transparency

Social, e-commerce and mobile will blend seamlessly

The big 4 as we know them will cease to exist

How about some me time in 2016?

Big Data will make a big input

Virtual reality will enter the mainstream

Sponsors as catalysts for change

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WARC Toolkit 2016

Strategy. Moment marketing

Consumers. Generation "swipe"

Digital. The digital backlash

Content. The video revolution

Data. Data-driven creativity

ROI. New thinking in attribution

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Fjords Trends 2016

Watch... it listens

Service with manners


Disappearing apps

The flattening of privilege

For the people

Healthy is the new wealthy

VR's dreams come true

Taking things off the thinking list

Design from within

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The Best Awards

New work mindsets for Gen Y

A media and advertising reunion

Real action to rebalance the gender diversity issue

Digital transformation for both agencies and clients

Retail as an API

The rise of real-time, personalised conversations

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Wunderman Report

The Internet Of Things is the new DIY

Death of authenticity

Innovation does not equal usefulness

All brands are global and local

Made for the medium

Digital empathy

CIO/CMO harmony

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Burus Research

The continuing rise of shadow IT

Virtual reality gets real

Retail embraces location awareness

Cashless society moves a step closer as consumers embrace mobile and contactless payments

Cognitive computing will increasingly be used to extract value from Big Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) gets personal

Security and privacy awareness takes center stage

Drones become practical

Online influencers become the new celebrities

The personalized experience

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Cognitive technology subsumes automated analytics

Analytical microservices embedded into processes

Data science, predictive and prescriptive analytics merge

The analytics talent crunch eases

Analytics now curates, manages data

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Panoramix Global

Power Play

Demographic Shakeup

Last Habitat For Humanity


Privacy and Security

Tech Transformation

Reemergence of the Tribe

Prime Time AI

Culture Shock

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Marketers begin adopting beacon proximity signals

Mobile audience modeling and prospecting get more sophisticated

Advertisers dig into physical and emotional signals from wearables

Creative agencies turn to data science to optimize campaigns

Cross-device marketing becomes even more prevalent

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Big Spaceship

Messaging platforms will trump broadcast social networks

Marketers will realize that Snapchat isn't social — it's TV

Ad blocking turns all eyes to social

The Hotel California effect will change the game

Social video will get more crowded and complicated

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Frog's Tech Trends

Blockchain beyond Bitcoin

Data-driven design takes center stage

Microbiome makes health personal

AI saves financial services

VR medical therapy

FDA-approved video games

Human-centered design is automated

VR breaks down borders

Film reviews, written by your heartbeat

AI in special education

Sensors start to combine&disappear

Haptic feedback gets real

Alternative credit scoring

The open enterprise

Friendship as a service

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Michael Wolf

The average American spends more time on tech&media than work or sleep

Messaging will blow past social networks as the dominant media activity

The next big winners in streaming audio are already (quietly) here

The long-awaited cord cutting moment is still far off

The is a "cable killer" coming, but it won't look like you expect

E-sports&wagering will change the game in gaming

Good luck getting rich in the App Store!

These companies are grabbing all the money in consumer tech&media

One simple way to predict what tech&media players will do next to compete

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Most Contagious


The rise of virtual reality

AI: Friend of foe

Talking pictures

The era of mobile video

In the name of equality

Startup scene

Platform focus: Snapchat

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3-D printing will disrupt retail

Offline is the new online

Audio branding will make waves

The rebirth of print

The battle for the home will overtake the battle for the living room

Packaging will tell a story

Phone technology will drive car purchases

Branding goes multisensory

Packaged food producers will respond to pressure

Rightsizing will reshape financial services

Life in the very fast lane

Hospitality brands will entice Asian travelers

The dawn of telecom without borders

Employees as the new marketing campaign

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AdWeek Year in Creativity

Powerful women

LGBT mainstreaming

Gender identity


Saving the planet

Saving ourselves





Outdoor tech


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PSFK Forecast 2017

The new singularity: inclusive beauty, mutable fashion, distilled expression, radical transparency

Touch enabled world: immersive computing, fabricated performance, multi-sensory storytelling

Life partnering: corrective centering, intimate AI, life editors, digital daycare

Closed-loop community: self-supporting cities, product as retail, fan matchmaking, nomadic living

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Harvard Business Review

Algorithmic personality detection





Drone lanes

Quantum computing

Augmented knowledge

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Hyper Island Changes of Tomorrow

The end of owning stuff

Agile culture

Work and life: Integrate or separate

Health tech goes mainstream

From blended to virtual reality

Artificial intelligence and the efficiency movement

Talent on Tap

Hybrid Knowledge

Collaboration as a core competence

Co-creation: a social desire

Online relationships

Globalized culture: The end of nations

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Tableau Business Intelligence

Governance and self-service analytics become best friends

Visual analytics become common language

The data product chain become democratized

Data integration gets exciting

Advanced analytics is no longer just for analysts

Cloud data&cloud analytics take off

The analytics center of excellence (COE) become excellent

Mobile analytics stands on its own

People begin to dig into IOT data

New technologies rise to fill the gaps

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Marketing Insider Group

2016 will be the year for content marketing M&A

All signs point to video

More Participation in Marketing Content

Podcasting tech will explode

A Backlash against content marketing

More resistance to content marketing

Content Marketing will finally hit the mainstream

Content-driven experiences

Content Marketers focus on sales funnel building and optimization

Synergy between content marketing and customer lifecycle management

Content marketing breaks free of silos

Personalization leads to better results

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Aggregated content will put content marketing in the hands of users

Algorithms will threaten freelancers everywhere

Google’s Knowledge Graph and instant answers will necessitate a shift toward long-form content

Social media will offer new publishing options

Content will demand more visual mediums

Interactive content will emerge

Competition will skyrocket

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Big Data

The rise of the algorithms

Data-lake-as-a-service solutions

Blockchain will become accepted in different industries

People analytics to keep talent engaged

Smart governments improving societies and citizen’s experience

Increased big data security and data breaches

Fog analytics takes off due to smart machines

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Content Marketing Institute

37% marketers have a documented content marketing strategy vs. 27% last year

48% of B2C marketers meet with their teams either daily or weekly to discuss their content marketing program

62% marketers are using infographics this year vs. 45% last year

B2C marketers are getting better results with Facebook. This year, 66% rated it effective (vs. 58% last year)

There’s been a shift in the paid methods that B2C marketers use to promote/distribute content

B2C marketers are putting 32% of their total marketing budget to content (vs 25% last year)

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Smart Insights

The increasing complexity of the purchase decision

Increasing mobile usage

The rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist

The challenge of integrating digital and traditional marketing

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Shopping is social

Millennials are setting the tone

In-app functionality will diversify and spread

New publication options will be available

User privacy concerns will hit an all-time high

Competition for organic visibility will increase

Fewer small platforms will emerge

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North America 2016

Balance or bust

The big brand theory

Eye get it

Pride & persona

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Europe 2016

On the waterfront

Space-time continuum

My mind’s eye

Pond filter


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JWT's The Future 100

New buzzword: empathy

Online universities



Natural junk

Celebrity retail havens

Sound healing

DNA personalization

Metabolism boosters

Extreme dining

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Use a lightbox to grow your email list

Personalization will grow

Detailed and consistent tracking

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Relationship marketing

Marketing automation

Location-based marketing technology

Virtual reality

Ephemeral marketing

Search past search engines

The Internet of things (IoT)

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A “trough of disillusionment” will plague content effectiveness

Ad blocking will continue to shift companies from “me” marketing to “you” marketing

Distribution will skyrocket in value

Publishers and social media will intersect

The era of the “informed customer” will dawn

Visual complements to content: video will continue to move upward

SEO budgets will center on creating valuable content

Content will no longer be a marketing-only initiative

Facebook instant articles will empower publishers

Mobile will continue to grow

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Gartner Top 10

The device mesh

Ambient user experience

3D printing materials

Information of everything

Advanced machine learning

Autonomous agents and things

Adaptive security architecture

Advanced system architecture

Mesh app and service architecture

Internet of things platforms

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Cannes Lions 2015

New exchanges

Data v. creativity

Gen Z platforms


Big picture altruism

Women in focus

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Trend Watching

Status seekers


Human brands

Better business


Local love






Pricing pandemonium





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Trend Watching

Status test

Contextual omnipresence

Insider trading

Beneficial intelligence

Perspective shifts

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Wonderful days

Since 2004, I'm helping good business to grow.

I've started with developing brands and local advertising for small business in Izhevsk, Russia. Created a national TV campaigns for international brands at BBDO. Dived into digital marketing at Red Keds. Founded my own agency Leto from scratch. Managed strategy department at Proximity, one of the biggest world wide communication networks.

For more than 10 years, I'm participating in conferences and festivals on digital, marketing and integrated communications. I was a tutor at two biggest advertising schools in Russia: Wordshop BBDO and interactive communication courses IKRA. For the last several years, I'm doing my own workshops on strategy in Russia and around the globe.

Today, I'm a digital project director at Nike, reponsible for variaty of work around digital products,, omnichannel and membership across EAST region (Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Israil and Middle East).

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