Me, This Blog and The Future of Brand Experience. Part 1

I’m on a Mission

As long as I remember myself, I had a mission. Not that I’m obsessed with saving the world or becoming supreme in my career. It’s just easier for a logical mind to have a clear purpose, so I was constantly looking for one.

Before joining Nike in 2016, I’ve spent 12 years on an agency side, building solid expertise in advertising: from copywriting and creativity to digital-centered integrated campaigns and communication strategy. It took me about half of this time to understand what I was doing and shape the statement, powerful enough to share around.

“I’m helping good business to grow”. This became my motto. This guided my development.

The world is built and driven by all kind of businesses: from local barbershop to multinational corporations. Some of them could be considered good. You could recognise those few by their purpose and some special attitude. Formally speaking, there are just 2 defining attributes:

  1. Serving consumers has higher priority than making profit. It could sounds illogical, because every business needs money in order to survive and operate. Still, I strongly believe that if you put consumer first, this will be noticed and you will earn more. Starting with the only obsession of profit will lead you nowhere.
  2. Company cares about the world and contribute to it. Businesses, especially the biggest ones, have huge impact on environment and communities around the globe. There is no good in serving one people and making life worse for a lot of others. Each company should at least realise this and minimise its own negative influence. At max, it should contribute to making the world a better place, no matter how naive this could sound.

With this in mind, my role became clear. I’m here to multiply good, but in my own way: giving the best use to what I’ve got — deep expertise in digital marketing and communications. From now on, job titles and projects definitions are not important any more. Executing simple Instagram ad or consulting local startup on a marketing strategy — it’s either helping good business to grow or not. Not a good business. No growth.

The North Star for this personal mission is my ability to come to any good company in the world, to dive into its business and to contribute to the success. It also includes a lot of side objectives: for example, teaching small companies, who have no resources to work with advanced agencies, how to setup and drive their marketing, or, as another example, sharing the knowledge with the agencies themselves so they could serve their clients better.

In the real world this could mean becoming a business consultant or an owner of some small consulting agency. And this is definitely not who I am at Nike today. So, Houston, we need another mission. This blog is my way to reflect on this and to find it.

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