Passport vs Ticket

Most of loyalty programs have the same essence: “Let’s give something to someone”. In order to execute this, you need to communicate the reward and issue it. When communication and issuance are happening in different channels, there is a need to recognise this “someone” and validate that he or she deserve that “something”. Imagine you […]

Decoded: Burberry’s London Flagship Store

Angela Ahrendts, Burberry’s CEO: “Walking through the doors is just like walking into our website. It is Burberry World Live.” One of the best retail experiences you could get in 2012. Concept stores are like concept cars. For me it’s particularly interesting to understand where technology show off ends and the real business starts. This […]

Me, This Blog and The Future of Brand Experience. Part 3

The Future of Brands I’m not a fortuneteller, but there will be brands in the future. It’s a very natural term: a person’s set of beliefs towards a company or a product line, shaped by rational and emotional reflection on a personal experience with it. Artificial Intelligence could take over on marketing, but people will […]

Me, This Blog and The Future of Brand Experience. Part 2

Somewhat Experience It all started with “advertising”, but one day this word became too narrow to describe what I was doing. “Advertising” turned into “communications”, “communications” into “marketing”. Few years ago, with the new job I took over on membership, e-commerce, applications, digital and in-store services, so “marketing” ceased to be precise as well. My […]